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Oblivion: Places

This page lists all the cities in Cyrodiil.

The Imperial City — The capital city on the island in Lake Rumare. It is split into the following districts:
Anvil — City of Dibella on the Gold Coast in the southwest.
Bravil — City of Mara by Niben Bay, south of the Imperial City.
Bruma — City of Talos in the Jerall Mountains to the north, with a mainly Nord population.
Cheydinhal — City of Arkay at the Valus Mountains in the northeast, with a mainly Dunmer population.
Chorrol — City of Stendarr at the Colovian Highlands in the west.
Kvatch — City of Akatosh overrun by the Daedra from the first portal to Oblivion, in the southwest.
Leyawiin — City of Zenithar in Blackwood far south, with a mainly Khajiit and Argonian population.
Skingrad — City of Julianos in the West Weald region.