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Oblivion: People
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Added by Knights of the Nine
Home City Chorrol
Location Chapel of Stendarr
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level 1 Class Commoner
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Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Respons. 80 Aggress. 5
Essential Always
Faction(s) Nine Divines 0K(Pilgrim Pilgrim); Chorrol Citizen

Kellen is a Redguard commoner added by the Knights of the Nine official plug-in. He can be found at the Chapel of Stendarr in Chorrol, where he is involved in the quest Stendarr's Mercy. He is a descendant of Sir Casimir. Although his ancestor was from Cyrodiil, Kellen seems to have come from Hammerfell to seek the care of those working at the chapel in Chorrol.

Kellen wears a collared shirt, green felt linens and a pair of buckled shoes.


After the completion of his related quest, Kellen begins a rotation of travel between all cities except the Imperial City. He starts his travel to the next city every Morndas, Middas and Fredas and he will stay at the local inn.

He will travel to the following cities, in this order:

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