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County Cheydinhal, in Nibenay Basin
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View of Cheydinhal looking northeast towards the castle

Cheydinhal is a city in eastern Cyrodiil whose architecture and culture contains heavy Dunmer influence due to its close proximity to Morrowind's border. Located in the foothills between the Valus and Jerall Mountains, Cheydinhal sits on the northeastern edge of the Nibenay Basin, a river valley of tributaries to Lake Rumare and the Niben River.

Cheydinhal consists of three districts: Cheydinhal Castle, Market, and Chapel. The dominating feature of the city is a tributary of the Corbolo River, which bisects the city from north to south. The river is crossed by three bridges: a single bridge to the north connects the Market district to the Chapel district, while two smaller bridges to the south connect the southwest plaza and Chapel via a small island park.

The Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood resides in this city at the Abandoned House (see map). Rumor has it that Count Andel Indarys knows, but threats and bribes from the Dark Brotherhood have managed to keep him quiet. See Joining the Dark Brotherhood for more information.

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View of Cheydinhal, looking southwest past the chapel
View of Chapel District in Cheydinhal
View of Cheydinhal, from top of the Castle looking southeast


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  • It's possible to climb over the walls and out the city. See this for details.