Oblivion:Leveled Item Quests

Oblivion: Quests

There are various quests which are rewarded with Leveled Items, it is worth avoiding these until at a higher level, so for quick reference these quests (along with their rewards) are listed below.

Quest Reward(s) Strongest at Quest Giver Quest Line Received from
Accidents Happen Sufferthorn 30+ Vicente Valtieri Dark Brotherhood Vicente Valtieri
Arcane University Access Robe of the Apprentice 10+ Adrienne Berene, Carahil, Dagail,
Falcar, Jeanne Frasoric,
Kud-Ei or Teekeeus
Mages Guild Raminus Polus
The Assassinated Man Cruelty's Heart 30+ Vicente Valtieri Dark Brotherhood Vicente Valtieri
Bad Medicine The Deceiver's Finery 30+ Ocheeva Dark Brotherhood Ocheeva
The Battle for Castle Kvatch Kvatch Cuirass 25+ Savlian Matius Main Quest Savlian Matius
Blood of the Divines Amulet of the Ansei
Mishaxhi's Cleaver
Valdemar's Shield
15-19 ††
Brother Martin Main Quest Undead Blade Rielus
Undead Blade Casnar
Undead Blade Alain
Undead Blade Valdemar
The Bloodworm Helm Bloodworm Helm 25+ Hannibal Traven Mages Guild Corpse of Irlav Jarol
A Brotherhood Betrayed Phylactery of Litheness 25+ Carius Runellius None Erline Lirrian
A Brush with Death Apron of Adroitness 25+ Tivela Lythandas None Rythe Lythandas
The Ghost Ship of Anvil Redwave 1+ ± Varulae None Varulae
Honor Thy Mother Blade of Woe 30+ Finishing Following a Lead Dark Brotherhood The Night Mother
Information Gathering Amulet of Interrogation 5-9 †† Modryn Oreyn Fighters Guild Modryn Oreyn
The Killing Field Chillrend 25+ Valus Odiil None Valus Odiil
Lifting the Vale Ring of the Vipereye 25+ Countess Narina Carvain None Countess Narina Carvain
The Lonely Wanderer Shadowhunt 30+ Ocheeva Dark Brotherhood Ocheeva
The Necromancer's Amulet Necromancer's Amulet 1+ ± Hannibal Traven Mages Guild Caranya
Mystery at Harlun's Watch Mind and Body Ring 10-19 †† Burz gro-Khash Fighters Guild Drarana Thelis
The Order of the Virtuous Blood Ring of Sunfire 25+ Ralsa Norvalo None Roland Jenseric
Paradise Mankar Camoran's Robe
Mankar Camoran's Staff
18+ Brother Martin Main Quest Mankar Camoran
The Renegade Shadowscale Boots of Bloody Bounding 30+ Teinaava Dark Brotherhood Teinaava
Secrets of the Ayleids Ayleid Crown of Lindai
Ayleid Crown of Nenalata
Staff of Nenalata
25+ Umbacano The Collector Lindai
Sins of the Father Escutcheon of Chorrol 25+ Fathis Ules Separated at Birth Laythe Wavrick
The Siren's Deception Witsplinter 25+ Gogan or Maelona None Faustina Cartia
Ulterior Motives Spelldrinker Amulet 30+ Raminus Polus Mages Guild Raminus Polus
A Mage's Staff Mage's Staff 15+ Raminus Polus Mages Guild Raminus Polus
An Unexpected Voyage Blackwater Blade 25+ Sleeping in The Bloated Float Inn None Selene
Unfriendly Competition Debaser
Weatherward Circlet
25+ Jensine None Agarmir
Vahtacen's Secret Robe of the Conjurer 25+ Raminus Polus Mages Guild Raminus Polus
A Watery Grave Black Band 30+ Vicente Valtieri Dark Brotherhood Vicente Valtieri
The Wayward Knight Knights of the Thorn Medallion
Staff of Indarys
25+ Cheydinhal City Guard Main Quest Farwil Indarys
Count Andel Indarys
Count Andel Indarys
When the Vow Breaks Rockshatter 25+ Maeva the Buxom None Bjalfi the Contemptible
Whom Gods Annoy Ring of Eidolon's Edge 25+ Rosentia Gallenus None Rosentia Gallenus
  • † These Items must be turned in to complete the quest.
  • †† These items are leveled in an odd manner, making the best version an intermediate leveled version. In addition, it is impossible to get both the best Amulet of Interrogation and the best Mind and Body Ring, due to the timing of the quests and the improper way that the items are leveled.
  • ± These items are not leveled correctly. The Necromancer's Amulet is leveled off of Caranya, who is always level 30. Thus the player will always get the best version. Although Redwave is a leveled item, all versions are identical.