Oblivion: Creatures: Undead
Erandur-Vangaril (RefID: 000C8809)
Location Lost Boy Cavern, Lost Boy's Hidden Bastion
Species Lich Soul Grand
Level 24 Type Undead
RefID 000C8809 BaseID 00064C18
  • 20pts melee, unarmed
  • Leveled Shield spell
  • Leveled Dispel on Target spell
  • Three Leveled Destruction spells
  • Leveled Absorb Health spell
  • Leveled Summon spell
Other Information
Health 15 Magicka 33
Respons. 0 Aggress. 100
Faction(s) LichFaction
The lich Erandur-Vangaril

Erandur-Vangaril is a lich combining the souls of two former members of the Mages Guild: the necromancer Erandur and the spellsword Vangaril.

A Weathered Journal found outside Lost Boy Cavern reveals that Erandur was once a necromancer who, following his expulsion from the Guild, fell under the influence of Mannimarco and eventually became a lich in his service.

Erandur's fate was discovered by his friend Vangaril who tried to engage the assistance of the Mages Guild in an attempt to reverse the process. The appeal failed and Vangaril attempted the task alone.

A series of notes found in the cavern indicate that the rescue attempt failed and that the lich managed to ensnare Vangaril's soul.

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  • You will only be able to fight Erandur-Vangaril if your character is at least level 23 when you first enter Lost Boy's Hidden Bastion. At lower levels, Erandur-Vangaril will appear in Lost Boy Cavern, but you will be unable to interact with him any way. This status is permanent, so even if you later return to the cave after your character has reached level 23, it will remain impossible to fight Erandur-Vangaril.
    prid 000C8809
    setghost 0
    setav aggression 100
  • Since a standard Lich has a health of 15 times the level of the player, it seems Erandur-Vangaril's health of 15 is a bug caused by the failure to tick the "PC Level Offset" box in the CS.