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Oblivion: Places
County Skingrad, in the West Weald
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Skingrad is a large town located in the West Weald region, to the southwest of the Imperial City, along the Gold Road. The town divides into three districts: the Castle, Hightown, and Chapel, with various gates and bridges connecting each district. The town is further divided in two parts: the north wall encompasses the business district and the guild halls, while the southern half holds homes and the Great Chapel of Julianos, where citizens and travelers can pray for healing. Outside of town is the castle of Janus Hassildor, count of Skingrad and wizard, who is reportedly a vampire, a fact known to and kept as a secret by the Mages Guild. The town is particularly famous for its wines, tomatoes, and cheeses, which contributes to its overall prosperity. Famous wine makers in Cyrodiil such as the Surilie brothers and Tamika reside here.


The Count refuses to see you until you start one of several quests that involves him. Outside the walls of Skingrad are the two best vineyards in all Cyrodiil, belonging to Tamika and the Surilie brothers. Skingrad is involved with the production of much of Cyrodiil's wine. The house available for purchase here, Rosethorn Hall, is located in northern Skingrad and is the largest and most expensive that you can buy.

The city also features a house filled with undead, a sealed house with an interesting party in it, and a necrophiliac alchemist. The Skingrad guards wear armor consisting of steel gauntlets, greaves, and boots, instead of the chainmail used by guards in other towns. Much like Anvil, Castle Skingrad is found outside the city walls, on a nearby hilltop overlooking the town.

Skingrad People

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Mages Guild

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  1. Skingrad Mages Guild
  2. Skingrad Fighters Guild
  3. Colovian Traders
  4. West Weald Inn
  5. Lazare Milvan's House
  6. Nerastarel's House
  7. Summitmist Manor
  8. Guard House
  9. Gate to the West Weald
  10. All Things Alchemical
  11. Hammer and Tongs
  12. Rosethorn Hall
  13. Toutius Sextius' House
  14. Gate to the West Weald
  15. Gate to the West Weald
  16. Reman Broder's House
  17. Two Sisters Lodge
  18. Surilie Brothers' House
  19. Ambroise Canne's House
  20. Salmo the Baker's House
  21. Glarthir's House
  22. Shameer's House
  23. The Great Chapel of Julianos
  24. Undena Orethi's House
  25. Uuras the Shepherd's House
  26. Bernadette Peneles' House
  27. Tamika's House
  28. Castle Skingrad