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Shivering:The Fork of Horripilation (item)

Shivering Isles: Items: Weapons
Item: Fork of Horripilation ()
Type Blade; Dagger
Editor ID SE45ForkHorripilation
Damage Damage 2
Damage Damage 2 Health Health 220
Speed 1.4
Speed 1.4 Reach 0.6
Weight Weight 6 Value Value 5
Charge/Cost = Uses 0
Fork of Horripilation

The Fork of Horripilation is a one-handed blade (equivalent to a dagger) found on a table in Longtooth Camp. When wielded it stunts the user's magicka.

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Name Weight Health Value Damage Speed Reach Enchantment
Fork of Horripilation
6.0 220 5 2 1.4 0.6 Fork's Wound (Stunted Magicka)
on Self, not on Strike like all other weapon enchantments in Oblivion