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There is no message or alert that lets you know that you have completed everything the game has to offer. So, here is a list of all completable statistics within Oblivion; it is up to you whether or not you want your character(s) to achieve these ultimate measures of completion.

Summary of 100% Completion


Requirements not recorded in your Accomplishments

Greater than 100% Completion Accomplishments

  • Nirnroots Found: 306 (without any official plug-ins or expansions)
  • Welkynd Stones Collected: 697-712 (depending upon how many appear in Vahtacen)
  • Varla Stones Collected: 56-63 (again depending upon how many appear in Vahtacen)
  • Collect all 402 Keys (or 410 with every expansion installed)
  • Collect all 109 Skill Books and 147 other Books



There are 204 journal quests in the game, at most 203 of which can appear in your journal, and at most 199 of which can be completed.

If going for the maximum number of quests, Eternal Exile is the one quest which cannot be started (added to the journal) since doing so will mean expulsion from the Dark Brotherhood where the remainder of the quest line is then inaccessible. Thus, 203 quests are the most that can appear in the journal instead of 204.

If going for the maximum number of completed quests, there are four quests which can be started but not completed. Two quests that can never be completed are Whispers of Death and The Arena. They are the final quests in the Dark Brotherhood and The Arena quest lines, and can be "completed" repeatedly for a gold reward, so they never appear completed in the quest journal. Another quest that can never be completed is Cast out of the Thieves Guild, since you are never permanently expelled from the Thieves Guild and may always "buy" your way back in. Expelled from the Fighters Guild can be started but must not be completed since doing so will disable completion of the quest line. Also, It is impossible to be expelled after you have become Master of the Fighters Guild. Thus, of the 203 quests which can appear in the journal, 199 quests are the most that can be completed.

A Dark Exile and Another Dark Exile must be completed before the completion of The Purification. Subsequent to this, it is impossible to break one of the five tenets.

Main - 18 Quests

Dark Brotherhood - 34 Quests

Fighters Guild - 20 Quests

Mages Guild - 23 Quests

Thieves Guild - 13 Quests

Main Cities - 45 Quests

Villages and Inns - 11 Quests

Arena - 1 Quest

  • The Arena: Battle your way through the ranks to become the "Arena Grand Champion".

Daedric - 15 Quests

Master Training - 21 Quests

Optional - 3 Quests

Can be completed but not in combination with Master of Fighters Guild or Listener of Dark Brotherhood

Can't be completed

Non Journal

Master Skills

This requirement also ensures that you have the maximum level possible for your character and all Skill perks.

Oblivion Gates Shut

The maximum possible number of Oblivion Gates shut is 60: 50 random gates, 9 city-related gates, and the Great Gate, outside of Bruma. In order to find all 50 random gates, you will need to explore possible Oblivion Gate locations after completing the Dagon Shrine quest and before you enter Mankar Camoran's Paradise during the Paradise quest. You must close all of the Oblivion Gates before completing the Main Quest: after Light the Dragonfires has been completed, all Oblivion Gates will automatically disappear.

Some players have had problems making the accomplishment page state that 60 gates have been closed. In this situation, you must leave one random gate open until after closing the Great Gate. Prior to closing either of these last two, your accomplishment page will read 58. Even after you close the Great Gate, the accomplishment page will not change to 59. Only after you close the last standing random gate will both that gate and the Great Gate register as closed, giving you a total of 60. [verification needed — see talk page]

Horses Owned

To buy all 7, check this list of horses and horse merchants in Cyrodiil.

With official plug-in Horse Armor Pack

  • Including Old Nag 8 horses could be owned.
  • Including Shadowmere and Prior Maborel's, 10 horses could be outfitted with a set of armor.

Houses Owned

To buy all 8, check this list of empty houses, who is selling them and who will furnish them.

Stores Invested In

94 without any official plug-ins. 98 including merchants from official plug-ins.

Without any plug-ins, there are 99 merchants in the game, all of whom are listed in the Merchants article. Of these, all but five can be invested in. The five exceptions are: Calindil, Edgar Vautrine, Ernest Manis, M'raaj-Dar, and Ungarion.

Plug-ins add another ten merchants. It is possible to invest in five of these merchants (Dahlia Rackham, Khafiz, Rowley Eardwulf, Sergius Turrianus,and Nilphas Omellian), but it is not possible to invest in Aurelinwae or any of the Dunbarrow Cove merchants aside from Khafiz.

Warning: To complete this, you need to make sure that all merchants in the game that can be invested in survive until you reach Expert level in Mercantile. Note that Selena Orania in the Bruma Mages Guild dies during A Plot Revealed, Andreas Draconis is to be killed during the Next of Kin quest, Kirsten will no longer converse with you after Mephala's quest, and neither will Etira Moslin and Vlanhonder Moslin after A Shadow Over Hackdirt. As an alternative to reaching expert level, you could make a Fortify Skill spell to increase your Mercantile level to at least 75. This adds the option to invest in the shop, regardless of your base Mercantile level, and allows you to invest in those two stores before completing the related quest.

Skill Books Read

To read all 109 skill books, check this list of where books can be found. Note that the "Books Read" statistic on your character page is relatively meaningless, as it does not have any way of checking if a book has already been read. You can boost this value indefinitely merely by repeatedly opening and closing the same book over and over again. (And of course, there's no way for it to tell whether you've actually read the book, merely opening it and closing it is enough.)

Places Found

There are as many as 369 places which are counted on your "Accomplishments Page" (excluding plug-ins).

There are more locations to find that have no map marker, and the count on the accomplishment page doesn't increase when these locations are visited.

There are 2 other places already marked on your map from the start of the game (the count on the accomplishment page will not increase when you visit the locations) including:

If you have all of the official plug-ins as well, the total number of places that you can find that will count as found in your journal (not including the Shivering Isles maps' places), increases by 6 to as many as 373 total. The plug-ins also add 3 icons to your map for places that start as already found, that can never count as found in your journal. With all of the add-on places' icons counted into the overall total icons, the total maximum icons that are ever displayed on the in-game map becomes 419 icons, including the 33 that are city-related and the 8 horse stables.

Warning: There are three quest-related locations with impact on the count. If you haven't visited them before doing the quest they will be marked as already discovered on the map marker (compare with Imperial Prison Sewer, above).

Artifacts Found

This statistic requires successful completion of all Daedric quests.

Grand Champion of the Arena

As the quest The Arena is never completed, this title is the only title not implicitly given by the completion of 199 quests.

Greater Powers

There are 8 permanent Greater Powers attainable by all characters: 7 Heaven Stone powers, and Pilgrim's Grace.

Unique Enemies

There are several unique enemies that you would not come across even if you had completed all the journal quests, so for 100% completion you should seek out and defeat:

Nirnroots Found

There are a total of 306 Nirnroots to be found. The Nirnroot page gives some information on where they are located and how to find them (specifically, it lists all Nirnroots that are found indoors). Otherwise, you can use the site's Oblivion Map to locate the outdoor ones (you must zoom in to level 16 to see them).

Expansions and Official Add-Ons

With the purchase of the Shivering Isles expansion pack and the nine Official Add-Ons, which includes the Knights of the Nine add-on, a player may increase their fame, completed quests, places found and may also invest in new merchants. There are a total of 64 new places that can be found, 8 more fame points to be gained, 4 more stores to be invested in and 49 new quests which can be completed. The accomplishments summary has been updated to reflect these additional statistics.


Shivering Isles Expansion Pack


Shivering Isles adds 31 possible quests to your journal, 2 non-journal quests and 1 quest that cannot be completed.

Main - 16 Quests

Bliss and Crucible - 9 Quests

Settlements - 5 Quests

Optional - 3 Quests

Can be completed, but not in combination with each other

Can't be completed

Non Journal


Shivering Isles adds 55 marked Places to the game.

Retaking The Fringe removes all four markers from the Fringe. When you find them again it adds to your 'Places Found' statistic, increasing it to 424 without any other add-ons or 433 with all the add-ons.

Knights of the Nine Add-On


Knights of the Nine adds 11 possible quests to your journal.


Pilgrimage, Priory of the Nine, Nature's Fury, The Path of the Righteous, Wisdom of the Ages, Stendarr's Mercy, The Sword of the Crusader and Umaril the Unfeathered add one fame point each, adding up to the eight more fame points.


Knights of the Nine adds 4 marked Places to the game.

Other Add-Ons

Fighter's Stronghold

Fighter's Stronghold adds one quest and one place to the game.



  • OB-mapicon-Fort.png Battlehorn Castle — A large castle west of Chorrol that can be won by defeating the attacking marauders (plugin-specific). (map)

Horse Armor Pack

The Horse Armor Pack adds one quest to the game.


Mehrunes' Razor

Mehrunes' Razor adds one quest and one place to the game.



Sundercliff Watch is the largest dungeon in the game, containing a mixture of caves, buildings and Ayleid ruins. The location consists of 23 zones in total. The nine main zones are Sundercliff Watch, Sundercliff Village, Sundercliff Commune, Sundercliff Forge, Sundercliff Mines, Excavated Ruin, Varsa Baalim, Nefarivigum, and Forgotten Tunnels. Three smaller zones, Cava Arpenia, Cava Beldameld and Cava Marspanga link different areas of Varsa Baalim together, and in addition, there are multiple houses, side rooms and tents. (map)


Orrery adds one quest to the game.


Thieves Den

Thieves Den adds one quest and one place to the game which is already marked on your map.



Vile Lair

Vile Lair adds one quest and one place to the game which is already marked on your map.



Wizard's Tower

Wizard's Tower adds one quest and one place to the game which is already marked on your map.




  • If you have the Unofficial Oblivion Patch installed, it fixes bugs with several quests, resulting in up to eight more Fame points.