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The Blackwater Brigands are a minor faction that is not available to be joined. The Blackwater Brigands are heavily involved in the quest An Unexpected Voyage.

The Brigands are a gang of thieves formed in Bravil three months prior to the related quest. They have a safe house there, although its location is undisclosed and no Bravil residents seem to know anything about it.

Their most daring heist involves the acquiring of 'The Golden Galleon' , a legendary golden statuette. Ormil, the publican of the Bloated Float Inn in the Waterfront district of the Imperial City, spread a false rumor that he held this famous statue on his water-bound inn to increase business. This attracted the Blackwater Brigands, who vowed to obtain 'The Golden Galleon' , fence it, and split the profit four ways. To accomplish this the Brigands hijacked the Bloated Float, held the publican and his bouncer hostage, and set off to sea to search for the treasure in peace and security. Little did they know that you had been asleep in the hold when they set off, and would awaken to foil their plan. You work your way through the ship, systematically killing the Brigands and freeing Ormil and the bouncer, Graman gro-Marad. The only (possible) survivor was Selene, leader of the Brigands; she was incarcerated for her crimes shortly after the Bloated Float returned to the Waterfront.



These items are specifically associated with members of the Blackwater Brigands:

  • Blackwater Cuirass — the leather cuirasses worn by the Blackwater Brigands are different from the usual leather cuirass, having a higher armor rating and price value (although with the same weight)
  • Blackwater Blade — wielded by the leader, Selene; is a unique one-handed blade