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Shivering:Common Treasures

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Common Treasures
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Proprietor Tilse Areleth
Console Location Code(s)
New Sheoth, Bliss
Common Treasures, Bliss

Common Treasures is a general store located in Bliss, the Manic side of New Sheoth. It is found next to the Amiable Fanriene's house and across the street from Rendil Drarara's house. The store is open every day between 8am and 8pm.

The proprietor, Tilse Areleth, has 1000 gold and a Mercantile skill of 44. She will buy all of your wares and sell clothing, arrows, repair hammers, scrolls, soul gems and food.

The main trading area is on the first floor, and consists of a shop counter and an assortment of her wares. The only items of interest are a decent stock of cheap wine and a variety of ingredients in an open barrel and a basket. little else. Tilse's living quarters are on the second floor and are a rather small and messy room with yet more merchandise, food and drink all over the place. A flawless pearl can be found atop the metal portion of the store's roof.


Citizens in New Sheoth are divided over the merits of Tilse's merchandise, as some will say;

  • "Tilse Areleth has quite a collection of things for sale at Common Treasures", or
  • "I've shopped with Tilse many times."

Others, however, will tell you that;

  • "Common Treasures is full of junk. That's all Tilse Areleth collects" or
  • "A bunch of junk. That's what it is."