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Talos Plaza with the Dragon Statue at the center

The Talos Plaza District is one of the six inner city districts in the Imperial City. This is the district where the wealthiest people of the Imperial City live. Note the relatively grand houses and the beautiful statue at Talos Plaza.

Talos Plaza District People

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Map of the Talos Plaza District


  1. Northwest Watch Tower
  2. Gate to the Elven Gardens District
  3. The Foaming Flask
  4. Ra'jiradh's House
  5. Usheeja's House
  6. Soris Arenim's House
  7. Thamriel's House
  8. Astinia Atius' House
  9. Dynari Amnis' House
  10. S'rathad's House
  11. Ulen Athram's House
  12. Umbacano Manor
  13. Gate to the City Isle
  14. Gate to the Green Emperor Way
  15. Claudius Arcadia's House
  16. The Tiber Septim Hotel
  17. Jakben Imbel's House
  18. Dorian's House
  19. Sevarius Atius' House
  20. Talos Plaza Sewers
  21. Agarmir's House
  22. Ontus Vanin's House
  23. Matthias Draconis' House
  24. Helvo Atius' House
  25. Areldil's House
  26. Angelie's House
  27. Samuel Bantien's House
  28. Gate to the Temple District
  29. Southwest Watch Tower