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Shivering:Falling Awake

Shivering Isles: Quests: Bliss

SI-qico-General1.png Find a place to sleep for a scared Breton.
Quest Giver: Amiable Fanriene in Bliss
Location(s): Bliss in New Sheoth
Reward: Burst of Might Scroll
ID: SE40
Amiable Fanriene's new resting place doesn't seem to be any better than his former.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Amiable Fanriene in Bliss.
  2. Find Uungor, also somewhere in Bliss.
  3. Convince Uungor to trade beds with Amiable Fanriene.
  4. Return to Amiable Fanriene.

Detailed Walkthrough

Paranoia Insomnia

Wandering the streets of Bliss, in New Sheoth, you will find Amiable Fanriene. Bleary eyed and high strung (although no more than some of the other residents of New Sheoth), his is a tale of the walls--all walls in fact--conspiring against him, with the ultimate goal being his demise. Believing the walls are going to fall on him as soon as he closes his eyes, he asks you to find him a place to sleep with no walls nearby.

Paranoia Schizophrenia

Ask around Bliss for leads. Speak with Fimmion, and he will ask for a sweetroll in exchange for information regarding a sleeping place for Fanriene (there are sweetrolls sold at Common Treasures). Give him a sweetroll and he'll tell you about Uungor, who says he wants to go "away, far." He'll also give you Glass Grapes, Uungor's lucky grapes. Giving these to Uungor will raise his disposition enough for you to be able to convince him to trade sleeping arrangements with Amiable Fanriene. Others in Bliss may simply direct you to Uungor. If you have already met him or know where he's sleeping, you can go directly to him. If your disposition isn't high with Uungor, he will refuse your offer to switch beds with Amiable Fanriene. "Why would someone give up a bed under a roof for a bedroll outside?" he asks. You can bribe him, cast a charm spell or raise his disposition with the speechcraft minigame; either way, afterwards Uungor will agree to switch beds with Amiable. Alternately, you can kill Uungor, although this will count as a crime if you are seen. Return to a pleased Amiable Fanriene to receive your reward, the scroll Burst of Might.

Ironically, Amiable Fanriene's new bed is positioned right next to a wall. However, he doesn't seem to have any qualms about it.

Journal Entries

Falling Awake (SE40)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Amiable Fanriene has asked me to find him some place to sleep outside. I should find someone who sleeps outside and ask for their help in finding a good place to sleep outside.
20 I've been directed to Uungor as a likely candidate to give up his sleeping spot for Amiable.
30 Uungor doesn't trust me enough to agree to switch sleeping accommodations with Amiable Fanriene. I need to to make him more disposed to the idea. Maybe one of the others knows something that will work. (If Uungor's disposition is less than 70, and the player hasn't talked to Fimmion) or
Uungor doesn't trust me enough to agree to switch sleeping accommodations with Amiable Fanriene. I need to to make him more disposed to the idea. (If Uungor's disposition is 70+ and the player has talked to Fimmion, given him a sweetroll, and received the glass grapes)
35 Fimmion gave me Uungor's lucky grapes. I should bring them to him.
40 Uungor has agreed to switch beds with Amiable Fanriene. I should return to Amiable and tell him the good news.
50 Uungor is dead. Amiable Fanriene can now use his bedroll to sleep in. I should go tell Amiable the good news.
200 Finishes quest Amiable Fanriene is grateful that I have found him a safe place to sleep outside. He should be able to get some sleep now.
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