Lore:Reman II

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Emperor Reman II
Raça Imperial Gênero Male
Nascimento 1E 2794
Morte 1E 2851
Reinado 1E 2805-
1E 2851
Antecessor Kastav
Sucessor Brazollus Dor
Residência Cyrodiil

Reman II was the third emperor of the Reman Dynasty. Historical records vary on the exact year of his birth.[nb 1] It's believed he was crowned emperor around 1E 2805,[nb 2] following the deposition of his widely disliked predecessor, Emperor Kastav.[1]

Said to be a master tactician, he frequently studied records of the battles he fought. When he conquered new territory for the Empire, he carefully established rule, and avoided causing too much disruption to local customs, traditions, and particularly to established trade. He gathered advisers from each province, and focused on his people more than many emperors ever had. As a result, Imperial culture spread across Tamriel, not through forced assimilation but free will as citizens came to accept and support the Empire by reaping the benefits of free trade, stability, and the development of better infrastructure. For many years peace prevailed across Tamriel, and many attribute his reign as the golden age of the Second Empire.[1]


His first notable achievement as emperor was to negotiate a swift end to the Winterhold Rebellion which began in 1E 2804 under the rule of Kastav. The rebellion was a response to Kastav's policy of forced conscription through hostage-taking, but Reman successfully made peace with the angered Nord locals without further bloodshed.[1][2] During his reign, he also abolished Necromancy and Daedra worship in the Empire.[1]

In 1E 2812 he permitted the construction of Alduin's Wall within Sky Haven Temple. Considered to be a wonder of the ancient world, its purpose was to record the accumulated dragonlore and prophecy that the Dragonguard possessed at the time. He returned to the temple in 1E 2818 to officially dedicate the wall and consecrate the Blood Seal upon its completion.[2][3]

In 1E 2837, after many years of fighting, Reman successfully annexed the unconquered territory of Black Marsh in what became known as the Battle of Argonia, but not without heavy casualties to the Argonian resistance and disease.[4][1] Not content with the conquest of Black Marsh, he launched a campaign to conquer Morrowind in 1E 2840. The conflict, known as the Four-Score War, was long and bloody, dragging on until 1E 2920. Ultimately, the war cost Reman his life and he was killed in battle in 1E 2851 at the age of 57.[1] After his death, he was succeeded by Brazollus Dor.[5]


1.  The year of Reman II's birth - 1E 2794 - is calculated from the year of his death (1E 2851) and age (57 years old) according to the tombstone in Sancre Tor. However these figures conflict with more recent source of Reman II: The Limits of Ambition, making the accuracy of the tombstone questionable.
2.  The exact year of Reman II's crowning is conflicting. His tombstone in Sancre Tor places it at 1E 2812. However, Annals of the Dragonguard and Reman II: The Limits of Ambition place his crowning prior to this, somewhere between 1E 2805 and 1E 2806. Given that the Battle of Argonia (a conflict he initiated as Emperor) occurred in 1E 2811, it is likely the earlier date is correct.