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Oblivion:Mach-Na's Books

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Mach-Na's Books
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Proprietor Mach-Na
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Mach-Na's Books

Mach-Na's Books is a bookstore in Cheydinhal's Market District. It is found near the West Gate, across the street from Borba's Goods and Stores and next to Cheydinhal Bridge Inn and The March Rider.

The proprietor, Mach-Na, is a bookseller with 1,200 gold and a Mercantile skill of 80. She buys and sells books as well as offering basic Mercantile training. Along with common guides and stories, her wares include the Security skill book Advances in Lock Picking and the unique scroll, The Chronicle of Sacrifice, which tremendously reduces all your attributes, while dealing a very high Fire Damage area effect.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and contains a counter and a large selection of books. Mach-Na lives upstairs as is usual with Cheydinhal houses and stores. Her private quarters consist of an antechamber used for storage and as a reading room and a second room which serves as a dining room and bedroom.