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Oblivion:Weynon Priory (settlement)

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Weynon Priory
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Console Location Code(s)
WeynonPrioryExterior, WeynonPrioryHouse, WeynonPrioryLodge, WeynonPrioryChapel
Great Forest
South of Chorrol
Weynon Priory

Weynon Priory is a small settlement southeast of Chorrol (quest-related). It is the setting for a part of the main quest; you can initially find Jauffre here. You can get a free horse here when you ask for Assistance from Prior Maborel.

It consists of three buildings: the Lodge, the House, and the Chapel. The house is the main building. Here you can find Brother Jauffre, Prior Maborel, and sometimes Brother Piner. There are three free beds here. The lodge has a small interior where Eronor lives, and is not of much significance. The chapel is typically marble-walled. It is possible to access the roof of the chapel for a great view to the east and south.

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  • Reynald Jemane was raised here after he was found next to the body of his mother by traveling merchants in the wilderness.