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Lore:Molag Bal

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Molag Bal é o Príncipe Daédrico cuja esfera é a dominação e a escravização dos mortais. Ele é conhecido como o Deus dos Esquemas,[1] o Rei do Estupro,[2] o Ceifador de Almas,[3] o Senhor da Brutalidade[4] e o Príncipe da Fúria.[5] His main desire is to harvest the souls of mortals and to bring them within his sway by spreading seeds of strife and discord in the mortal realms. One legend claims that Molag Bal created the first vampire when he raped a Nedic virgin, who in turn slaughtered a group of nomads.[6] He also made pacts with other mortals and turned them into vampires such as Lord Harkon and his family. Thus it is implied Lord Harkon and his family are the original Volkihar Clan of vampires being directly turned by the Daedric Prince himself.[7] He is a Daedric power of much importance in Morrowind, where he is always the archenemy of Boethiah, the Prince of Plots. Other enemies are Ebonarm, Meridia, and Mephala, and is allied with Azura. His summoning day is Chil'a. In Aldmeris, his name means Fire Stone.

Molag Bal's plane of Oblivion is Coldharbour. The book The Doors of Oblivion says that his plane resembles a copy of Nirn, including the Imperial Palace, but all desecrated and ruined. The ground is sludge, the sky is on fire, and the air is freezing. The Daedroths are typically counted among his servants.

He is the main source of the obstacles to the Dunmer people (and their Chimer predecessors). In the legends, Molag Bal always tries to upset the bloodlines of Houses or otherwise ruin Dunmeri 'purity'. He is also the god of rape and is said to be the parent (along with Vivec) of a population of mutant degenerates living in the Molag Amur region of Morrowind.[8] It is possible he assisted Jagar Tharn in his temporary procurement of the Imperial throne. He was also responsible for the destruction of the Bosmeri town of Gilverdale at the end of the First Era (he was summoned by Senchal King Dro'Zel). In Morrowind, he is seen as one of the four corners of the House of Troubles.

Molag Bal has a son, Ozzozachar, a Daedric Titan. He also has a daughter named Molag Grunda, a Winged Twilight who was in love with the lowly Frost Atronach Nomeg Gwai. Molag Bal did not approve of the relationship and had them both banished to Oblivion, so they could be punished for eternity.


The Mace of Molag Bal

The Mace of Molag Bal, also known as the Vampire's Mace, is a Daedric artifact attributed to Molag Bal, the Lord of Domination and Enslavement. Its enchantment drains the stamina and magicka of its victims and transfers them to the bearer. It also has been known to have the ability to transfer an enemy's strength to its wielder or trap their soul. It has been said to be a good weapon of choice for vanquishing wizards.

Many legends surround the mace, but its origins can be traced back to when Molag Bal deceived an Orcish blacksmith and enslaved him in pits of Coldharbour. The blacksmith was turned into a Soul Shriven and forced to forge the mace.

Due to Molag Bal's penchant for meddling in mortal affairs, he grants the mace to those he deems worthy but has also been quite free with his artifact. Molag Bal assumes that when such a powerful artifact falls into mortal hands, a trail of death and destruction is sure to follow. Some believe the mace to be an object of Daedra worship.

During Molag Bal's attempted Planemeld circa 2E 582, he was witnessed wielding the mace himself. In the events leading up to the Warp in the West, an agent of the Blades received the Mace of Molag Bal in exchange for eliminating a heretic mage. In 3E 427, the mace was also awarded to a supplicant who dispatched a lazy Daedroth minion named Menta Na for not wreaking the havoc and terror he was created for. During the Oblivion Crisis, Molag Bal spread corruption by having the Champion of Cyrodiil incite a local pacifist to murder; again, the mace was given as a reward. In 4E 201, Molag Bal presented the mace to the Last Dragonborn for helping to capture the soul of a priest of Boethiah.


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