Oblivion Mod:Stirk

Oblivion Mod
Home Page Tamriel Rebuilt
Download mod/mods/22401 TES Nexus
Setting Stirk, west of Anvil
Contacts rpeh (unofficial)
SerCenKing (unofficial)

Stirk was originally part of a project by the Tamriel Rebuilt (TR) team to redesign the whole of Hammerfell using the Oblivion engine. Due to a desire to concentrate on implementing the province of Morrowind on Morrowind's engine (see Tamriel Rebuilt), a decision was taken in December 2009 to remove the Oblivion effort from TR and let it run on its own. The only TR release on the Oblivion engine is the island of Stirk (a small island west of Cyrodiil).

Gameplay Information

  • Items — New items added.
  • Quests — A Guide to all major and minor quests.
  • Starting Out — A list of hints to help you get started with the new island.

World Information

  • Creatures — A list of the new creatures to kill and maim.
  • Factions — A guide to the old and new factions.
  • Maps — A collection of maps that detail additional areas.
  • Places — A guide to new locations found in Stirk.
  • Services — A list of the services of new trainers and merchants.
  • People — A list of all people added by the expansion.
  • Transport — A list of the modes of transport.

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