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OB-qico-Training.png Tread the difficult path to find an expert acrobat to train you further.
Quest Giver: Ganredhel or Tsrava in Cheydinhal or in Leyawiin
Location(s): Aerin's Camp
Reward: Master Acrobatics Training
ID: TrainingAcrobatics
Required Level: Acrobatics skill of 70.
Where's Aerin?

Quick Walkthrough

  1. When your Acrobatics skill reaches 70, speak with Ganredhel in Cheydinhal or Tsrava in Leyawiin.
  2. Once you have the recommendation, head to Aerin's Camp to speak with Aerin.
  3. When you arrive you will find Torbern instead, who agrees to train you.

Detailed Walkthrough

An Acrobat's Test

Once your Acrobatics skill is 70 or higher, speak with either Ganredhel in the city of Cheydinhal or with Tsrava in Leyawiin to learn who can teach you more about Acrobatics. You will be told that Aerin is the only one that can do it and you are sent to find her at her camp. They helpfully mark the location on your map.

A Missing Trainer

Aerin's Camp is in the far northeast corner of Cyrodiil, north of Cheydinhal and east of Bruma. Reaching it can be a challenge. The easiest way to get here is to follow an unmarked road that leads there. Otherwise you will have to traverse some steep slopes.

Although Ganredhel and Tsrava will tell you to find Aerin for master training, Aerin is nowhere to be found. However, you will find Torbern, who agrees to train you in her absence. Unlike most of the master trainers, he doesn't require you to do anything in order to receive training.



Journal Entries

Acrobatics Training (TrainingAcrobatics)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 For further training in Acrobatics, I need to search the mountains in the northeast of Cyrodiil for Aerin's Camp
100 Finishes quest Torbern has agreed to train me in Aerin's absence.

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