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Lore: História(Redirecionado de Lore:First Era)
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First Century

1E 0 — The Camoran Dynasty is founded by King Eplear.
1E 20 — The Psijic Order first appears in recorded history.
  • The Breton sage and author Voernet writes of his trip to the Isle of Artaeum to meet with Iachesis, the Ritemaster of the Psijics, the counselors of kings and proponents of the "Elder Way," taught to them by the original race that inhabited Tamriel.[3]
1E 68 — The last Nedic "invasion" from Atmora arrives in Tamriel.
  • Two Atmoran ships laden with corpses beg to make port in Tamriel, marking the final wave of large-scale Atmoran migration to the continent.[4]

Second Century

1E 113Harald is born.[nb 1]
1E 140Harald's forces stumble upon and attack Forelhost, the last stronghold of the Dragon Cult.
  • When Harald's army breaches the stronghold, most of the cultists commit suicide by poisoning the stronghold's water supply, which also ends up killing much of the attacking force.[5]
1E 143Harald is crowned High King of the Nords.
  • Harald, the 13th descendent of the legendary Ysgramor's line, relinquishes his ancestral holdings in Atmora, and consolidates Skyrim as an independent kingdom with Windhelm as its capital. He is later recognized as the first historical ruler of the Nords.[6][7]

Third Century

1E 221 — High King Harald dies at the age of 108.
  • With Harald's death, his eldest son Hjalmer becomes the next High King of Skyrim.[6][8]
1E 222 — High King Hjalmer dies.
1E 240 — The Skyrim Conquests occur.
1E 242 — The Alessian Slave Rebellion erupts in Cyrodiil.
  • Alessia, also known as the Slave Queen, leads the predominantly human slaves against the Ayleid Empire, with the help of the Nords and some rebel Ayleid rulers. They eventually conquer all of Cyrodiil.[12][13][14][15]
1E 243 — Taking of the White-Gold Tower.[16]
  • The White-Gold Tower finally falls into the hands of the rebels, marking the end of Ayleid supremacy in Cyrodiil, and the Slave Queen Alessia founds the Alessian Empire. The remaining Ayleids that opposed Alessia seek refuge with Valenwood's Camoran Dynasty and the Direnni in High Rock, while the rebel Ayleid lords who sided with Alessia continue to rule parts of Cyrodiil as vassals of the new Empress Alessia.[15] Some famous human heroes are Morihaus, who leads the attack of White-Gold Tower, and Pelinal Whitestrake, who single-handedly defeats many of the Ayleid kings, including the Ayleids' demigod champion Umaril the Unfeathered.[14]
  • From 1E 243 to 498, the new kingdom of humans, under the rule of Empress Alessia and her descendants, prospers and rules the nearest kingdoms of Colovia. They build a strong national identity as they gradually become more united. The Empress Alessia creates the new religion of the Eight Divines, fusing the pantheons of the Nords and Cyrodiilic tribes, who followed Altmeri deities.[12]
1E 246Daggerfall City is founded.
  • The north half of the Iliac Bay, including the current province of High Rock, is conquered by invading Nords, who bring a rough sort of civilization with them. One of the Nords' first civilized acts is a census - the Book of Life. Listed on page 933 of the book is this entry: "North of the Highest bluffs, south of the moors, west of the hills, and east of the sea is called DAGGERFALL. 110 men, 93 women, 13 children under 8 years of age, 58 cows, 7 bulls, 63 chickens, 11 cocks, 38 hogs live here."[17]
1E 266 — Empress Alessia dies.[18]

Fourth Century

1E 340Valenwood forms a trade treaty with the Alessian Empire.[1]
1E 355 — The rise of Clan Direnni
  • Clan Direnni, the only known High Elven ruling family remaining in human lands, claims power in High Rock through political maneuvering and various machinations.[8]
1E 358 — The Direnni Hegemony occurs.
  • Emperor Ami-El of Cyrodiil lends his forces to Skyrim in a military campaign against the Direnni Hegemony in the Western Reach. Anti-Aldmer sentiments rise as Skyrim loses more and more of Greater Bretony to the Direnni. [8]
1E 361 — The Alessian Doctrines are enforced.
  • The Alessian Order becomes the dominant political factor in the Alessian Empire, and their doctrines are enforced throughout Cyrodiil and northern Tamriel.[15] The doctrines impose the very strict religious teachings of the prophet Marukh, who, after reportedly receiving visions from the ghost of the Slave Queen Alessia, begins to question Elven rule, calling for a suppression of Elven elements within the pantheon of the Eight Divines.[21] The Order enforces strict codes of behavior which preclude most forms of entertainment.[22] The remaining Ayleid lordships, once tolerated by the Alessian Empire, are abolished.[15]
1E 369 — High King Borgas dies.
1E 376 — The traditional Yokudan emperors are overthrown.
  • The traditional tenets of the Yokudan Empire are overthrown, and although each successive emperor remains a figurehead for the empire, his powers are very much reduced. The Redguard people see 300 years of almost continuous civil war between provincial lords, warrior monks, and brigands, all fighting each other for land and power before the appearance of the hero Hunding.[23] [nb 3]
1E 393 — The Alessian Order sacks Malada, an ancient Ayleid temple.[18]

Fifth Century

1E 416 — The Nords are driven out of Morrowind.
  • The united Chimer and Dwemer drive the Nords out of modern-day Morrowind, which was then called Resdayn. Nerevar and Dumac become leaders of the First Council of Resdayn, and it flourishes under their leadership. Peace among the Chimer and the Dwemer brings an unprecedented prosperity to their land.[16][24][nb 2]
  • The Dwemer clan Rourken rebel against this alliance with the Chimer and self-exile themselves. According to legend, "the Rourken chieftain threw his mighty hammer, Volendrung, across Tamriel, promising to lead his clansmer to 'wherever it should fall.'" The land where they would arrive was thus called Volenfell (i.e., Hammerfell).[25]
  • Jurgen Windcaller goes on his "Seven-Year Meditation", culminating in the formation of the Greybeards.[26][16][27][28]
1E 420 — The Skyrim War of Succession ends.
  • The Skyrim War of Succession ends with the Pact of Chieftains. The war resulted in Skyrim losing control of the other provinces in northern Tamriel, and though their borders continue to shift occasionally, they never regain their former stature.[10]
  • Olaf One-Eye is crowned High King of Skyrim.[28]
1E 420 — Clan Rourken settles in Volenfell.[29]
1E 448Rislav Larich is born.[22]
1E 452 — Olaf One-Eye dies.[28]
1E 461 — Coronation of Emperor Gorieus.
1E 470 — Approximate date of the discovery of the Flask of Lillandril.
  • A group of elves living in the port city of Lillandril discover a magical flask with the ability to absorb all magic cast at it.[30]
1E 472Skingrad and Kvatch cease feuding.
  • After decades of skirmishing over common territory, Skingrad and Kvatch reach a peace, presumably due to a royal marriage.[22]
1E 477 — Direnni conquers High Rock.
  • Clan Direnni conquers High Rock and large parts of Skyrim and Hammerfell.[8]
1E 478Kjoric the White dies.
1E 478 — The Colovian Estates, led by Rislav Larich of Skingrad, breaks away from the Alessian Empire.
  • The year also saw a plague sweep through Cyrodiil particularly in the Colovian west.[22]
1E 479 — The Alessian Reform is outlawed in High Rock.
  • Ryain Direnni outlaws the Alessian Reform and puts its major advocates to death. Direnni forces begin to harass the Colovian West, pushing for the Heartland.[22]
1E 480Ysmir Wulfharth takes the throne in Windhelm.[31]
1E 480 — The Direnni push back the Alessians.
1E 482 — The Battle of Glenumbria Moors
1E 498 — Elven power in High Rock is ended.

Sixth Century

1E 500 — The reign of High King Ysmir Wulfharth.
  • The approximate date for the earliest legends of King Wulfharth[27] (he actually first appeared in the history books in 1E 480).
1E 533High King Ysmir Wulfharth dies.[31]

Seventh Century

1E 609 — King Thagore defeats Glenpoint.
  • King Thagore of Daggerfall defeats the army of Glenpoint and becomes the preeminent economic, cultural, and military force in southern High Rock, a position the kingdom has precariously kept ever since.[17]
1E 609Mansel Sesnit becomes Elden Yokeda.
  • Mansel Sesnit comes to the fore as the Elden Yokeda, or military dictator of the Yokudans, and for eight years successfully gains control of nearly the whole empire.[23]
1E 617Mansel Sesnit is assassinated.
  • Sesnit, the military dictator of Yokuda, is assassinated and a commoner, Randic Torn, takes over the government of the Yokudans. He rules for 120 years.[23]
1E 660 — Battle of Dragon Wall
1E 668The War of the First Council; Vvardenfell erupts.
  • The first eruption of Morrowind's gigantic volcano, since known as Red Mountain. Ash spews into the sky and hides the sun for a year. This year is also called Sun's Death or the Year of Winter in Summer.[34][35]

Eighth Century

1E 700Battle of Red Mountain
1E 700 — The Dwemer disappear.
1E 720Frandar Hunding is born.[23]
1E 734Frandar Hunding's father dies.
  • Hunding, 14, loses his father in one of many insurrections, and Hunding is left to support his mother and four brothers.[23]
1E 737 — Emperor Randic Torn dies.
  • Torn, the emperor of Yokuda, dies after 120 years of rule.[23]
1E 760Divad Hunding is born.
1E 776Divad Hunding becomes an Acrobat.
  • Divad Hunding, frustrated by his fathers absence, quits his training at the Hall of the Virtues of War and becomes a circus acrobat (and later a notable bard).[40]
1E 780 — Hunding writes the Books of Circles
  • Frandar Hunding, thinking himself invincible, becomes a hermit retiring to a cave in the mountains of high desert to write his philosophy of the Way of the Sword in the Book of Circles.[23]
1E 792 — Purported destruction of Yokuda.
  • A renegade band of Ansei called the Hiradirge reportedly destroy the land after being defeated in battle.[4]

Ninth Century

1E 800 — Earliest date of Wayrest City
  • It is difficult for historians to declare a certain date for the foundation of Wayrest. A settlement of some variety had been existent where the Bjoulsae River feeds the Iliac Bay, possibly since the 800th year of the First Era. The traders and fishermen of Wayrest were surrounded by hostile parties: the Orc capital of Orsinium had grown like a poison weed to the north, and the Akaviri pirates and raiders crowded the islands to the west. There is no mystery to Wayrest's name. After the fighting most travelers had to endure passing through the eastern end of the Iliac Bay, the little fishing village on the Bjoulsae was a welcome rest.[41]
1E 808Redguards arrive in Hammerfell.
  • A warrior wave of Yokudans, the Ra Gada, drives the beastfolk and Nedic peoples from Volenfell. Over time, the name "Ra Gada" becomes corrupted into "Redguard", and the race claims Hammerfell as their homeland. The beastfolk refugees escape from Hammerfell and join the Orcs at Orsinium.[4]

Tenth Century

1E 946 — Creation of Shinji's Credo
1E 948 — Earliest written reference to Wayrest.
1E 950 — Assault on Orsinium begins.
  • The annihilation of the Orcish capital Orsinium begins thanks to the joint effort of Daggerfall, the new kingdom of Sentinel, and the now extinct Order of Diagna. It took constant effort over 30 years to finally drive out the Orcs.[43][44]
1E 973 — The Memory Stone of Makela Leki is found.
1E 980Orsinium is defeated.
  • The annihilation of the Orcish capital Orsinium by a joint effort of Daggerfall, the new kingdom of Sentinel, and the now extinct Order of the Diagna.[43][44] The scattering of the Orcs from southeastern High Rock made the river route to the Bay more accessible.[41] Over the next several years, with the Bjoulsae River opened, inter-provincial trade flourishes. Within a decade, the village of Wayrest is transformed into a major city.[8]

Eleventh Century

1E 1029High Rock is admitted into the Alessian Empire.
  • After the legions of Empress Hestra deposed King Styriche of Verkarth, Styriche fled west with his infamous Gray Host of vampires and werewolves, pillaging along the way. The Gray Host was halted by the Bangkorai Garrison of High Rock, and Hestra's forces killed the survivors. Impressed by the Bangkorai Garrison's actions, Hestra allowed High Rock to be admitted into the Empire.[46]
1E 1030The Legend of Red Eagle.
1E 1033Alessians take on piracy in Black Marsh.
  • Empress Hestra, fed up with the pirates hiding in the depths of Black Marsh, calls for the head of the most famous brigand, "Red" Bramman, as part of a larger campaign. Their incursion provided some of the first outsider accounts on the true culture of the land of the Argonians.[48]
1E 1085 — Earliest known appearance of Skingrad in records.
  • Though it is likely much older, Skingrad is first mentioned in ancient genealogical records around this time.[49]

Twelfth Century

1E 1100 — The kingdom of Wayrest is founded.
  • Wayrest's rapid expansion following the defeat of Orsinium in 1E 980 culminates the merchant power earning the right to be called a kingdom.[41]
1E 1102 — Warlord Ceyran dies
  • A minor Ayleid warlord rumored to be a devotee of Molag Bal, he is best known for building and losing three separate dominions during his long life. He was killed by an unknown assassin.[50]
1E 1152 — Earliest known appearance of Bravil in records.
  • Though the Ayleids had long settled the Bravil region,[51] and humans presumably settled the area soon after displacing them, Bravil is first mentioned in genealogical records around this time.[49]
1E 1167 — Earliest known appearance of Bruma in records.
  • Though it is likely much older, Bruma is first mentioned in ancient genealogical records around this time.[49]

Fourteenth Century

1E 1301 — Sack of Skywatch

Fifteenth Century

1E 1427Battle of Duncreigh Bridge
  • The battle between Anticlere and the neighbouring hamlet of Sensford. It is celebrated each year by Anticlere with a march down Sensford's main street, usually resulting in many injuries and sometimes brief wars between the towns' knightly orders. The battle ultimately achieves nothing, as both sides continue to boast of their own antique lineage.[33]

The Dragon Break

The longest Dragon Break ever known, sometimes called the Middle Dawn, is said to take place across much of Tamriel for one thousand and eight years.[53] Some scholars think the whole matter was the result of an error in a timeline.[54] It was a "timeless time",[53] and from exactly when to when it occurs is unknown.

Twenty-Third Century

1E 2200 — The Sload release the Thrassian Plague.[21][55]
1E 2260 — The All Flags Navy
  • A massive fleet, comprising ships from every nation of Tamriel, sails against the Sload in retribution for the Thrassian Plague, sinking their kingdom with mighty magics.[56][57]

Twenty-Fourth Century

1E 2321 — The War of Righteousness begins.
1E 2331 — The War of Righteousness ends.
  • After a decade of conflict, the War of Righteousness concludes and the Alessian Order and Empire are dissolved. The Empire's former territories solidify their independence, and its heartland, Cyrodiil, splits into Eastern and Western halves that continue to diverge culturally over the following centuries.[21]

Twenty-Eighth Century

1E 2702 — Wayrest City moves to Gardners Estate.
  • The entire population of the city is forced to move into the walled estate of the Gardners as protection against pirates, Akaviri raiders, and the Thrassian Plague.[41]
1E 2703Akaviri Trouble
1E 2714Valenwood is conquered by the Second Empire.
  • After centuries of unrelenting warfare along the border with Cyrodiil and a plague from Thras, the land of the Bosmer finally falls to the Second Empire.[1]
1E 2762 — Emperor Reman I dies.[58]
1E 2790 — Tjurhane Fyrre is born.
  • The great Ayleid (Wild Elf) sage Tjurhane Fyrre is born.[60]
1E 2794 — Reman II is born.
  • He takes the throne some years later.[58]

Twenty-Ninth Century

1E 2801 — Emperor Kastav takes hostages.
  • Emperor Kastav orders the Dragonguard to seize hostages from Markarth and Hroldan to ensure that the jarls would meet their conscription quotas. This is the latest in a series of such orders, and the official objections of the Master at Sky Haven Temple are denied per usual.[61]
1E 2804 — The Winterhold Rebellion.
  • A rebellion breaks out in Winterhold. The Dragonguard refuses orders to be sent to suppress the revolt, as it violates their Oath of Allegiance.[61]
1E 2805Sky Haven Temple is besieged.
  • An Akaviri commander named Kalion, rejected from the Dragonguard, is sent to suppress the Winterhold Rebellion. The locals soon besiege the Dragonguard's temple in the Reach, as they do not distinguish between Akaviri. The siege is lifted one year later.[61]
1E 2805Reman II takes the throne.
  • He would later begin a war of conquest against Argonia and Morrowind.[62] Some sources claim his accession took place later in 1E 2812.[58]
1E 2811 — The Blackwater War.
1E 2812 — Construction of Alduin's Wall begins.
1E 2813 — Cyrodilic replaces High Elven
  • Across Tamriel, Cyrodilic, the precursor to the modern Tamrielic language, replaces High Elven as the language of all legal documents.[8]
1E 2815 — Reports of dragons persist in Skyrim.
1E 2818 — Construction of Alduin's Wall is completed.
1E 2820Eric of Guis lives amongst the Altmer.
  • The emissary of the Second Empire wrote many vitriolic rants against the denizens of Summerset Isle during his time there. These were later accepted as "reliable" accounts by human scholars of the Third Era.[64]
1E 2837 — The province of Black Marsh is created.
  • The Second Empire succeeds in seizing a large part of the swamplands of Argonia to create the province of Black Marsh. Its provincial status was revoked after the dissolution of the Second Empire.[55]
1E 2840 — The Four-Score War.
1E 2851Reman II dies.
  • According to the inscription on his tomb in Sancre Tor, he dies "in battle against the Dark Elves".[58]
1E 2871Dragonguard slay the dragon Krahjotdaan in the southern Jerall Mountains.[65]
1E 2877Reman III takes the throne.
  • Presumably another emperor or possibly a regent ruled after the death of Reman II, but no information regarding this person exists.[58]
1E 2899 — Empress Tavia is accused of treason and imprisoned in Black Marsh.

Thirtieth Century

1E 2911 — The beginning of the War of the Uvichil.[52]
1E 2917 — The end of the War of the Uvichil.[52]
1E 2920Gilverdale is destroyed by Molag Bal.
1E 2920 — The last year of the First Era.


  • 1.  Several sources conflate Harald's reign with his entire life. The book Frontier, Conquest accredits the years 1E 113 to 221 to him (108 years), and both the Daggerfall Chronicles and 1st Edition Pocket Guide state that he died at the age of 108, meaning that 1E 113 must have been the year of his birth. The 3rd Edition Pocket Guide also states "In the 113th year of the First Era, the entirety of modern Skyrim was under the reign of King Harald", suggesting his birth and reign coincided. A stone etching in Windhelm states that his rule in Windhelm began in 1E 143.
  • 2.  The Daggerfall Chronicles has some differences in its timeline. It refers to Vrage as the youngest son of Hjalmer. In the light of the clear statement in King Edward, Part X, it seems this is a mistake and both were sons of Harald. It also traces the Nords' expulsion from Morrowind and High Rock to 1E 401.
  • 3.  Yokudan dates are usually given in books in "the old way of reckoning". Using information from Destri Melarg's book Divad the Singer, however, any Yokudan date can be translated to its Tamrielic equivalent by subtracting 1636. It should be noted that these dates may not be completely accurate, since Melarg isn't exact in his statement.
  • 4.  There's some suggestion that the events surrounding Gaiden Shinji and the Siege of Orsinium occurred several centuries before the tenth century. A loading screen in Skyrim dates Shinji's Credo back to 1E 490, not 946. The Poison Song, Book I takes place in 1E 675, but treats the Siege of Orsinium as having already occurred.


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