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Hi, I'm Enodoc and I live in Britain. Some of you may know me from The Fable Wiki.

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Projects and Other Links

ESO Update 6 Leftovers

ESO Update 7/8/9 Updates

ESO Other Projects

  • Quest and Location Experience
    • Update to Quest Header (XP Gain → type not value, at least for scaled quests)
  • Craglorn Story Quests and Side Quests
  • Story Quests reverse pointers ("Alternate Story Pointers")
  • Place Summary
  • Summary tidy-up
    • Look through Striking Locales, Crafting Sites and Group Bosses for non-conforming Styles and change those to Landmarks
    • Check for Ships and Buildings - those are the only cross-purpose Style/Building types that I want to use
    • Consider changing the "Lighthouse" style to "Beacon"; secondarily, consider adding a Lighthouse building type
    • Need to Find: Pages with categories defined at the bottom (move to addtrail)
    • Need to Find: Pages (not Buildings, not Services, not Dolmens) which do not use addtrail
    • Need to Fix: addabove entries using the non-breaking space nbsp;
  • (To categorize buildings in a settlement with its own map, use "city")
  • "Stores" redirects → "Stalls" category to separate them from Store buildings (most of which have icons) ???
  • Dye Stations: If connected to a store, redirect to store (eg, Belkarth, Wayrest); if separate, separate page (eg Evermore, Shornhelm)
  • Maps (some are still unidentified)

Contraband Tags

Children's Toys
Dishes and Cookware
Dry Goods
Fishing Supplies
Grooming Items
Magic Curiosities
Medical Supplies
Musical Instruments
Ritual Objects
Scrivener Supplies
Smithing Equipment
Trifles and Ornaments
Wall Decor
Wardrobe Accessories

Missing ESO Images

Unidentified Maps

Zeht's Water Cave
The Mangroves
Secret Tunnel
Everfull Flagon (where is the map of?)
Library of Dusk second map
Wamasu Cave
Crypt of Tarish-Zi (int) (Tombs of the Na-Totambu?)
Crypt of Tarish-Zi (ext) (another one)
Frost Monarch Lair (Elemental Army quest?)
Gladiator Assembly
Reinhold's Retreat (somewhere in the Missing Guardian quest)
Scaled Court Laboratory
Skyreach Temple (in Dawn of the Exalted Viper)
Storm Lair (Elemental Army quest?)
Thalia's Retreat (possibly Zalgaz's Den?)
Well of Lost Souls
Desolation's End
Dessicated Cave
Hollow Lair
Shadowscale Enclave
Apocrypha's Gate
Charred Ridge

ESO Lore Consistency


Just thought I'd throw together a couple of lore inconsistencies I noticed with ESO (if anyone wants to comment, feel free to leave a message).

  • ESO takes place 1000 years before Skyrim. This puts it at around 2E530.
    • Faliensti has stopped moving. But Falinesti doesn't root until during the 3rd Era (around 3E420), and this is for the first time. Scrap that one. That was just the article writer's addition, not an official lore concept.
    • The Aldmeri Dominion isn't formed until 2E830, so why does it exist in 2E530? I've been thinking about this one. See below for a reasonable reinterpretation of PG 1st Ed.

  • ESO's start date confirmed as four years after 2E579 and ten years after 2E572 (well done, ZeniMax, you can't count) so this puts it at 2E583 or 2E582. [1]
    • Regarding Aldmeri Dominion, above; Pocket Guide, 1st Edition, states The Aldmeri Dominion is a relatively recent creation. Formerly divided into the two realms of the Summerset Isles and Valenwood, the Aldmeri Dominion has its origins in CE830, when the heirs of the Camoran Dynasty began to fight over the Valenwood throne.
    • ¥R's annotation, regarding The Aldmeri Dominion is a relatively recent creation says of this pamphlet, this regime, this lunacy. Instead of it's initial interpretation of eg. "The Empire created the concept of the Aldmeri Dominion as a means to belittle the Aldmer", consider instead "The Dominion was around already. The Empire only noticed it recently because of the Camoran Dynasty civil wars". Thereby the Dominion could have existed in the shadows since ca. 2E579.
    • There is now an official stance on this: [2] (it's reasonable)
      • Over time, there have been several federations in southwestern Tamriel known as the Aldmeri Dominion. None lasted very long, and due to the insular nature of the High Elves, their histories are poorly understood in Cyrodiil and the other provinces. The Aldmeri Dominion founded by Queen Ayrenn in 2E 582 is the First Dominion; the federation founded in 2E 830 is the Second Dominion; while the Elven empire of the Fourth Era (as seen in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) is the Third Dominion – or possibly the Fourth. (It’s a matter of some debate among historians of Elven affairs.)


  • Prior to 2E896, the climate of Cyrodiil was tropical. Following Tiber Septim's conquering of Tamriel, he changes the climate of Cyrodiil to temperate. Hence before 2E896, and therefore during ESO, Cyrodiil's climate should be tropical.
    • I queried this on some forum or other somewhere, and was presented by another fan an acceptable retcon for how this could explain Cyrodiil being temperate before it was made so (if they are indeed taking the basic Cyrodiil from Oblivion).
    • In order to change Cyrodiil, Tiber Septim attained/received/achieved/activated/lesrned/(etc) CHIM, and used the Thu'um. CHIM I believe means 'change', and is directly related to the concept of the Tower. (I'm not going into what CHIM is, or how it works, because I don't understand it. Someone else can if they want to.)
      • From Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3, CHIM. Those who know it can reshape the land. Witness the home of the Red King Once Jungled.
      • From The Many-Headed Talos (Imperial Library), You have suffered for me to win this throne, and I see how you hate jungle. Let me show you the power of Talos Stormcrown, born of the North, where my breath is long winter. I breathe now, in royalty, and reshape this land which is mine. I do this for you, Red Legions, for I love you.
    • The reton is thus: because CHIM is involved, the climate of Cyrodiil is changed for all time; changed in the past as well as in the future. Therefore Cyrodiil can be temperate even before the time when it was made so. (Such things can no doubt occur when the Dragon breaks.)
    • There is now an official stance on this: [3] (I don't like it)
      • Based on current Tamriel lore, Cyrodiil is not a jungle in The Elder Scrolls Online. To quote the scholar Phrastus of Elinhir: "The use of the phrase 'endless jungle' to describe Cyrodiil appears to be an error in transcription. Close study of the original, badly faded manuscript reveals that the phrase was miscopied, and should be more accurately rendered as 'extensive uplands.' The adjectives 'an equatorial rain' as applied to the Nibenay forest do not appear in the original manuscript at all, and I would posit were added by the scribe in support of his previous erroneous use of 'jungle.' Lady Cinnabar of Taneth, of course, takes issue with this exegesis, but the flaws in her methods of scholarship have been well-documented elsewhere."
    • For them to make this retcon work with established lore, Cyrodiil needs to have more forested regions in ESO than it did in Oblivion. Then there is some sort of jungle for Tiber Septim to get rid of later. Foresting, say, the Colovian Highlands (their "extensive highlands") and Nibenay Basin (where you get more rainfall) regions could get around that.
      • If they say jungle was better translated as highlands, maybe there could be more highlands that Tiber Septim will remove later. That means though that the two counts mentioning jungle (MDC3 and MHT) are also not accurate.
    • There is an update to the official stance: [4] (it's better than the last one)
      • Cyrodiil, at the time of TESO, was supposed to be a large jungle zone, Talos having later changed the climate. Instead, Cyrodiil will look like it does in Oblivion, and there’s a book in the game explaining why. You’ll have to explore Cyrodiil to find the answer!
      • I hope The Heartland of Cyrodiil isn't the book they're referring to (although it probably is). It's exactly the same as the "transcription" retcon above. This then doesn't explain what climate there is for Talos to change.
    • There's a new one [did this one come with Craglorn?]; they're messing with us now
      • Subtropical Cyrodiil: A Speculation. Notably this book is in direct opposition to The Heartland of Cyrodiil (as their authors seem to have a long-standing feud with each other).
      • This is an interesting one, and closest to what I believe is the reasonable truth. It still doesn't directly explain why Cyrodiil is not tropical now (ESO time), which it should be for Talos to change it later. But it may explain why it is not tropical later and may not have been temperate earlier. I have my own speculation on that (below).
      • White-Gold Tower (an echo of Adamant-ur-Tower, the causal nexus of linear time) responded to Man's new dominance of said Tower (and reception of its Stone) following the overthrowing of the Ayleids, and altered the local flow of time, thereby setting in motion the changing of the climate (SCAS suggests it was gradual, not immediate). Talos achieving Chim and becoming the new owner of the Tower and Stone finalised the temporal flux which began with the Alessian rebellion, fixing that which was and would be into a temperate climate. The temporal flux means it may have been perceived to be either temperate or tropical between Alessia and Talos, due to it being both at once, while it was definitely one before, and definitely the other after.


  • They have said in AuA Variety Pack 4 that We have new lore books (by the scad) and old favorites from previous TES games – including both volumes of “The Lusty Argonian Maid.”. This is not possible, as it wasn't written for another 600 years.
    • They've retconned it into being a story which "has its origins in a long line of tales told by traveling bards, each with a slightly different title and premise".
  • The book ON:Exegesis of Merid-Nunda mentions the work of Herminia Cinna (Ayleid scholar), but she isn't around for another 600 years either. Herminia Cinna's own book ON:The Last King of the Ayleids is also here.
    • They'll probably retcon it into being two different people.
  • There's a bunch more books that turn up in ESO that by common understanding were considered to be written later than 2E583. This has led to a fan theory that basically states books from the future have started randomly falling out of the sky due to the Planemeld mucking up the linearity of time.
    • A really bad example is ON:When the Dragon Broke, which specifically mentions Numidium in Rimmen (end of the Second Era) and the Warp in the West.
    • Maybe it's all because of this: Gandranen Ruins - Tales say that Gandranen was built by an Ayleid sorcerer, a worshiper of Hermaeus Mora who so loved books that she created a series of magical halls that would attract books from across Tamriel, no matter where—or when—hey were published.


  • The interactive map shows a number of regions crossing provincial borders. That's fair enough; they can put their regions wherever they want. As long as it works. Adding here so that I remember to check that it works.
    • Eastmarch and The Rift extend all the way to the eastern coast, therefore out of Skyrim and into Morrowind. They need to make sure they haven't completely forgotten about the Velothi Mountains, and that east of the mountains there should be Morrowind landscapes. Blacklight should be present within the northeast area of the Eastmarch region.
      • These regions don't go all the way to the coast, so there is a bit of scope for the Morrowind strip to be there. But the amalgamation of all the maps for the regions means that it still doesn't fit. (See Tamriel Foundry map.)
      • This map shows that the regions do work within their own context, but there is still a discrepancy between the position of Windhelm and the relative positions of where Winterhold (north-north-west, which would be in the sea on this map) and Blacklight (east, also in the sea) are supposed to be. Windhelm should be one bay further to the left. Solstheim is also too far to the west on this map.
    • Where did Bleakrock Isle come from? There's never been an island in the mouth of the Inner Sea before.
      • A poorly-thought-out retcon for the Windhelm/Blacklight/Bleakrock map discrepancy: Blacklight is actually further southeast than we thought it was. Instead of being directly east of Windhelm, it's actually directly west of Gnisis, on the headland south of Bleakrock.
    • Fun fact: the most recent version of the map has removed the part of Morrowind that The Rift and Eastmarch were covering.
    • What the in-game map should be for Eastmarch/The Rift/Velothi/Vvardenfell:
      User-Enodoc-ESO Eastmarch and Velothi.jpg

ESO Quests

Quest Colours

Quests are coloured based on their recommended level relative to yours. *Changes with Craglorn

  • Grey 6 or more levels below
  • Green 3 or more levels below
  • Yellow
  • Orange 4 or more levels above
  • Red 8 or more levels above

Do these colours mean anything in terms of gameplay? Perhaps a lesser/greater reward upon completion?

  • It seems not, but rewards are comparatively lesser since they are absolute, not relative.

Alliance Story Flow

  • Now that the Starter Islands are optional, their quests and mobs have been buffed from Lvls 2-4 to Lvls 4-6, and the first quests and mobs in Tier 1 have been nerfed from Lvls 5-7 to Lvls 3-5. This leads to an implication that the first Tier 1 quests (lvl 3) should be done before the Starter Island quests (lvl 4), so we will need to check whether the story across the zones makes sense if you do that (and that doing so is not bugged). In the long run though, our quest listings should keep quests in the correct order by story, rather than the order implied by level.
    • The NPC who gives the Starter Island quests is positioned right outside the house where you wake up. This makes those the "first" quests you come across, and therefore maintains order by initial presence.
    • It is unlikely that you will be "led" to the Starter Islands if you do complete some Tier 1 first, as the critical path between quests in Tier 1 is already set, so it'll have to be a conscious choice to go to the docks and start those quests if they are not given directly by the Prophet on leaving Coldharbour (which would be a better system).

Objectives that logically should be part of the story (because the story directs you right past it, or it is otherwise very story-relevant), but technically are not because the pointer quests don't end there.


  • Hallin's Stand (Bangkorai)
    • Pointed through by Striking Back.
    • Is story-relevant as it's an Alliance city that requires reclaiming from the Legion (cf. Satakalaam, Evermore, Arenthia).
    • Complete Hallin's Stand before Bangkorai Garrison, and after Bangkorai Garrison without starting Striking Back.

  • Deepwoods (Malabal Tor)
    • Inferred by House and Home.
    • Is story-relevant, as it involves the Green Lady's background.
    • Is not pointed through. May set precendent for introducing other non-pointed quests to the story chains.
  • Valeguard (Malabal Tor)
    • Is not pointed through. May set precendent for introducing other non-pointed quests to the story chains.


  • Alten Corimont (Shadowfen)
    • Is story-relevant as it involves clearing the town of Dominion (the town is used later), and Vicecanon Servyna is in it.
    • Is not pointed through. May set precendent for introducing other non-pointed quests to the story chains.
  • Zuuk (Shadowfen)
    • Is story-relevant as it leads to a Loriasel Keystone.
    • Is not pointed through. May set precendent for introducing other non-pointed quests to the story chains.
    • See if it is pointed from if you do it early.
  • White Rose Prison (Shadowfen)
    • Is story-relevant as it leads to a Loriasel Keystone.
    • Is not pointed through. May set precendent for introducing other non-pointed quests to the story chains.
    • See if it is pointed from if you do it early.
  • Murkwater (Shadowfen)
    • Is story-relevant as it leads to a Loriasel Keystone.
    • Is not pointed through. May set precendent for introducing other non-pointed quests to the story chains.
  • Hissmir (Shadowfen)
    • Is pointed to from Murkwater, so if that's in, so is this.
    • Is not pointed through by the story. May set precendent for introducing other non-pointed quests to the story chains.
    • See if it is pointed from if you do it after Murkwater.
  • Cradlecrush (Eastmarch)
    • It's Cadwell-critical, but is not pointed to. Lieutenant Koruni seems like she would start this quest after Morvunskar, considering how much dialogue she has about it, but instead only gives you Victory at Morvunskar. She should either give two quests, or only a Cradlecrush one, with Victory at Morvunskar used only if Cradlecrush is already completed, and a pointer to Fort Amol coming after Cradlecrush otherwise.
    • The quests are not story-relevant, and should not even be Cadwell-critical.

Disabled Quests

This is a (probably incomplete) list of currently disabled quests, the patch in which they were disabled, and the patch notes that go with it. (Feel free to add if I miss any.)

  • New in Town Auridon (1.0.1) Malareth has been run out of Vulkhel Guard for the time being, but she vows to return at a later date.
  • The Hollow City Coldharbour (Hotfix) [The quest itself isn't disabled, but the gold reward is. This is likely an attempt to prevent bots from farming the quest hand-in.]

New Quests

Quests that are added in patches, and the patch they came with.

  • Bounty Quests AvA (1.2.3) New Daily Quests have been added for killing enemy classes. These can be found at the bounty boards.
  • Crafting Writs Misc (1.5.2) You can now undertake certification to learn the basics of the various tradeskills, as well as to unlock Crafting Writ quests from your respective alliances.
  • Dungeon Pledges Guild (1.5.2) The Undaunted have established Enclaves near the capitals of each alliance. They invite adventurers to join them in the spoils of dungeon conquest.

Craglorn Quests

Reassessment: http://forgebreaker.net/full-craglorn-questing-guide/; http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/134353/craglorn-daily-quest-listy
  • Quests with the "Yokudan Box" reward are dailies, according to Dulfy
  • Quests associated with "Location Objectives" are dailies (at least the five in Lower Craglorn), according to patch notes 1.1.4
  • The five Celestial Investigator objectives are not related to the five other achievements

→ seemed to be related but actually aren't

The Celestial Threat Story Quests

Celestial Investigator
Serpents and Secrets

Lower Craglorn Side Quests

Location Objectives (Dailies)
Don't Knows

Upper Craglorn Side Quests

Location Objectives (Dailies)
Other Dailies
Don't Knows

Trials Quests

ESO Alliance Colours

Faded D8E7F5 F6F6C9 F5DBD8 DAF5D6 E5DAEB F2E3D5
Light (BG) AFD3F5 F3E191 F5A49B BCF5B3 BEB4C1 E8D4C3
Bright 62AEF5 F3D655 F57162 76F562 B691C1 E8BC97
Dark (FG) 628CA8 B8A646 D25A4B 73C466 9B87A1 BD9A7D

ESO Places

ESO Zone Divisions

ESO Zones, Subzones, Districts, and Other Areas
Not including all POIs, because they're obvious.
Subzones are named by the data files. Also the name of the Dolmen that appears in them. In-game, Subzone names also appear in the Group Finder.
Main City in each Zone appears to be its own Subzone.
Unmarked Locations
Unmarked locations within zones are currently given the type that they most logically conform to (eg, Newgate is a Gate, Cave of Sorrows is a Cave).

DC: Glenumbra

Daggerfall Trade District
Daggerfall Castle Town
Daggerfall Harbor District
Castle Daggerfall
Daggerfall Wayshrine (Within Daggerfall but also discoverable)
Daggerfall Southern Docks (separate discoverable location)
Ancient Ritual Site (near Vale of the Guardians, visited in the Champion of the Guardians quest)
Farwatch Tower (no POI marker, don't think it's name appears on-screen either)
Cambray Hills
Eagle's Brook Dock (in Eagle's Brook)
Lion Guard Siege Camp (near Camlorn)
North Hag Fen
South Hag Fen
The border for these is an east-west line which roughly runs along the water channel which connects the two bridges
King's Guard
Lady Laurent's Excavation (outside Tomb of Lost Kings)

DC: Stormhaven

Wayrest itself doesn't have a map-marker
Wayrest Residential District
Wayrest Market Square (Wayrest Merchant District)
Wayrest Temple District
Wayrest Palace District
Wayrest Mages District
Wayrest Banking District
Wayrest Wayshrine
Wayrest Docks
Dreughside (a district of Wayrest outside the walls, with its own map-marker)
Newgate (the gate to Rivenspire near Alcaire Castle)

DC: Rivenspire

Shornhelm doesn't have districts
Eyebright Feld
Oldgate (north end of the pass to Stormhaven)
Westmark Moor
Cave of Sorrows (near the Strange Sapling east of Hoarfrost Downs)

DC: Alik'r

Sentinel doesn't have districts
Goat's Head Oasis (West of Bergama and near the Myrkwasa Dolmen)
Hollow Wastes

DC: Bangkorai

Arlimahera's Grip
Fallen Wastes
The Gates of Craglorn

AD: Auridon

Vulkhel Guard

AD: Grahtwood

Elden Root
Altmer Embassy (not a named district; this is the building there though)
Ground Floor: Elden Root Wayshrine
Upper Floor: Elden Root Services
Mages Guild: Elden Root Mages Guild
Fighters Guild: Elden Root Fighters Guild
Throne Room: Elden Root Throne Room
Long Coast
Molemir's Estate
Green Hall
Tarlain Heights

AD: Greenshade

Wilderking Court (The Court)
Drowned Coast
Longhaven (village north of Shademist Moors)
Green's Mallow

AD: Malabal Tor

Valyn Harbor
Broken Coast
Xylo River Basin
Silvenar Vale

AD: Reaper's March

North(ern) Woods

EP: Stonefalls

Davon's Watch
Daen Seeth

EP: Deshaan

Mournhold Royal Bazaar
Mournhold Banking District
Mournhold Residential District
Mournhold Plaza of the Gods
Mournhold Guild Plaza
Redolent Loam

EP: Shadowfen

Reticulated Spine
Venomous Fens

EP: Eastmarch

Giant's Run
Icewind Peaks
Hfirorg Farm (near the dolmen)
Frostwater Tundra

EP: The Rift

Stony Basin
Ragged Hills
Smokefrost Peaks


Are these Dolmens also area names? Yes, but there are many other area names as well.

Aldmeri Territory Areas
The Great Forest (northwest of Roebeck, south of Ash)
Western Rise (south of Chorrol, north of Brindle)
Greenmead (southeast of Brindle)
Southern Woodlands (south of Vlastarus, northwest of Black Boot)
North Weald (west of Faregyl, south [mainly] of Roebeck)
Southwestern Shore (north of Roebeck)
Bloody Grasslands (southwest of Alessia, northeast of Faregyl)
Northern Niben Valley (south of Alessia)
Southern Niben Valley (north and east of Bloodmayne)
Colovian Lowlands (west of Bloodmayne, east of Black Boot)
Bloodmayne Grounds
Black Boot Grounds
Roebeck Grounds
Alessia Grounds
Faregyl Grounds
Brindle Grounds
Daggerfall Territory Areas
Colovian Crags (outside Gate of Alma Ruma)
Chorrol Outskirts (around Chorrol)
Lonely Hills (east of Chorrol, south of Glademist)
Glademist Fields (southwest of Glademist)
Amber Woodland (northwest of Glademist)
Twilight Woods (north of Glademist)
Autumn Range (between Glademist and Aleswell)
Western Shore (east of Ash)
Applewatch Wood (north of Aleswell, southwest of Dragonclaw)
Northwestern Shore (south of Aleswell)
Northern Shore (southeast of Aleswell)
Sercen Hills (east of Aleswell, around Bleakers)
Anga Valley (north of Chalman)
Winter's Reach (north of Horunn, west of Winter)
Evergreen Crags (east of Dragonclaw)
Bruma Outskirts (around Bruma)
Jerall Steps (west of Dragonclaw)
Warden Highlands (southeast of Warden)
Echo Cliffs (northeast of Warden)
Rayles Grounds
Warden Grounds
Ash Grounds
Glademist Grounds
Aleswell Grounds
Dragonclaw Grounds
Ebonheart Territory Areas
Frost Fields (east of Winter Gate)
Horunn Pass (west of Kingscrest)
Broke Pick Ravine (south of Kingscrest)
White Fall Valley (north of Farragut)
Summer's Pasture (east of Chalman, north of Blue Road)
Cheydinhal Foothills (south of Cheydinhal)
Northeastern Shore (south of Chalman)
Eastern Shore (west of Blue Road)
Southeastern Shore (south of Sejanus)
Sejanus Hunting Grounds (around Sejanus, south of Blue Road)
Mist Morrow Vale (north of Drakelowe)
Northern Niben Basin (west of Drakelowe)
Southern Niben Basin (southwest of Drakelowe)
Farragut Grounds
Blue Road Grounds
Drakelowe Grounds
Chalman Grounds
Kingscrest Grounds
Arrius Grounds
Legion Milegates
Chorrol Milegate
Odiil Milegate
Ash Milegate
Chalman Milegate
Horunn Milegate
Winter Gate
Alessia Bridge
Culotte Bridge
Niben Bridge
Unmarked Locations
Carmala Outlook [AD] (northeast of Hackdirt)
Refugee Camp [AD] (northwest of Brindle)
Green Leaf Glade [AD] (lake to the WSW of Nickel)
Virtue Outlook [AD] (on the shore north of Roebeck)
Pell's Gate [AD] (south of Homestead Ruins)
Vlastarus Towers [AD] (west of Vlastarus)
Mist Mirror Refuge [AD] (lake northwest of Black Boot)
Blessed Water [AD] (lake west of Black Boot, south of Abbey of the Eight)
Clearwater Camp [AD] (southwest of Bloodmayne at the head of the creek)
Anutwyll [AD] (north of the northwest corner of Bravil)
Beriel's Lament [AD] (east of Bloodmayne)
Variela's Watchtower [AD] (west of Lunar Fang Docks)
Gottlesfont Priory [AD] (just northeast of Brindle)
Vindasel [AD] (northwest of Roebeck) not on the Unmarked Locations map
Green Lake [DC] (Southern end of Colovian Crags)
Caractacus [DC] (Southeast of Aleswell, west end of Northern Shore)
Bleaker's Way [DC] (north of Bleaker's Outpost)
Applewatch [DC] (northern end of Applewatch Wood)
Rielle [DC] (southwest of Cloud Ruler Temple)
Sancre Tor [DC] (north of The Mage)
Shadowed Path Tower [DC] (south of Rayles Mine)
Horunn Outlook [EP] (east of Horunn Milegate)
Lake Arrius [EP] (east of Arrius)
Thorn Lodge [EP] (northwest of Cheydinhal)
Kemen [EP] (south of Farragut)
Scinia Ruins [EP] (far to the east of Cheydinhal)
Urasek Ruins [EP] (just south of the city bridge)
Imperial Outpost [EP] (just north of Blue Road Farm)
Magia Ruins [EP] (southwest of Blue Road)
Vaermina's Shrine [EP] (just east of the lake in Mist Morrow Vale)
Arvina Estate [EP] (south side of the lake in Mist Morrow Vale)
Mist Morrow Tower [EP] (just north of Nornal)
Agrippa Mento's House [EP] (east of Alessia across the river)
Timberscar Hollow [EP] (just southeast of Cropsford)
Crown Point [EP] (just southwest of Cropsford)
Abandoned Homestead [EP] (just northeast of Niben Bridge)
  • Need to split the Artifact Gates from the Scroll Temples as having them on the same page is unnecessary. Gate pages will have details on location, mention of the fact they are a chokepoint and buffer zone, details of which keeps need to be taken to open them, and images. Temple pages will have details of the scroll that is there, a bit about the nearby area (which shares the same name) including location of the skyshard, the name of the Protector, the books that are there, and the tutorial quest that goes there.


Fist of Stone
Shrouded Plain
Black Garrison


These are places that we'll lose if we're not careful, because they don't have a zone.
Main quest places in Coldharbour are Strongholds.
Places that exist without of Nirn are Realms.
Other places within Nirn are currently given the type that they most logically conform to, like Unmarked Locations.
For extra classification, these places are "zone"d by quest type, eg zone=Main Quest, zone=Mages Guild, with a #switch on the "Zone" label in {{Online Place Summary}} that changes to "Quest Chain". "Quest Chain" is also used #ifeq:type|Realm as well, to stop Realms from being put in Zones (a nomenclature technicality).
Mages Guild Questline
Cheesemonger's Hollow
Glade of the Divines
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter
Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent
Fighters Guild Questline
Ragnthar (in the Tier 4 zones but only accessible during Proving the Deed)
Halls of Submission (Coldharbour Stronghold)
The Earth Forge
Main Quest
The Wailing Prison (Coldharbour Stronghold)
The Harborage (in the Tier 1 zones)
The Foundry of Woe (Coldharbour Stronghold)
The Worm's Retreat (Dungeon in VG/DF/DW)
Castle of the Worm (Coldharbour Stronghold)
Halls of Torment (Coldharbour Stronghold)
The Valley of Blades (in the Hammerfell mountains)
Sancre Tor (in Cyrodiil)
Stirk (Stirk is mapped as an Ayleid ruin)
Heart's Grief (Coldharbour Stronghold)
Daggerfall Covenant Storyline
Many places are part of a zone location (like Lorkrata Ruins is part of Lorkrata Hills), these should be redirects; this is just those odd ones where you are teleported somewhere else
Emeric's Dream, Godrun's Dream (place); both redirect to Quagmire, forget having a Quagmire page at all, both are still technically Stormhaven places
Ash'abah Pass (somewhere in Alik'r probably)
Nchu Duabthar Threshold (somewhere in Bangkorai)
The Far Shores (Bangkorai), somewhere in Aetherius
Aldmeri Dominion Storyline
Silatar; an island estate in Summerset (Greenshade quest chain)
Abecean Sea; accessed from Seaside Sanctuary (Greenshade)
Isles of Torment; a pocket place of Coldharbour, accessed from Moonhenge (Greenshade)
The Demi-Plane of Jode, Den of Lorkhaj; both accessible from Two Moons Path, Reaper's March
Political Status of "Alliance Neutral" Zones
Coldharbour: All three alliances have agreed to the Guild-led invasion, meaning none have a claim to the territory, and all alliance members can be encountered there.
Cyrodiil: Disputed territory
Forts are Alliance-controlled, everywhere else could be considered part of a "Cyrodiil faction" (not Imperial though).
Only the Imperial Camps are Legion-controlled.
The bridges and milegates would technically be Legion-controlled, but since they are not guarded, they can be defaulted to the Cyrodiil faction.
Imperial City will need further investigation. Are there any Legion-controlled elements? What is the default status of the districts? Where are the safe-zones? Can I use this icon at all? ON-icon-Imperial.png
Craglorn: Nominally in Covenant territory (they have been petitioning the Covenant for aid), but the Covenant don't seem to be interested. The Star-Gazers are searching for aid across all alliances.
Murkmire: Nominally in Pact territory (Saxhleel tribes from here joined the Pact), but what makes this zone neutral? Will the storyline be more important than the politics, like in Craglorn? Or will this be a Pact-focused zone?
Wrothgar: Nominally in Covenant territory (as Kurog joined the Covenant), but does the distrust from the Orcs who follow Malacath actually render this zone neutral overall? Will this content be introduced as Neutral to all alliances, or will there be a bias to the Covenant side of things?

Future Zones Map

Here is a map of the known regions in ESO, and some areas that could potentially become new zones and adventure zones.

ESO Bosses

Naming standards for consistency.

  • Pip Level 1: Solo boss or "Elite"
  • Pip Level 2: Group boss, "World boss" (in world) or "Mini boss" (in dungeons)
  • Pip Level 3: Dungeon boss or "Champion"

ESO Datamining

ZOS_GinaBruno: Datamining information isn't illegal or against the TOS, but please understand that anything datamined isn't final and is subject to change.

Not that this is an endorsement to actually do it, but since we do it anyway for our information, I thought I'd add here some things I found while digging in the data files that aren't used yet, but may reasonably appear in the future. Only things that look "finished" are here, no partially-created stuff.


Type Description Name
ON-icon-mount-Green Narsis Guar.png Green Narsis Guar The robust Green Narsis is the standard mount and dray-beast of central Morrowind. Nipper
ON-icon-mount-Skeletal Bear.png Skeletal Bear A re-animated Skeletal Bear makes a fearsome mount, and is a favorite of northern Tamriel's necromancers. Barebones
ON-icon-mount-Skeletal Guar.png Skeletal Guar The naked, grisly smile on the broad skull of the Skeletal Guar mount may be enough to send lesser opponents fleeting in terror when you ride into battle on its creaking, bony frame. The Worm Cult, of course, will just be jealous. Grinly
ON-icon-mount-Skeletal Horse.png Skeletal Horse Behold the Skeletal Horse! Mortal races are not the only creatures that can be re-animated by necromancers. The best part: no need to muck out the stable. Calamity
ON-icon-mount-Skeletal Senche.png Skeletal Senche The Skeletal Senche may be the most fearsome of all feline mounts. Expertly re-animated, even in undead form it retains all the lithe strength it possessed in life. Kittybones


Type Description Name
ON-icon-pet-Blackwood Monkey.png Blackwood Monkey This busy little buddy is sometimes mistaken for an imgakin monkey. Flinger
ON-icon-pet-Frisky Scrib.png Frisky Scrib This lambent little larva loves crawling alongside valorous adventurers! Larvie
ON-icon-pet-Grey Dog.png (Unnamed grey hound-dog)
Freckled Guar Known in Deshaan as loyal pals, the Freckled is the most intelligent breed of guar. S'wit
ON-icon-pet-Purple Daggerback.png Purple Daggerback The glowing purple daggerback boar is found only in Craglorn in the vicinity of the Spellscar, from which it seems to have absorbed some sort of magical aura. Pricklypear
ON-icon-pet-Senchal Striped Cat.png Senchal Striped Cat The Senchal Striped is a cat that is as cunning as it is elegant. It's both cursed at and admired for its ability to get into places it doesn't belong. Sangiin
ON-icon-pet-Necrom Ghostgazer Cat.png Necrom Ghostgazer Cat The Necrom Ghostgazer is the favored feline companion of Telvanni wizards. They not only keep the skeevers down, but they can "see" intruding demons and spirits. Phantom
48px Bal Foyen Nix-Hound Who says a giant, aggressive, blood-sucking insect can't make a loveable pet? Not the Dark Elves of Bal Foyen, who breed them as trackers, watch-hounds, and netch-deflaters. Skeeter
ON-icon-pet-Ninendava Sacred Goat.png Ninendava Sacred Goat The goats that come from the ruin of Ninendava in Cyrodiil are no mere domestic livestock. They have long been used in certain forbidden Daedric rituals—and have even been known to lead mortals through those arcane rites. Hircine
48px Pale Velothi Guar Should probably be a mount
This stalwart mount comes from the ashlands downwind of the volcanoes of the Velothi Mountains, and is well adapted to surviving under the harshest of conditions.



Future Content

In connection with Molemir's Estate in Grahtwood:

  • The one in Deshaan may be called Sysa's Estate
  • The one in Alik'r may be called Zibadan's Estate
    • This one has been removed from the Alik'r Desert map in 2.1
  • There are related notes, diaries and journals referring to the "Twilight Lodge" and the "Violet Lodge", as well as "The Whispered Ball"
  • This particular group of Nocturnal cultists we're looking for call themselves the Violet Lodge.
  • And finally, you'll be inducted into the Violet Lodge at the great altar of Nocturnal herself.
  • Yes, it's the big recruitment party for the Violet Lodge. It's held at Headman Cosh's manor in Abah's Landing. We'll need each one of our members to contribute their talents on that mission. But first, I have a special mission just for you.

Implications: Molemir's Estate is connected to the "Lodge", an organization of Nocturnal worshippers. Nocturnal is also patron of the Thieves Guild. Lodge recruitment takes place at Abah's Landing. Therefore Abah's Landing is part of the Thieves Guild questline, and the Lodge is the primary antagonist of that line.

Update: Keeping solely for posterity. Thieves Guild on PTS makes no mention of the Violet Lodge; seems that it was scrapped, much like the original Imperial City design. A casualty of B2P?


Dyus of Mytheria
So he's the chamberlain of Jyggalag. But what/where is Mytheria? My opinion - Mytheria is the name of Jyggalag's realm of Oblivion (or at least it was, before it became the Shivering Isles).
Does time pass linearly and concurrently in Oblivion, since Akatosh exists within Mundus? I would like to say that it is linear but not concurrent, as I would expect the Daedra to somehow regulate their own 'time'. Then the only instances when time is concurrent are when Oblivion and Mundus are connected [by Oblivion Gates, the Mouth, Dark Anchors] (otherwise logic doesn't work). Without concurrent time, a day in Tamriel could correspond to a century in the Shivering Isles, or a minute. Or indeed both or either, depending on the whim of Sheogorath.
The Tower
Is there a more mystical connection between The Tower and The Tower? It is said that the Tower is embodied by the fourth constellation; is that just representative, or is there more there?
How/Why are the constellations numbered? So far, I have
  1. Warrior
  2. Mage
  3. Thief
  4. Tower
The Wheel
If Mundus is the hub, Aetherius is the spokes, and Oblivion is the spaces, what is the rim? Vehk doesn't answer that question, he just goes into crazy stuff about giving birth to souls. Or is it that the rim is Aetherius, and the spokes are the Divines, acting as the bridge between Mundus and Aetherius?
How can there be eight spokes, but sixteen spaces?
ESO's PGE-Equivalent
The Improved Emperor's Guide to Tamriel (TIL)

Tamriel Regional Divisions

See also: #ESO Zone Divisions
  • Continent (Tamriel)
    • Provinces
    • Morrowind
      • Districts [Political](there's six)
      • Regions [Geographical](may be contained within Political Districts, may not be; Vvardenfell has nine)
    • Skyrim
      • Holds [Skyrim, Political and Geographical](there's nine)
    • Cyrodiil
      • Regions [Special](Colovia and Nibenay; Special because they are a collection of Counties and not a separate level of their own)
      • Counties [Political](there's eight, no idea if they cover the whole province together, but they are subdivisions of the above regions, but still themselves at "regional" level, ie above Settlements)
      • Regions [Geographical](there's ten, they have reasonably 'soft' edges, and do not fit neatly into the Colovia/Nibenay regions like the Counties do)
    • Elsweyr
      • States [Special/Political](Anequina and Pellitine; Special because between the creation and dissolution of the Confederacy, they did not exist, meaning other political and geographical subdivisions of Elsweyr are likely)
      • Unknown [Geographical]
    • Hammerfell and High Rock
      • Regions [Political](Pre-Warp, numerous city-states called variously kingdoms, counties, baronies, duchies, marches, fiefdoms and territories; Post-Warp, considerably less counties; political status beyond the Iliac Bay area is not known)
      • Unknown [Geographical](Wrothgarian, Dragontail and Alik'r are potential candidates)
    • Summerset
      • Islands [Special](Summerset Isle, Auridon, Artaeum; It's unknown whether the islands are further subdivided into political or geographic regions)
      • Unknown [Political]
      • Unknown [Geographical]
    • Valenwood and Argonia
      • Unknown [Political]
      • Unknown [Geographical]
    • Territories (For anything that's not part of a Province as we know it; at times includes Solstheim, Orsinium, Balfiera, and others)
      • Regions
        • Settlements
          • Districts (of a city)
The Imperial Reserve [Cyrodiil] is printed on the map in the same font style as the counties
Moridunon [Summerset] is mentioned in the descriptions of Artaeum; it may be a region name (or something else entirely)