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Dragonborn(Redirecionado de Dragonborn:Places)
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The island of Solstheim

The Dragonborn expansion adds several new places, mostly located on the island of Solstheim. For an overview of all the icons used for places on the map, see Maps.

Apocrypha — Hermaeus Mora's plane of Oblivion.
SR-mapicon-Temple of Miraak.png Temple of Miraak — A location in Solstheim dedicated to the dragon priest it is named after, Miraak. (map)

SR-mapicon-Standing Stones.png All-Maker Stones

SR-mapicon-Standing Stones.png Beast Stone — An All-Maker stone located west of Thirsk Mead Hall. (map)
SR-mapicon-Standing Stones.png Earth Stone — An All-Maker stone located southwest of Raven Rock. (map)
SR-mapicon-Standing Stones.png Sun Stone — An All-Maker stone located north of Tel Mithryn. (map)
SR-mapicon-Standing Stones.png Water Stone — An All-Maker stone along Solstheim's western coast, due north-northwest of Bloodskal Barrow. (map)
SR-mapicon-Standing Stones.png Wind Stone — An All-Maker stone located north-northeast of the Temple of Miraak. (map)


SR-mapicon-Raven Rock.png Raven Rock — A city located along the southwestern coast of Solstheim. (map)

Towns and Settlements

SR-mapicon-Town.png Skaal Village — A small village in northeastern Solstheim that is home to the Skaal tribe. (map)
SR-mapicon-Telvanni Tower.png Tel Mithryn — A Telvanni tower in southeastern Solstheim, located east of Fort Frostmoth and south of the Sun Stone. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Thirsk Mead Hall — A mead hall located south of Skaal Village. (map)

SR-mapicon-Camp.png Camps

SR-mapicon-Camp.png Bujold's Retreat — A camp of Nords exiled from Thirsk Mead Hall by rieklings. (map)
SR-mapicon-Camp.png Haknir's Shoal — A small camp in northeastern Solstheim, on a sandbank due northwest of Skaal Village. (map)
SR-mapicon-Camp.png Last Vigil — A small outcropping in the Velothi Mountains east of Shor's Stone. (map)

SR-mapicon-Cave.png Caves

SR-mapicon-Cave.png Benkongerike — An icy cave southeast of Saering's Watch and northwest of Headwaters of Harstrad containing bristlebacks and rieklings. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Bristleback Cave — An icy cave due northwest of Broken Tusk Mine, along the western coast, containing bristlebacks and rieklings. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Castle Karstaag Caverns — An ice cave on the north-northwestern coast of Solstheim, inhabited by rieklings. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Castle Karstaag Ruins — An icy clearing outside of Castle Karstaag Caverns. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Coldcinder Cave — A cave with two entrances via a grate in the Bulwark Jail and a trapdoor atop the cliff just southeast of Raven Rock, near the top of the Bulwark. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Frossel — A small cave north of Skaal Village. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Frostmoon Crag — A spacious overhang of rock inhabited by werewolves. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Glacial Cave — An icy cave home to rieklings and horkers. (map)
SR-mapicon-Cave.png Hrothmund's Barrow — A small uninhabited cavern located west-southwest of Benkongerike. (map)

SR-mapicon-Clearing.png Clearings

SR-mapicon-Clearing.png Headwaters of Harstrad — The source of the Harstrad River. (map)

SR-mapicon-Docks.png Docks

SR-mapicon-Docks.png Northshore Landing — A small abandoned dock inhabited by mudcrabs. (map)

SR-mapicon-Dragon Lair.png Dragon Lairs

SR-mapicon-Dragon Lair.png Saering's Watch — A dragon lair located north of Hrothmund's Barrow in the shadow of Frykte Peak, inhabited by leveled draugr as well as a dragon post-Dragon Rising. (map)

SR-mapicon-Dwemer.png Dwarven Ruins

SR-mapicon-Dwemer.png Fahlbtharz — A large Dwarven ruin located east of the Water Stone. (map)
SR-mapicon-Dwemer.png Kagrumez — A relatively small Dwarven ruin south of the Temple of Miraak. (map)
SR-mapicon-Dwemer.png Nchardak — A largely sunken Dwarven ruin located north-northeast of Tel Mithryn. (map)

SR-mapicon-Farm.png Farms

SR-mapicon-Farm.png Old Attius Farm — An old abandoned Imperial farm on the outskirts of Raven Rock. (map)

SR-mapicon-Fort.png Forts

SR-mapicon-Fort.png Ashfallow Citadel — An old Imperial fort, currently being used as a base of operations by the Morag Tong. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Fort Frostmoth — A small fortress located southeast of Raven Rock and northeast of Old Attius Farm. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png Highpoint Tower — A ruined fort in the Ash Wastes northeast of Raven Rock and west of Tel Mithryn. (map)

SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Landmarks

SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Altar of Thrond — A landmark due west of the Temple of Miraak adjacent to a cave inhabited by hagravens. (map)
SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Brodir Grove — A small circle of stones due northwest of Highpoint Tower, with a reaver camp in the middle. (map)
SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Frykte Peak — One of the highest points in Solstheim, near Saering's Watch. (map)
SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Horker Island — A large island to the east of Solstheim. (map)
SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Hvitkald Peak‎ — A mountain on Solstheim, located just west of the Abandoned Lodge. (map)
SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Mortrag Peak — One of the highest points in Solstheim, located south of Castle Karstaag Ruins. (map)
SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Mount Moesring — One of the highest points in Solstheim, south of Moesring Pass. (map)
SR-mapicon-Landmark.png Stalhrim Source — A sunken hole in the ground, appearing similar to an entrance to some Nordic ruins. (map)

SR-mapicon-Mine.png Mines

SR-mapicon-Mine.png Broken Tusk Mine — A small heart stone mine between Bristleback Cave and Stalhrim Source, home to a group of rieklings. (map)
SR-mapicon-Mine.png Damphall Mine — A large, partially flooded iron and silver mine containing reavers, located north of Bloodskal Barrow. (map)
Raven Rock Mine — A mine located in the settlement of Raven Rock. (map)

SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Nordic Ruins

SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Bloodskal Barrow — A small Nordic ruined barrow inhabited by reavers. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Gyldenhul Barrow — A small Nordic ruin containing the spirit and treasure of Haknir Death-Brand. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Kolbjorn Barrow — A Nordic ruin southeast of Raven Rock containing draugr. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png Vahlok's Tomb — A Nordic ruin located south of Skaal Village. (map)
SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png White Ridge Barrow — A medium-sized Nordic ruin located in the northern part of Solstheim inhabited by bandits and spiders. (map)

SR-mapicon-Pass.png Passes

SR-mapicon-Pass.png Moesring Pass — A mountain pass due northwest of the Temple of Miraak, inhabited by rieklings guarding the nearby Strange Vessel. (map)

SR-mapicon-Nordic Dwelling.png Ruins

SR-mapicon-Nordic Dwelling.png Snowclad Ruins — A small outdoor ruin guarded by werebears, located northwest of the Temple of Miraak and southeast of Hrothmund's Barrow. (map)

SR-mapicon-Shack.png Shacks

SR-mapicon-Shack.png Abandoned Lodge — An old, unused hunting lodge located northeast of Bloodskal Barrow and southwest of Frostmoon Crag. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Hrodulf's House — An abandoned shack located southwest of Fort Frostmoth and southeast of Old Attius Farm. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Ramshackle Trading Post — An old, run-down trading post. (map)

SR-mapicon-Shipwreck.png Ships and Shipwrecks

Northern Maiden — A ship initially docked at the Windhelm docks. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shipwreck.png Wreck of the Strident Squall‎ — A shipwreck on the southern coast of Solstheim. (map)

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  • Upon arrival at the docks of Raven Rock in Solstheim, you will be able to fast travel between Skyrim and Solstheim freely.


One achievement is related to places:

  • 30px Solstheim Explorer (20 points/Bronze) — Discover 30 locations on the island of Solstheim