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Shivering:Knifepoint Hollow

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Knifepoint Hollow
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# of Zones 2
(1 boss-level Zealot, 1 boss-level Bones Undead)
Important Treasure
Gadeneri Ralvel's Skull
1 boss-level Chest
1 Hollowed Amber Limb
3 Madness Ore Deposits
Console Location Code(s)
XPKnifepointHollow01, XPKnifepointHollow02new
Northeast of the Hill of Suicides
Knifepoint Hollow

Knifepoint Hollow is a medium-sized cave northwest of New Sheoth containing Zealots (quest-related). It contains two zones: Knifepoint Hollow and Knifepoint Hollow, Chantry.

Related Quests


  • This cave can be entered and all items retrieved without starting the related quest. It is however impossible to access a room in the first zone and to therefore come across Dyus.
  • This cave contains 17 Root Stalk plants and 47 Withering Moon plants.


Key to Maps
Map of Knifepoint Hollow Exterior

Zone 1: Knifepoint Hollow

Map of Knifepoint Hollow

This zone is quite small but presents a few points of interest. As soon as you leave the initial root cave-like part of this level you will encounter a boss-level undead (A). At the end of the main corridor is a locked door, which can only be opened during the related quest; Dyus can be found behind it. Your only way to enter the next zone, Knifepoint Hollow, Chantry, is through door C, since D is blocked by the secret wall at E, which can only be opened from the other side. Before you jump down to reach the door, however, make sure you've looted the chest hidden behind the hunger statue just above.


  • 1 boss-level Bones Undead at location A on map
  • Dyus (non-respawning) at location B on map


Doors and Gates:

Zone 2: Knifepoint Hollow, Chantry

Map of Knifepoint Hollow, Chantry

Similarly to the first zone, this one is quite linear. After avoiding the spore pod at F, make sure to loot the hollowed Amber stump at H. At the nearby intersect, both ways eventually rejoin but heading right means you will avoid two root worm traps in favor of a Madness Ore deposit (M), a locked minor loot chest and, unfortunately, a knocked-over Scalon Statue trap at G and a Cave In trap at I. After the paths rejoin, enter the large eastern room and claim more Madness Ore from the deposit at M.

Once you reach door D, activate the press block (cyan dot on map) nearby to open the metal gate at J, which gives you access to a minor loot chest, a bedroll (b), a small collection of common books and bottles of cheap wine, all guarded by a boss-level Zealot (A). The secret wall at K is opened by using the push-block on the northern side of the room. Inside is Gadeneri Ralvel's skull, placed atop the boss chest at B, along with a restoration Urn. Finally, return to Knifepoint Hollow through door D.


  • 1 boss-level Zealot at location A on map
  • 10 Zealot Enemies (at level 9 or higher, 25% chance Flesh Atronach, otherwise Zealot)



Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors (at D and C) in/out of this zone, both leading to the zone Knifepoint Hollow
  • 1 Metal Gate (Initially closed bar gate) at J
  • 1 Secret Wall at K


  • 1 bedroll at location b on map