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This is a list of all inns and taverns in Cyrodiil. The publican is the person who runs the establishment, rents rooms, and usually sells food and beverages. The "Merc." column is their Mercantile skill. A "-" means they do not sell anything. The "Room" column is how much they charge for a room. A "-" in this column indicates establishments which do not rent rooms.

Names listed as regulars are not necessarily there at all times. Some visit different locations on a weekly or even monthly basis, which is why many names are listed in multiple locations. Some may only show up when a certain quest is active, or after a specific event has occurred. Also, there may be more regulars at some places which aren't mentioned on this page. The ones here are only those who have a specific preference for their dining habits. Some people just have a general "find food" behavior, and will usually just seek out the nearest source. If you meet any people in any of these places who aren't listed, feel free to add them. Additionally, most of the inns outside of the cities have a generic Imperial Legion soldier stationed there.

All publicans, unless otherwise noted, have 50 gold with which to barter.

Aleswell Inn

Aleswell Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Diram Serethi - Free* Aleswell

Adosi Serethi
Shagol gro-Bumph
Urnsi Serethi

* After completing Zero Visibility quest - it is not available before then.

The All-Saints Inn

Bleaker's Way Goodwill Inn

Bleaker's Way Goodwill Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Kirsten 30 Free Bleaker's Way Beirir

Malyani Dalvilu
Nivan Dalvilu
Satha Dalvilu
Ulrika Ulfgar

  • Should Kirsten survive the fight during her related quest, she will no longer offer bartering services.

The Bloated Float Inn

The Bloated Float
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Ormil 40 10 Imperial City Waterfront District

Algot the Northerner
Damian Magius
Graman gro-Marad
Hieronymus Lex
Ida Ottus
Matthias Draconis

Myvryna Arano
Praxedes Afranius
Servatius Quintilius
Uzul gro-Grulam
Velan Andus

The first time you sleep on The Bloated Float, the quest An Unexpected Voyage will begin. This is unavoidable and must be completed before you can return to the Imperial City.

Border Watch Inn

The Border Watch Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
S'thasa 30 10 Border Watch J'riska

Brina Cross Inn

The Brina Cross Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Christophe Marane Trainer (Advanced)Blunt (Advanced) 30 30 North of Anvil Arielle Jurard
Roliand Hanus

Cheydinhal Bridge Inn

The Count's Arms

The Drunken Dragon Inn

The Drunken Dragon Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Andreas Draconis 50 20 Blackwood

Faregyl Inn

Faregyl Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Abhuki Trainer (Advanced)Alteration (Advanced) 80 10 South of the Imperial City Alix Lencolia Trainer (Master)Blade (Master)


The Feed Bag

Five Claws Lodge

The Flowing Bowl

The Flowing Bowl
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Maenlorn 30 - Anvil

Faustina Cartia
Heinrich Oaken-Hull
Ida Ottus

Krognak gro-Brok
Marinus Catiotus
Mirabelle Monet Trainer (Advanced)Sneak (Advanced)
Norbert Lelles
Renee Geonette
Rhano Trainer (Advanced)Blade (Advanced)
Signy Home-Wrecker
Timothee LaRouche

† Maenlorn is not a standard publican, in that he sells general goods, and not just food and drinks. Among his wares are the unique Fists of the Drunkard.

The Fo'c's'le

The Fo'c's'le
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Mirabelle MonetTrainer (Advanced)Sneak (Advanced) N/A - Anvil Anguilon

Hauls-Ropes-Faster Trainer (Advanced)Athletics (Advanced) *
Krognak gro-Brok
Timothee LaRouche

* Hauls-Ropes-Faster is defined as an advanced trainer but his AI packages do not allow him to offer these services.

The Foaming Flask

Gottshaw Inn

Gottshaw Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Foroch Trainer (Basic)Mercantile (Basic) 50 10

The Grey Mare

Imperial Bridge Inn

The Imperial Bridge Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Davela Hlaren Trainer (Advanced)Hand to Hand (Advanced) 50 10 Lithnilian

Inn of Ill Omen

The Inn of Ill Omen
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Manheim Maulhand 30 10 Minerva
Morag Tong Assassin Mehrunes' Razor

Jerall View Inn

The King and Queen Tavern

The Lonely Suitor Lodge

Luther Broad's Boarding House

Luther Broad's Boarding House
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Luther Broad 40 10 Imperial City Elven Gardens District Baurus

The Merchants Inn

Moslin's Inn

Moslin's Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Vlanhonder Moslin 40 30 Hackdirt Marlena Brussiner

Natch Pinder

Newlands Lodge

The Oak and Crosier

Olav's Tap and Tack

Roxey Inn

The Roxey Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Malene 50 10 Northeast of The Imperial City (map). Baurion

Brucetus Festinius
Claude Maric
Pranal Trainer (Master)Heavy Armor (Master)

Silverhome on the Water


  • Occasionally, Bravil citizens can be heard saying:
    • "I don't think that Gilgondrin really wants to run Silverhome-on-the-Water. He never seems happy when he's there."
    • "Gilgondrin inherited Silverhome from his parents. I understand he only runs it out of a sense of duty."
  • A handbill advertising the inn is listed in the Construction Set, but cannot be found in-game. It would have read: "When your mother-in-law comes to visit, put her up at Silverhome-on-the-Water. We offer moderately priced, clean rooms. Chamberpots are available for a small fee."

The Sleeping Mare

The Sleeping Mare
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Candice Corgine 32 - Pell's Gate Schlera Sestius

Three Sisters' Inn

The Tiber Septim Hotel

Two Sisters Lodge

Wawnet Inn

The Wawnet Inn
Publican Merc. Room Location Regulars
Nerussa 30 10 Weye Rowley Eardwulf Plug-in Trainer (Basic)Sneak (Basic)

West Weald Inn