Lore: People: H
Empress Hestra
Raça Unknown Gênero Female
Nascimento 1st Era
Residência Cyrodiil

Empress Hestra ruled in Tamriel during the First Era,[1] circa 1029. She expanded the Empire, adding Colovia and all of High Rock in 1029 when she defeated King Styriche, the Vampire of Verkarth.[2][3][4]

During her reign, pirates and brigands used the swampland of Black Marsh as a base for launching attacks on merchants off the southeastern coast of Tamriel. She instigated an aggressive anti-piracy campaign in 1E 1033 that eventually led to the capture of the most infamous pirate, "Red" Bramman.[1] Hestra is also known to have improved the road system of her empire during her reign, a policy continued by the Reman emperors in later years.[5] Around the same time as the anti-piracy campaign, Hestra's forces worked to bring the Reach under their heel. While many of the various kings in the region surrendered, holdout rebel forces still inflicted heavy losses.[6][7]

A powerful class of runestone was apparently named after the empress. "Hestra" stones are found in Cyrodiil, and grant the person who activates them a piece of armor and a weapon for a short period of time. Another class are named after Reman, and one theory is that the stones were devised and placed by the rulers whose names they bear. Another theory is that the stones were created much earlier and only moved into position by later rulers.[5] In addition to being associated with these runestones, Hestra has at least one famous enchanted item associated with her - a Gown of State reputed to be able to repel inimical spells, stave off fatigue and enable levitation at will.[8]


  • "Herda" is accredited with improving relations with the Colovian West.[9]
  • Her soul bound to the Amulet of Kings, Hestra witnessed the Dragon Break caused by the Alessian Order and afterwards reported that Cyrodiil became an "Empire across the stars".[10]
  • After her conquering of High Rock, Empress Hestra made the nobles of House Montclair barons, a position they maintained for many years.