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Type Realm
Sub-regions See Planes of Oblivion
Appears in Battlespire, Redguard, Oblivion, Shivering Isles, Oblivion Mobile, Skyrim, ESO

Oblivion is the realm of the Daedra, and is often associated with tales of Hellspawn and most forms of destruction (especially fire).[citação necessária] While it is often likened to Hell, the home of demons,[citação necessária] this comparison is only accurate for the planes of the Daedric Princes known for destruction, such as Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal, as the Daedra are not actually demons, only sentient beings who do the bidding (often destructive) of their respective masters. The term demon likely stems from the word daimon, itself merely an alternate rendition of the term Daedra.[1]

There are sixteen major Planes of Oblivion, each ruled over by one of the Daedric Princes,[2] and over 37,000 other planes, including chaos realms and pocket realities.[3] The realms of the Daedric Princes can be very extensive; Molag Bal's plane, Coldharbour, is described as being a post-apocalyptic replica of all of Nirn, and Hermaeus Mora's, Apocrypha, is a library infinite in size. Each Prince's plane may have a more specific name, such as Moonshadow for Azura's and Quagmire for Vaermina's. Each plane is supposedly very different in appearance, depending upon the nature of the Prince who rules it. They can range from beautiful to desolate; some may not even resemble worlds as we think of them, containing nothing but dust and smoke, or changing constantly.

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