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Ebonarm, the God of War

Reymon Ebonarm (also called Ebonarm or the Black Knight) is the God of War and the companion and protector of all warriors. He is said to ride a golden stallion named War Master. His ebony sword is fused to his right arm as a result of the wounds he suffered in the titanic battles of the past, and he is never seen without his ebony armor. He is described as bearded, tall and muscular, and as having flowing reddish blonde hair and steel blue eyes. Emblazoned on his tower shield is the symbol of a red rose, a flower known for blooming on battlefields where he appears. According to legend, he appears on the field of battle to reconcile opposing sides and prevent bloodshed.

Ehlnofey, the Earth Bones

Os Ehlnofey, as vezes chamados de Ossos da Terra, da Era da Alvorada são um grupo de et'Ada que, juntos das Hist, decidiram não abandonar Mundus e, ao invés disso, trabalharam para mantê-lo viável. Eles permaneceram no reino mortal e o popularam, tornando-se os progenitores das raças modernas. Muitos seguiram o exemplo de Y'ffre e se sacrificaram para formar as leis da natureza. Foi descoberto que esses "Ossos da Terra" podem ser manipulados até certo ponto, talvez por conta do vínculo deles com a própria terra, "Velha Ehlnofey" tornou-se outro nome para Aldmeris, a terra mítica do elfos. Seu idioma, ou idiomas, ficou conhecido como Ehlnofex.

Eight Divines

The original pantheon of Divines under the Alessian Empire, consisting of Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Mara, Stendarr, and Zenithar. Worship of the Eight Divines was introduced by Alessia at the start of the First Era. It was a carefully designed compromise between the Aldmeri deities that the humans of Cyrodiil were accustomed to worshipping and the deities of Alessia's Nordic allies. Following the deification of Tiber Septim, Talos was added to the pantheon and they became the Nine Divines. In the second century of the Fourth Era, the White-Gold Concordat between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion forbade worship of Talos, which contributed to the Stormcloak Rebellion. Anyone caught worshipping Talos was taken prisoner by the Thalmor Justiciars for punishment. Because of this, the pantheon of the Eight Divines returned to prominence.


Ephen, also called S'ephen, was stepson of King Kronin of Ebonheart. His brother King Cruethys inherited the throne, followed by King Moraelyn. Ephen himself could not inherit the throne, as he was not a member of the Ra'athim clan. Moraelyn started a temple cult dedicated to him and worshipped him as a god. Moraelyn left the Staff of Chaos under his guardianship.