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Oblivion:Naspia Cosma

Oblivion: People / Trainers
Naspia Cosma
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Home City Cheydinhal
Location Castle Cheydinhal
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 16 Class Knight
RefID BaseID
Available 6am-10am, 2pm-8pm, more when raining. Middas: 6am-10am only
Training Trainer (Basic)Blade (Basic) Blade, Basic
Other Information
Health 160 Magicka 58
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Cheydinhal Riverview; Cheydinhal Citizens; Cheydinhal Castle
Naspia Cosma in Cheydinhal castle
Naspia attends the weekly party at Riverview

Naspia Cosma is an Imperial knight who works as the steward at Castle Cheydinhal. She is also a basic trainer in Blade.

Her superior blade skills are known all over Cheydinhal, as is her desire to leave the tedious castle life behind and start a new and more exciting life as a combatant in the Arena. Nevertheless, Naspia keeps doing her duties at the castle and keeps to herself most of the time. She sleeps in the southeastern room of the private quarters every night between midnight and 6am. After waking up, she drifts around the quarters until 10am. At that time, and if the weather is clear, she heads downtown and visits Borba's Goods and Stores for two hours. At 12pm, on all days but Middas (where she heads straight back to the castle), she will cross the street and enter the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn for a two-hour lunch. She returns to the castle and the private quarters at 2pm for six hours of wandering. At 8pm, she participates in Count Andel Indarys' formal dinner in the Great Hall and stays there until her bedtime at midnight.

There are two exceptions to this schedule: on Loredas, when the clock strikes 8pm, she will escort the Count to Voranil's weekly party at Riverview and stay there until midnight, eating for two hours at 8pm. And on rainy days, she will skip her 10am trip to Borba's but will still venture outside at noon to enjoy her lunch at the inn.

She will only offer training when she wanders around the private quarters of the castle, which makes it tricky to approach her without trespassing. And on Middas, she will reduce her availability even further and offer training between 6am and 10am only. The easiest and most “legal” strategy is to wait outside Cheydinhal Bridge Inn at 2pm and approach her when she is on her way back to the castle.

She wears a set of common upper-class clothing, a green brocade doublet with silk garments and green velvet shoes. Surprisingly, she doesn’t carry a blade but holds a useful raft of castle keys and a large sum of gold.

Her lack of a blade means that Naspia depends on a leveled Illusion spell in combat - either Invisibility, Chameleon or Silence.

When you meet her for the first time, she will introduce herself and her services: "I am Naspia Cosma, Cheydinhal's Steward. I offer introductory training with Blades, and may condescend to accept you as a student." And when you ask her about Cheydinhal, she will admit being drawn to a different way of life: "To be frank, I'd prefer a career in the Arena to this paper-pusher's position."

The Cheydinhal citizens are puzzled by Naspia and her wasted blade skills: "Naspia Cosma is really skilled with her blade. It's a shame she doesn't compete in the Arena.", "I've heard that Naspia Cosma would rather be fighting in the Arena than spending time at the castle. She's excellent with a blade." They will also speculate as to why Naspia stays in the castle: "I understand her parents are against her competing. Quite a shame." Other citizens are grateful to her for smoothing out difficulties in the city court: "The Count, Andel Indarys, is a Hlaalu parvenu, but his steward, Naspia Cosma, does her best to coach him on the finer points of Imperial etiquette."


  • Due to what appears to be an error in AI scripting, she does not seek out Count Andel Indarys for a daily audience in the castle's public county hall, at which time she would also have offered training. She does this from 8am to midday, which stops her visit to Borba's store from happening.
  • Her behavior on Middas is caused by an AI package called CheydinhalExploreNobleTourneyWed. The title of the package suggests some kind of tournament with other nobles, but all it causes her to do is return to her room. In addition, she is the only NPC to use this package.