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Raça Demigod Gênero Male
Residência Cyrodiil

Morihaus, also known as Morihaus-Breath-of-Kyne[1][2] or the "First Breath of Man", was a demigod[3] and early cultural hero of the Cyro-Nordics. Legend portrays him as the taker of the "Citadel" (the White-Gold Tower), an act of mythic times that established human control over the Nibenay Valley. He is often associated with the thu'um, and therefore with Kyne (or Kynareth to Imperial scholars).[4] He was the consort of Saint Alessia,[5] and wore the Lord's Mail, which is also known as the Armor of Morihaus.[6]

Morihaus was, apparently, a winged man-bull. Several tales speak of the hoop ring he wore in his nose.[1][5] That the "man-bull" Morihaus was the son of Kyne is called a "solid truth", though when Alessia sought guidance from the "Handmaiden" (believed to be Mara), the Slave-Queen intoned, "Morihaus, your son, mighty and snorting, gore-horned, winged, when next he flies down, let him bring us anger". Legend also holds that Alessia flew atop him. He is said to have greeted the arrival of Pelinal Whitestrake with excited stomping and bellowing. When Morihaus was injured by a "volley of bird beaks", Pelinal carried "the bull" to a Nedic healer.[1]

Pelinal loved Morihaus greatly and treated him like family, calling him "nephew". While he was a great leader and fighter like Pelinal, Morihaus never fell to the madness which afflicted the elder warrior. In a rare piece of advice, Pelinal counseled Morihaus against pursuing his love for Alessia, saying, "We are ada, Mor, and change things through love. We must take care lest we beget more monsters on this earth. If you do not desist, she will take to you, and you will transform all Cyrod if you do this." Morihaus rejected the advice as "impossible" to follow. After Pelinal was killed in his battle with Umaril the Unfeathered, Morihaus found his dismembered head, still able to talk, and the two had a conversation largely lost to history.[1]

The Adabal-a, one of the oldest written accounts from the First Era, is traditionally believed to be the memoirs of Morihaus. It includes all or part of Pelinal's final conversation with the "winged-bull". Morihaus chided his "uncle" for going beyond Alessia's counsel and getting himself killed, but predicted the "blood-made-glorious" warrior would come again. Pelinal warned Morihaus that Umaril still lived and would return. Morihaus out-lived his love Paravania, as he called Alessia,[5] who died in 1E 266.[7] When (or if) the demigod died is unknown.


  • Cherim's Heart of Anequina mentions that the famous artist Cherim created a tapestry depicting Morihaus and his army battling the Ayleids at the White-Gold Tower.
  • The Nordic town of Morthal was supposedly named after Morihaus.[8]