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Oblivion:Gweden Farm

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Console Location Code(s)
GwedenFarmInterior, GwedenFarmBasement
Gold Coast
Southeast of Anvil
Gweden Farm

Gweden Farm is a farmhouse southeast of Anvil (quest-related).

It stands at the end of the road that passes Fort Strand. It consists of the farmhouse itself, along with a basement full of surprising and revealing items. It is impossible to enter the farm after the associated quest has been completed since it requires a key, but the key is nowhere to be found. This means that if you want to search the basement, you must do it during the quest itself.

Silk curtains and luxurious bedding make the perfect love nest

Upon entering, it becomes clear that the three inhabitants decorated the farmhouse as a love nest; silk curtains cover all walls and lit candles make for a seductive atmosphere. Next to the entrance, a table holds silverware and wine, including one bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine, two of Tamika's West Weald Wine and four bottles of cheap wine. Three additional bottles of cheap wine can be found near the double bed along with a bowl with five strawberries. Access to the basement can be gained using the basement key carried by Faustina Cartia.

Conditions in the basement are considerably more stark

The basement is spacious and contains three beds you can sleep in. At the foot of the stairs are a table with a sweetroll, a sweetcake and a bunch of grapes. Opposite the table are a set of shelves with middle-class clothing and a sack with clutter. In the northwestern corner, a cupboard with clutter, with ale, mead and the expensive Surilie Brothers Vintage 415 on top, one bottle of each. Another bottle of ale can be found in the opposite corner, along with an onion, a pear and an orange.

The small storage room to the east holds a variety of items stolen from the men lured to Gweden Farm by the Sirens:

  • Ernest:
    • Ernest's Best Shirt
    • Ernest's Fancy Pants
    • Ernest's Shoes
  • Heinrich Oaken-Hull:
    • Heinrich's Pants
    • Heinrich's Shirt
    • Heinrich's Shoes
    • Oaken-Hall Heirloom

  • Pinarus Inventius:
    • Astia's Necklace (Astia Inventius is Pinarus' wife.)
    • Pinarus' Iron Cuirass
    • Pinarus' Prized Minotaur Horn
    • Pinarus' Shirt
  • Unknown:
    • Wedding Gift

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