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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region West Weald
Appears in Oblivion
Skingrad's flag, displaying its city crest

Skingrad is a large town located in the West Weald region, to the southwest of the Imperial City, along the Gold Road. The town divides into three districts: the Castle, Hightown, and Chapel, with various gates and bridges connecting each district. The town is further divided in two parts: the north wall encompasses the business district and the guild halls, while the southern half holds homes and the Great Chapel of Julianos, where citizens and travelers can pray for healing. Outside of town is the castle of Janus Hassildor, count of Skingrad and wizard, who is reportedly a vampire, a fact known to and kept as a secret by the Mages Guild. The town is particularly famous for its wines, tomatoes, and cheeses, which contributes to its overall prosperity. Famous wine makers in Cyrodiil such as the Surilie brothers and Tamika reside here.

Rislav Larich was a King of Skingrad in ancient times.[1] Born in 1E 448 to Queen Lynada, who died shortly after giving birth, and King Mhorus of Skingrad, Rislav had three older brothers and four older sisters. In 472, the skirmishing between Skingrad and Kvatch ended, apparently due to the marriage of Prince Rislav and Belene, the daughter of King Justinius of Kvatch. A plague in 1E 478 took the lives of the royal family in Skingrad, sparing the lives of Rislav and his older brother Dorald, who was a priest of Marukh living in the Imperial City. Dorald returned to Skingrad and took the throne, his first edict being to give over the kingdom to the Empire. This prompted a battle between Dorald and Rislav, in which Rislav slew Dorald and became the new King of Skingrad. After withdrawing the offer of Skingrad to the Empire, Skingrad faced the Alessian army in their conquest in many battles, defeating them finally after joining forces with Kvatch and The Kings of the Colovian West to end the Alessian hegemony. King Rislav's glory is currently showcased as a romanticized statue in Hightown.

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