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Shivering Isles: Places

This page lists all of the caves in the Shivering Isles.

OB-mapicon-Cave.png Blackroot Lair — A large root cave east of The Fringe containing Grummites. (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Corpserot Passage — A small cave south of The Fringe containing Grummites where the law-breakers of Dementia are sent. (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Dire Warren — A small cave south of the Isle of Flame containing monsters. (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Dunroot Burrow — A very large hive cave southwest of Highcross containing Elytra (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Fetid Grove — A medium-sized root cave on an island north of Split, just south of Overlook Road (quest-related). (map)
The Fountainhead — A large cave underneath Sheogorath's Throne Room; initially sealed shut containing Priests of Order (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Gardens of Flesh and Bone — A large cave located inside The Fringe; initially inaccessible, containing monsters (quest-related). (map)
Greenmote Silo — A small cave under New Sheoth Palace containing Golden Saints (quest-specific). (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Knifepoint Hollow — A medium-sized cave northwest of New Sheoth containing Zealots (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Knotbone Chamber — A very large cave northeast of The Fringe containing a wide variety of monsters (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Knotty Bramble — A medium-sized root cave southeast of the Gates of Madness, just off Pinnacle Road, containing Grummites (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Rotten Den — A large cave south of Fellmoor and west of Xedilian containing Zealots and Undead (quest-related). (map)
OB-mapicon-Cave.png Swampgas Hole — A medium-sized cave in Dementia, south of New Sheoth, containing monsters. (map)


The sizes (small, medium or large) of Ayleid Ruins, Forts, Mines and Caves are related to the number of zones they contain as follows:

  • Small: One zone
  • Medium: Two or three zones
  • Large: Four or more zones