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About me

The name's SerCenKing, but just call me SerC. The name is sentimental as Sercen was the first dungeon I cleared out. I'm Italian but I've spoken English since I was 2 years old, so I'm completely bilingual.

At the moment university commitments mean that my wiki contributions have been reduced almost to zero.

Quotes about me

  • Just go away & leave the editors to do their work, troll - Anarchangel I absolutely loved this one

Wiki History

I don't remember exactly how I got to the wiki. My best guess to this point is that I was looking for info on the Scheduled for Execution quest on Google and found a link here. That was around May 2008. For the next two months I browsed the wiki, finding it a great place for any info I needed. At the beginning of July I decided it was time to pay back the wiki for all it had helped me with; with my newly created SercenKing account I logged on for 30 minutes on July 3rd. It was enough display in a very obvious way my newbie-ness! I first switched the order of the Theives Guild quests related to Anvil Castle by the logic that The Ultimate Heist was the last one. So far, so good. But then I threw myself into a series of astonishing edits to The Drunken Dragon Inn. I was trying to add the info about an Imperial Guard soldier being there but didn't quite get the right location. I first managed to edit it in the location table and then in the /description page. The latter was reverted by Rpeh who tried to gently tell me what a noob I was and also welcomed me. After this traumatic experience I quit the wiki for two months (also due to holidays) to then return on 9th of September to find I had forgotten my password... Damn! And so.. poof! I rolled up a new user: Sercen King! (notice the space between the words). Except for two small edits on the now-dead Roleplying/Dark Knight page I didn't do much. Twenty days later I came back and... you've guessed it! I had forgotten my password again. Or actually, I forgot where I put the capitals, spaces and numbers, not the actual word. So it was time for the definitive user SerCenKing, a mix of the previous two. I started my (third) editing carrier by adding an overlooked NPC to the Necromancy page. And it is on the same day that Game Lord welcomed me. I am now torn between considering Rpeh or Game Lord as my welcomer (...who cares anyway XD) and whether my anniversary date is 3rd July or 29th September. I've decided for the latter and although I did only one edit that day, I have gone a good way ahead until now, and I hope to get better and better.

Contributions to the cause

  • I've revamped all of the Stores and Inns in Cyrodiil. All now have a standard layout, info on the vendor, on unique items and about the building in general.
  • Re-wrote all the articles of Necromancer and Mages Guild-affiliated NPCs, which were my first two mini-projects in the massive ONPCRP. Aside from writing and checking pages, I also try to help Rpeh keep up with the huge flow of pages needing images.
  • A bunch-load of Patrolling Recent Changes.
  • Various grammar checks and clean up for random articles.

Current Projects

  • One of the few active contributors to the OPRP Project. Apart from SI, my current work is on Ayleid ruins, as can be seen here.
  • One of the many active contributors to the ONPCRP Project :P Again, mostly focusing on SI at the moment.
  • Playing through the Morrowind and its expansions; and I mean play: finish all the quests, go through every dungeon, get every item etc.
  • Playing through Tamriel Rebuilt and Kvatch Rebuilt, so I can hopefully contribute to any pages

If anyone wants to join and help me out with any of my projects, feel free to leave a message on my talk page.

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