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Skill: Armorer
Governing Attribute:

Armorer governs the use of repair hammers to repair both armor and weapons. As your skill improves, you can repair items more efficiently and will break repair hammers less often.


Mastery Perks

  • A Novice (armorer < 25) cannot repair magic items.
  • For an Apprentice (armorer 25-49), repair hammers last twice as long. An apprentice of Armorer still cannot repair magic items.
  • A Journeyman (armorer 50-74) can now repair magic items.
  • An Expert (armorer 75-99) can repair items beyond their highest condition (to 125%). Expert-improved weapons do extra damage, and Expert-improved armor protects more.
  • A Master (armorer 100) never breaks repair hammers; one hammer lasts a lifetime.
    • Using Fortify Armorer to boost your skill to 100 will provide the master-level perk.

Skill Benefits

Your armorer skill level controls how many health points of damage you fix each time you use the skill:

Health_Repaired = Armorer_Skill + 3

This is the number of health points, not the percentage of damage, that is repaired. See Weapons and Armor for details on the total health of individual items, which allows conversion between health points and percentage.

Skill Increases

Your armorer skill increases by 1.5 experience points each time you use the skill, regardless of the amount of damage repaired or whether you break your repair hammer.

In general, to gain Armorer skill be sure to carry multiple repair hammers every time you go adventuring and repair everything you possibly can.

  • Repair your own armor and weapons after each fight (even if the health is at 99%).
  • Repair your fallen enemies' items even if you're not going to carry them with you afterwards.
  • When fighting a weak enemy, be sure to let them hit you a few times instead of immediately killing them.
  • Bows are damaged with every shot even if you don't hit any target (excluding PS3 version). Fire your bow into a door or practice target and repair it after every shot. (If you are firing at inanimate objects, you will not gain any marksman experience).
  • You can hotkey your repair hammers for easier access to the repair menu.

Tricks to increase your armorer skill somewhat more artificially include:

Fast version: low magicka cost Disintegrate Weapon. have different weapons in quick slots 1-7 and repair hammer in 8. Cast spell, change weapon. Repeat for all weapons, then repair all of them. 7 repairs ~21 seconds

  • Enchant a wearable item Disintegrate Weapon or Disintegrate Armor enchantment. Each time you equip the item, the health of your weapon (or armor) will decrease (you may want to hotkey the item), then you can repair it. The Amulet of Disintegration added by the Shivering Isles expansion can be used the same way. This works particularly well with Shagrol gro-Uzug's sparring weapons from the Fighter's Stronghold plug-in as they have a large amount of health and take a lot of repairing.
  • Create a Fortify Armorer on self spell to boost your armorer skill to 100. This does not actually make you train armorer any faster, but it does ensure that you do not run out of repair hammers.
  • Once your armorer skill reaches 75, there are several ways to take advantage of the ability to repair weapons to 125%:
    • You can repair Bound Weapons or Bound Armor to 125%. Repeatedly conjure new bound items and repair them. (This technique will also increase your Conjuration skill).
    • Acquire the ruined Ayleid Crown of Lindai (ID 000A933E) available at the end of the Secrets of the Ayleids quest. This crown has zero health and therefore can never be repaired to 125% health, but yet it shows up in the list of items that can be repaired when you are expert level. In other words, it can be continuously repaired for easy armorer training.
    • Select "Repair All" from any NPC who repairs equipment and they perform the additional "service" of reducing all "super-repaired" items back to 100%, free of charge. In order for this to work, there must be at least one item in your inventory which has health less than 100% (i.e., one item that legitimately needs to be repaired). Also, you must use the "Repair All" option, instead of individually selecting items for repair. You can then repair all of the items back to 125% health; the more pieces of armor in your inventory, the more training you get out of this.
    • Sell weapons or armor with 125% health to a merchant then buy them back: the health will be reduced to 100%, allowing them to be repaired again.
    • If you have the Knights of the Nine official plug-in, you can place all of the Crusader's Relics on the stand in the basement of the Priory of the Nine. All of the relics will be returned to 100% health, and you can repair them back to 125%.

See also:

Unique items include:

There are no Free Skill Boosts available for Armorer. The Fighter's Stronghold add-on adds a Dwemer Forge that gives you a temporary skill boost of 15.


When you reach 70 in armorer skill NPCs will start saying: "You've got the hands of a smith. Must have spent some time repairing your gear."

Character Creation

The following races provide initial skill bonuses in armorer:

The following standard classes include armorer as a major skill:


The following table provides the messages that are displayed when your Armorer skill levels up.

Level Message
Apprentice Long days and nights at the forge make you strong and tough. You are now an Apprentice Armorer. Your repair hammers now last twice as long. You cannot repair magical items yet.
Journeyman Long days and nights at the forge make you strong and tough. You are now a Journeyman Armorer. Using repair hammers, you can now fully repair magic weapons and armor.
Expert Long days and nights at the forge make you strong and tough. You are now an Expert Armorer. Using repair hammers, you can repair items up to 125% of their normal health. Weapons with health above 100% do extra damage. Armor with health above 100% provides extra protection.
Master Long days and nights at the forge make you strong and tough. You are now a Master Armorer. A Master Armorer does not wear out repair hammers while repairing weapons and armor. One repair hammer lasts you a lifetime.


  • Repairing heavy armor appears to increase your armorer skill level more rapidly than light armor. This is because heavy armor has more total health (see Armor for armor health values). Since the health number you see in the game is a percentage of maximum health, repairing heavy armor from 90% to 100% might correspond to 100 health points, whereas for light armor it might only be 50 health points and require fewer repair sessions to fix.
  • Instead of repairing your own equipment, you can pay smiths to repair it. At low skill levels this is the only way to repair magical equipment.
  • If you visit the Tower birthsign doomstone (south of Imperial City Waterfront district, northern tip of the large island), you can receive the greater power The Master's Hand. This allows you to fortify your armorer skill 20 points once a day for 120 seconds.
  • Once your renown reaches 60, you can also visit the Shezarr heaven doomstone to receive the greater power Shield of Shezarr. One of several benefits of this power is that it fortifies your armorer skill 20 points once a day for 120 seconds.
  • Using a repair hammer has a random chance of breaking. In other words, the chance the hammer will break after a repair is always different. It is always a good idea to save before you perform a repair so that in the event the item breaks, you can reload from the save point and try the repair again.