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Shivering:The Fringe

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The Fringe
The Fringe after it has been overrun by the Forces of Order

The Fringe is a large, walled area in the west of The Shivering Isles, on the coast of the Emean Sea. Adventurers entering Sheogorath's realm start in The Fringe, but are not free to explore the Isles at this point, because the only way out is to defeat a gargantuan beast known as The Gatekeeper, or "wait until the blessing of Sheogorath takes root", in other words, go mad.

Places within The Fringe

  Door to Cyrodiil — The gateway that connects the Province of Cyrodiil to the Shivering Isles (quest-related). (map)
  Passwall — A village located inside The Fringe, just west of the Gates of Madness (quest-related). (map)
  Gardens of Flesh and Bone — A large cave located inside The Fringe; initially inaccessible, containing monsters (quest-related). (map)
  Xeddefen — A medium-sized ruin located inside The Fringe containing monsters and Forces of Order (quest-related). (map)
  Gates of Madness — A massive set of doors that serve as the only method of entering the Isles from The Fringe (quest-related). (map)

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