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Oblivion:Moslin's Dry Goods

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Moslin's Dry Goods
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Proprietor Etira Moslin
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Moslin's Dry Goods

Moslin's Dry Goods is a general goods store located in Hackdirt.

The proprietor, Etira Moslin, has 200 gold and Mercantile skill of 100; which, in addition to her disposition being very low, makes her one of the hardest merchants in the game. When bartering, she will buy anything while only selling a variety of general goods. Strangely, this store doesn't have a unique item for sale.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and consists of a counter, various furniture, a furnace now used for storage and a trapdoor leading to Hackdirt Caverns. Etira lives upstairs, as is usual with Hackdirt houses. Her private quarters consist of a single room which serves a bedroom and dining room. It also contains a few gold coins, many clothes and a Detect Life potion.

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  • In the chest behind Etira, the iron arrows and bear pelts are glitched. If you remove either and then put them back, you can then remove infinite amounts of them. This is all due to the quantities being set to -20 for the arrows and -5 for the bear pelts.