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Shivering:Staff of Sheogorath

Shivering Isles: Items: Weapons
Artifact: Staff of Sheogorath ()
(lore page)
Type Staff
Editor ID SE12StaffofSheogorath
Health Health 100
Health Health 100
Weight Weight 10 Value Value 8400
Charge/Cost = Uses 20000/1000 = 20
Staff of Sheogorath

The Staff of Sheogorath "freezes" all characters and creatures within the radius of 75ft for 15 seconds and is functional both inside and outside the Shivering Isles. The Staff's spell will only take effect if an NPC or creature is attacking you, or another creature/NPC. It causes all affected targets to become paralyzed, but in a manner that is different from traditional Paralyze spells; rather than physically paralyzing them, the staff renders all targets unconscious and frozen in place, and no target affected by the staff can be damaged by attacks. You will, however, remain 'in combat' with any creature/NPC that was attacking you. When the spell is activated, Jyggalag's voice yells "Hold", and once the spell has deactivated, Jyggalag's voice yells "Release". Using the Staff is not considered a hostile act.

The staff can be recharged using the Font of Madness. This is one of only two practical methods, given that it requires 20,000 magicka to recharge the Staff (the equivalent of 13 grand Soul Gems). The other method would be to use a Varla Stone.

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  • Using the staff upon any door, container or chair also causes Jyggalag's "Hold" dialogue, however no NPCs or creatures are affected and no corresponding "Release" occurs.
  • Any NPC that was frozen will have his or her eyes closed, even after the release. Additionally, there will be no lip-syncing if you yield and attempt to speak to them.
  • Though the staff is of Daedric origin, it cannot be given to Martin in the quest Blood of the Daedra.
  • The staff affects neither Jyggalag nor the second Gatekeeper.
  • Another curious inconsistency is that while the in-game script states that it is Sheogorath who speaks when using the staff, the voice that is heard is that of Jyggalag.
  • There is a very serious bug associated with this staff. If you use it during the quest Great Gate before entering Oblivion, upon your return you may find everyone that was affected permanently frozen, unable to be interacted with. This may also occur if you use it before entering other Oblivion gates. If you are playing the PC version of the game, selecting a frozen NPC and using the console command tai or kill may unfreeze them. Otherwise, you will have to reload a prior save.