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Oblivion:Green Emperor Way

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Green Emperor Way, in the inner section of the Imperial City, is a small park full of plants and decorated with many tombstones and monuments. In the very center is the Imperial Palace, which was built from the Ayleid structure known as White-Gold Tower.


  • The Imperial Palace (Containing the Elder Council Chambers)
  • Trentius Family Mausoleum


Ficheiro:OB-Map-Green Emperor Way.jpg
Map of Green Emperor Way
  1. Imperial City, Elven Gardens District
  2. Imperial City, Market District
  3. Imperial City, Talos Plaza District
  4. Imperial Palace, Elder Council Chambers
  5. Imperial City, Arena District
  6. Imperial City, Temple District
  7. Trentius Family Mausoleum
  8. Imperial City Arboretum
  9. Tomb of Prince Camarril