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Este artigo é sobre shopkeepers. Para the Merchant class, veja Merchant (class).

This article provides a list of all the merchants in the game of Oblivion. Details of commerce are discussed on separate pages, including base prices, merchants' available gold, and bartering. All of these aspects of commerce are influenced by the Mercantile skill.

A separate page is devoted specifically to Spell Merchants.


Before your character reaches Master level in Mercantile, there are two statistics that are important in making it possible to get good deals when selling items: the merchant's available gold and the merchant's Mercantile skill. Once you reach Master level, however, only the available gold is important, as buy and sell prices are fixed at 100%. There are several standard values for these statistics; most merchants fall into one of the following groups:

Gold Number of
30 600 7 Bravil and Chorrol Fighters Guilds, Anvil Mages Guild, Various/General Goods.
40 800 18 Many various types of stores, including five Mages Guild alchemists.
60 1000 12 Mainly general goods stores with a few specialty stores as well.
80 1200 7 All are specialty stores, of various types.

Base Game

If you don't have any of the plug-ins mentioned in the next section, there are three merchants in the base game who provide notably better merchant services than average:

  • Sinderion in the basement of the West Weald Inn (Skill 8, 400 gold) - Sinderion has the lowest mercantile skill in the base game outside of the Dark Brotherhood's two merchants (M'raaj-Dar and the Dark Brotherhood Mage), so he's the best place to sell cheap items like extra Alchemy potions by far. He also offers Seeking Your Roots, which helps you increase your Disposition with him.
  • Varel Morvayn at Morvayn's Peacemakers (Skill 40, 1200 gold) - Varel is the best for expensive goods. Unlike the other exceptions, he will buy weapons and armor — the main money-maker for most players — without the need to first reach Journeyman skill.
  • Daenlin, in the Archer's Paradox (Skill 40, 1000 gold) - Daenlin doesn't have as much gold as Varel, but is as good or better than most merchants for items worth 600 to 1000 gold.
  • Rindir in the Imperial City Market District (Skill 30, 600 gold) - Rindir is a good choice for beginning characters (until about level 12, when the more valuable loot appears). Even though he sells mainly mage staffs, he buys all weapons and armors, and his disposition is easily increased to 100.

Official Plug-ins

In addition, four plug-in-only merchants have more than 1200 available gold:

  • Aurelinwae at the Mystic Emporium; added by Wizard's Tower (Skill 6, 2000 gold) - Aurelinwae has an exceptionally low Mercantile skill and more gold than any standard merchants. When you reach Master level in Mercantile, her gold will increase to 2500, however you cannot invest in her store.
  • Nilphas Omellian at the Merchants Inn; added by Fighter's Stronghold (Skill 40, 2000 gold) - Unlike Aurelinwae, you can invest in his store, so at Master level he has 3000 available gold. His mercantile skill is moderately good, however, so for items less than 2500 in value he won't be as good as Aurelinwae.
  • Rowley Eardwulf at the Wawnet Inn; added by Vile Lair (Skill 44, 2000 gold) - As with Nilphas, you can invest in Rowley's store, bringing his available gold up to 3000 at Master level. However, his Mercantile skill is slightly higher than Nilphas's.
  • Khafiz at the Dunbarrow Cove; added by Thieves Den (Skill 48, 1500 gold) - Khafiz becomes available after purchasing the "Fence" upgrade for 1000 gold. Provides training in Mercantile up to level 75, whereupon it is possible to invest in his store. He will buy stolen goods even if you're not in the Thieves Guild, and has the lowest Mercantile skill (competitors 60+), making him the best fence in the game.

Bad Deals

There are also merchants who offer worse bargains than usual:

  • Fences — Fences have higher Mercantile skills compared to gold available, often 10 higher, and sometimes even more than that. The incomparable Fathis Ules has a Mercantile skill of 100 (Master) and 1500 gold.
  • Inns — Inns often have bad rates, especially outside of cities. But then inns usually have only 50 gold anyway.
  • Suurootan at Novaroma (Skill 36, 600 gold) - Apart from fences, he is the only merchant with 600 gold who does not have a skill of 30.
  • Etira Moslin, Hackdirt (Skill 100, 200 gold). Like all residents of Hackdirt, she automatically has a very low disposition towards the player, and after completing a certain quest she will become hostile and can no longer be spoken to.
  • Batul gra-Sharob and Sigrid (Skill 100, 200 gold) — The two merchants at the Kvatch encampment are Masters of Mercantile but have only 200 Gold.
  • Shady Sam (Skill 51, 400 gold) — Sam is worse than other low-end merchants, but does have a lot of lockpicks.
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  • Merchants in Oblivion do not sell the same thing every time you go into their shop and they may never sell a certain particular item (unlike those in Morrowind). The merchants will sell better items as your level increases.
  • Typically, better values are obtained from merchants with poor Mercantile skill. However, these merchants also generally have less available gold, and so a much lower value may be expected for expensive items. Similarly, merchants with high Mercantile skill will typically offer worse values, but usually have a larger amount of gold and so may be able to offer a more attractive value for expensive items.
  • The following tables list all of the NPCs who provide any merchant-type services. In some cases, the merchants will never actually buy or sell any items, but it is still possible to invest in their store (for those interested in statistics for 100% Completion) and therefore they have been included.



Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Dahlia Rackham Upgrades Journeyman (56) 100 Clarabella in Anvil Harbor
(Thieves Den official plug-in required)
Dunbarrow Cove upgrades  
Enilroth Nothing Apprentice (30) 600 Morvayn's Peacemakers Nothing (barter never possible)  
Felen Relas Magical Supplies Apprentice (30) 600 Anvil Mages Guild none   
Maenlorn Food Apprentice (30) 600 The Flowing Bowl Fists of the Drunkard
Norbert Lelles General Goods Apprentice (40) 800 Lelles' Quality Merchandise Apron of the Master Artisan
Orrin Fence Expert (90) 1200 Anvil Castle Smithy none  
Varel Morvayn Smith Apprentice (40) 1200 Morvayn's Peacemakers Truncheon of Submission  
Wilbur Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 The Count's Arms none  


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Ardaline Magical Supplies Apprentice (40) 800 Bravil Mages Guild none   
Bogrum gro-Galash Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 The Lonely Suitor Lodge none  
Daenlin Smith Apprentice (40) 1000 The Archer's Paradox Bow of Infliction  
Gilgondorin Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 Silverhome on the Water none  
Luciana Galena Fence Expert (80) 1000 The Lonely Suitor Lodge none     
Nilawen General Goods Apprentice (40) 800 The Fair Deal Robe of Creativity  
Nordinor Skooma Apprentice (30) 400 Alley next to Fair Deal (only after midnight) none
Tadrose Helas Smith Apprentice (30) 600 Bravil Fighters Guild none     
Ungarion Spells, General Goods,
Magical Supplies
Apprentice (40) 800 A Warlock's Luck
(Cannot invest in this store)*
Ring of Transmutation  

*You cannot invest in A Warlock's Luck


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Fjotreid Smith Apprentice (40) 800 Hammer and Axe Gauntlets of Gluttony  
Hafid Hollowleg Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 Jerall View Inn none  
Karinnarre General Goods Journeyman (60) 1000 Novaroma none
Olav Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 Olav's Tap and Tack none  
Olfand Smith Journeyman (60) 1000 Nord Winds Dondoran's Juggernaut  
Ongar the World-Weary Fence Journeyman (60) 600 Ongar's Shack/Olav's Tap and Tack none  
Selena Orania Spells, Magical Supplies Apprentice (40) 800 Bruma Mages Guild none  
Skjorta Clothes Journeyman (60) 1000 Nord Winds Councilor's Hood**
Suurootan General Goods Apprentice (36) 600 Novaroma Monkeypants  

**Due to a glitch, this item is not available in-game.


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Borba gra-Uzgash General Goods Journeyman (60) 1000 Borba's Goods and Stores Cowl of the Druid  
Dervera Romalen Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 Newlands Lodge none  
Eilonwy Magical Supplies Apprentice (40) 800 Cheydinhal Mages Guild none
M'raaj-Dar General Goods Novice (6) 400 Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
(Only accessible to DB members,
Cannot invest in this store)
Eye of Sithis, Hands of Midnight, Bow of Infernal Frost, Perdition's Wrath, Poisoned Apples  
Mach-Na Books Expert (80) 1200 Mach-Na's Books Chronicle of Sacrifice, Advances in Lock Picking skill book   
Magra gro-Naybek General Goods Apprentice (30) 600 Borba's Goods and Stores Nothing (barter never possible)
Mariana Ancharia Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 Cheydinhal Bridge Inn none  
Tertia Viducia Smith Journeyman (60) 1000 The March Rider Captain Kordan's Saber  


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Angalmo Magical Supplies Apprentice (40) 800 Chorrol Mages Guild none   
Emfrid Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 The Grey Mare none  
Estelle Renoit Books Apprentice (30) 600 Renoit's Books Stormrider Scroll, Vernaccus and Bourlor skill book
Rasheda Smith Expert (80) 1200 Fire and Steel Rasheda's Special     
Sabine Laul Smith Apprentice (30) 600 Chorrol Fighters Guild  
Seed-Neeus General Goods Apprentice (40) 800 Northern Goods and Trade Boots of the Swift Merchant     
Talasma Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 The Oak and Crosier none  

Imperial City

Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Augusta Calidia Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 The Tiber Septim Hotel, Talos Plaza District none  
Aurelinwae Magical Supplies Novice (6) 2000 Mystic Emporium
(Wizard's Tower Official Plug-in required)
(Cannot invest in this store)
Frostcrag Spire upgrades      
Calindil Spells, Magical Supplies Journeyman (60) 1000 Mystic Emporium
(Cannot invest in this store)
Hands of the Atronach  
Claudette Perrick Alchemy Expert (80) 1200 The Gilded Carafe Birthright of Astalon, Strong Potion of Reflection
Delos Fandas Food Apprentice (40) 50 The Feed Bag none
Edgar Vautrine Spells Apprentice (40) 800 Edgar's Discount Spells
(Cannot invest in this store)
Nothing (barter for merchandise never possible)  
Ernest Manis Food Apprentice (30) 50 The Foaming Flask, Talos Plaza District
(Cannot invest in this store)
Fathis Ules Fence Master (100) 1500 Elven Gardens District none  
Hamlof Red-Tooth Jewelry Apprentice (40) 800 Red Diamond Jewelry Spectre Ring***
Jensine General Goods Apprentice (30) 600 Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise Akaviri Warblade
Julienne Fanis Alchemy Expert (80) 15 Lustratorium, Arcane University Refined Frost Salts
Ley Marillin Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 The King and Queen Tavern, Elven Gardens District none  
Luther Broad Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 Luther Broad's Boarding House, Elven Gardens District none  
Maro Rufus Light Armor Apprentice (40) 800 The Best Defense none  
Nilphas Omellian General Goods Apprentice (40) 2000 The Merchants Inn
(Fighter's Stronghold Official Plug-in required)
Battlehorn Castle upgrades  
Ogier Georick Alchemy Apprentice (40) 800 The Main Ingredient Mantle of the Woodsman, Cyrodilic Brandy
Ormil Inn Apprentice (40) 50 The Bloated Float Inn ("houseboat" at the Waterfront) none - zero inventory (!)  
Palonirya Clothier Expert (80) 1200 Divine Elegance Quicksilver Boots   
Phintias Books Expert (80) 1200 First Edition Document of Purile Banter, The Armorer's Challenge and The Refugees skill books
Rindir Staves Apprentice (30) 600 Rindir's Staffs Apotheosis
Rohssan Blade Weapons Expert (80) 1200 A Fighting Chance Battleaxe of Hatred     
Sergius Verus General Goods Journeyman (60) 1000 Three Brothers Trade Goods Akaviri Sunderblade  
Shady Sam Poisons, Potions, Lockpicks Journeyman (51) 400 Just outside city walls, c.100m N of Chesnut Handy Stables Lockpicks
Tertullian Verus General Goods Journeyman (60) 1000 Three Brothers Trade Goods Helm of the Deep Delver
Thoronir General Goods Apprentice (40) 800 The Copious Coinpurse Imperial Breeches
Urbul gro-Orkulg Blunt Weapons Apprentice (40) 800 Slash 'N Smash none  
Varnado Heavy Armor Journeyman (60) 1000 The Best Defense Aegis of the Apocalypse     
Velus Hosidius Food + Inn Journeyman (60) 50 The Merchants Inn none  
Viator Accius Armor Journeyman (60) 1000 Stonewall Shields Tower of the Nine  
Willet Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 The All-Saints Inn, Temple District none  

*** Due to a glitch, this item is not actually obtainable.


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Batul gra-Sharob Smith Master (100) 200 outdoors none  
Sigrid Alchemy Master (100) 200 outdoors none


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Alves Uvenim Magical Supplies Apprentice (40) 800 Leyawiin Mages Guild none   
Bugak gro-Bol Books Journeyman (60) 1000 Southern Books Annal of the Fire Nexus   
Dar Jee Fence Journeyman (70) 800 Home/Five Claws Lodge/outdoors none  
Elsynia General Goods Journeyman (60) 1000 Best Goods and Guarantees Nistor's Boots
Gundalas Smith Journeyman (60) 1000 Best Goods and Guarantees none  
S'drassa Nothing Novice (6) 10 Leyawiin Mages Guild Nothing (barter never possible)   
Shuravi Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 Three Sisters' Inn none  
Tun-Zeeus Smith Apprentice (40) 800 The Dividing Line Destarine's Cleaver  
Witseidutsei Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 Five Claws Lodge none  

If you have the Unofficial Oblivion Patch installed, S'drassa is no longer a merchant.


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Agnete the Pickled Smith Expert (80) 1200 Hammer and Tongs Helm of Ferocity  
Erina Jeranus Food + Inn Apprentice (40) 50 West Weald Inn none  
Falanu Hlaalu Alchemy Apprentice (40) 800 All Things Alchemical Ring of Wortcraft
Gunder General Goods Apprentice (40) 800 Colovian Traders Vest of the Bard  
Mog gra-Mogakh Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 Two Sisters Lodge none  
Sinderion Alchemy Novice (8) 400 West Weald Inn Elixirs of Exploration   


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Abhuki Food + Inn Expert (80) 50 Faregyl Inn none     
Andreas Draconis Food + Inn Journeyman (50) 50 The Drunken Dragon Inn none  
Candice Corgine Magical Supplies, Potions, Food Apprentice (30) (leveled*) 0 The Sleeping Mare, Pell's Gate none
Christophe Marane Food + Inn Journeyman (50) 50 Brina Cross Inn none     
Davela Hlaren Food + Inn Journeyman (50) 50 Imperial Bridge Inn none     
Engorm Nothing Apprentice (25) (leveled*) 5 Sanguine's Shrine none
Etira Moslin General Goods Master (100) 200 Moslin's Dry Goods, Hackdirt very limited inventory, low disposition
Foroch Food + Inn Journeyman (50) 50 Gottshaw Inn none     
Jak Silver Fence, Potion, Weapon, Armor, Lockpicks Novice (5) 100 Dunbarrow Cove
(Thieves Den official Plug-in required)
(Cannot invest in this store)
Nightmask Potion     
Khafiz Fence, Weapons, Armor, Lockpicks Apprentice (48) 1500 Dunbarrow Cove
(Thieves Den official Plug-in required)
Kirsten Food Apprentice (30) (leveled*) 50 Bleaker's Way Goodwill Inn none
Kovan Kren Fence, Armor, Spells Novice (5) 100 Dunbarrow Cove
(Thieves Den Official Plug-in required)
(Cannot invest in this store)
Gauntlets of the Manhunter, Silenced Boots, Silenced Gauntlets    
Malene Food + Inn Journeyman (50) 50 Roxey Inn none  
Manheim Maulhand Food + Inn Apprentice (30) 50 Inn of Ill Omen none   
Melliwin Weapons Novice (6) 100 Dunbarrow Cove
(Thieves Den Official Plug-in required)
(Cannot invest in this store)
Nerussa Food + Inn Apprentice (30) (leveled*) 50 Wawnet Inn, Weye none  
Rowley Eardwulf Weapons, Armor Apprentice (44) 2000 Wawnet Inn, Weye
(Vile Lair Official Plug-in required)
Deepscorn Hollow upgrades     
S'thasa Food + Inn Apprentice (30) (leveled*) 50 Border Watch Inn One high-quality blunt weapon (if your mercantile skill is at least 50)  
Tahm Blackwell Potions, Books Apprentice (44) 100 Dunbarrow Cove
(Thieves Den Official Plug-in required)
(Cannot invest in this store)
Potions of Magnification    
Vlanhonder Moslin Inn Apprentice (40) (leveled) 50 Moslin's Inn, Hackdirt Nothing (barter never possible)  

For leveled merchants, the provided mercantile skill is their skill at level 1. Their skill will typically increase by 1 or 1.5 skill points per level. See each individual merchant's page for details.

Shivering Isles

For a list of Shivering Isles merchants, see the Shivering Isles Merchants page.