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Shivering:Knight of Order

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Knight of Order
Race Imperial, Altmer Gender Male
Level (?) Class Knight of Order
RefID N/A BaseID
Other Information
Faction(s) BlockDetectionDialogue; Order
A Knight of Order

The Knights of Order are one of the three Forces of Order, the other two being Priest of Order and Jyggalag.

Knights who serve under the command of the Daedric Prince of Order, Jyggalag, are essentially his soldiers in a massive and unyielding army. They are easily discernible, as they are made from a crystal armor that mirrors the Obelisks from which they spawn. The Knights are first encountered during the main quest Baiting the Trap as you are leaving Xedilian. Unfortunately their armor cannot be taken, since it is actually their body. Their swords and hearts can be recovered, however.

Knights of Order are considered to be NPCs so a Black Soul Gem is required to store their souls.


  • If you can somehow make the Knights friendly/passive towards you, and then talk to them, you will find that they speak in a normal, very human voice as opposed to the metallic "grinding" noises that you otherwise hear them "yell" in combat. Their greetings are identical to those of the Priests of Order.
  • After the Shivering Isles Main Quest has been completed, Knights of Order are supposedly banished from the Isles. If you still want to find Knights, there are two places where Knights continue to spawn indefinitely: Brellach and Pinnacle Rock. However, you cannot enter these areas unless you have already started The Helpless Army, and even once you have finished the Main Quest, you can still only enter the fortress that was initially made accessible.
  • A test version of the Knight of Order armor is obtainable on the PC version by visiting the WarehouseArmor test cell, as well as the TestEnchanted test cell. To obtain this test armor through the console, use the code player.additem 0004DBF5 <qty>. The test armor is the only version that is wearable, although it is also the lowest quality.
  • Underneath their armor, the Knights are actually Imperials and Altmer.