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Oblivion:Aerin's Camp

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Aerin's Camp
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Jerall Mountains
Northeast of Kingscrest Cavern, southwest of Dive Rock
Aerin's Camp

Aerin's Camp is a small campsite north of Cheydinhal and Kingscrest Cavern.

Located at the foot of the steep slopes of the Jerall Mountains, Aerin's Camp could be quite a challenge to reach, were it not for an unmarked road connecting the campsite with Cheydinhal down the mountain to the south. Although the camp belongs to a woman named Aerin, a master acrobat, she is nowhere to be found. The camp itself is small and barebones, consisting of nothing but a single tent with a bedroll, a lit campfire, and a stool. Inside the tent are copies of Frontier, Conquest and the Guide to the Imperial City, a decorative planter, and a pair of russet felt shoes sitting next to the bedroll. These things were obviously put there by the camp's only inhabitant, a friendly Nord acrobat named Torbern who has made the camp his own. Here, he lives a lonely existence with regular eating and sleeping times. Additionally, he also happens to be the master trainer in Acrobatics.

A few steps down the unmarked road lies the bandit cave Kingscrest Cavern, and, right next to the entrance, the hollowed rock used by the Camonna Tong Thugs every Fredas for illegal Skooma smuggling. Additionally, just a few feet north of the camp, hidden between two large rocks, lies the dead body of Andre Labouche, an unlucky mountain climber who died while attempting to scale Dive Rock. Due to its snowy location, the camp is not rich in flora, with only two grayish Wormwood plants in close vicinity. The eternal fog surrounding the mountainside makes it hard to see anything from the camp, but a crystal clear day will reveal the impressive mountains of County Cheydinhal to the west and maybe even the rooftop of Lord Rugdumph's Estate to the southwest.




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  • A female Bosmer called Aerin can be found in Morrowind. She also offers Acrobatics training, although her real specialty is Light Armor.