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Mirabelle Ervine
(RefID: )
Home City Winterhold
Location College of Winterhold
Hall of Attainment
Race Breton Gender Female
Level PC×1 (range=10-50) Class Fire/Frost/Shock Mage
RefID BaseID
Other Information
Health 150+(PC-1)×8.3
Magicka 250+(PC-1)×6.7
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Conjuration
Perks Augmented Flames (rank 1); Destruction Dual Casting; Mage Armor (rank 1); Recovery (rank 1); Regeneration
Class Details CombatMageElemental
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Faction(s) College of Winterhold 5(Master-Wizard); CrimeFactionWinterhold
Mirabelle Ervine

Mirabelle Ervine is a Breton elemental mage and serves as master wizard of the College of Winterhold, reporting directly to Arch-Mage Savos Aren. After first gaining entrance into the college through Faralda, Mirabelle will welcome you to the premises, provide you with your robes, and give you a tour.

Mirabelle plays a key role in the College of Winterhold quest line (see this section).

She wears apprentice robes of alteration and a pair of boots.

Not surprisingly for someone of her office, she is well-versed in the arcane arts and knows a wide array of spells, the ones she prefers and the only she will use in combat are: Stoneflesh, Conjure Flame Atronach, Fireball, Firebolt, Flame Cloak, Fast Healing and Steadfast Ward.

She sleeps between 3am and 8am every night in her room on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment, in the southwestern wing. She starts each day with a one-hour breakfast then enters the Hall of the Elements and wanders around it for two hours. At 11am she heads into the courtyard for five hours, where she often reads On Oblivion or just strolls about. At noon she has a one-hour lunch in the Hall of Attainment then returns to the courtyard. Until late afternoon, she sometimes takes breaks from the chilly air and warms up in the Hall of Attainment or the Hall of Countenance. At 4pm she returns to the Hall of Attainment and strolls around until her one-hour dinner at 6pm, which she enjoys with Sergius Turrianus in his room in the Hall of Countenance. She spends evenings in the Hall of Attainment, eating or wandering, until her regular bedtime at 3am.

After she has given you the tour during First Lessons, you can ask her a few questions. When you ask what is expected of you at the college, she'll reply: "There are no expectations. This College is a place to study and practice magic freely. Hopefully any discoveries made in your pursuits will be shared with the members of the College first. That way we all benefit." If you ask where you can learn new spells, she will give you direction: "Well, that depends on what you're looking for. Faralda can teach Destruction spells, and offers training in that school. Phinis is one of the best Conjurers in all of Skyrim, and can help with spells from that school. Don't let Tolfdir fool you; he's the pre-eminent scholar on Alteration. One of the best in Tamriel, and always willing to pass on his knowledge. If you can find him and focus his attention, there's a great deal Drevis can teach you about Illusion magic. And finally, there's Colette. She may be... difficult to get along with, she's very knowledgeable when it comes to Restoration magic."

Related Quests

Quest-Related Events

First Lessons

When Faralda guides you into the College during First Lessons, she'll point you towards Mirabelle for further information. You'll find Mirabelle coldly addressing Ancano, a member of the Thalmor:

"I believe I've made myself rather clear."

Mirabelle: "I believe I've made myself rather clear."
Ancano: "Yes of course. I'm simply trying to understand the reasoning behind the decision."
Mirabelle: "You may be used to the Empire bowing to your every whim, but I'm afraid you'll find the Thalmor receive no such treatment here. You are a guest of the College, here at the pleasure of the Arch-Mage. I hope you appreciate the opportunity."
Ancano: "Yes, of course. The Arch-Mage has my thanks."
Mirabelle: "Very good. Then we're done here."

After that, she will greet you when you approach her: "Welcome to the College." When you tell her you were sent to see her, she'll give you a Novice hood and Novice robes of Destruction as she remarks: "Another new student... I'm surprised at how many of you there are lately. Well, first you'll need these. While you're not required to wear them, you may find them more to your liking than your current clothes. I'll give you a brief tour, and then we'll get you to your first class. Are you ready to begin?" When you tell her you'd love to have a look around, she'll start the tour: "Wonderful. Please follow me, and don't wander off. The College of Winterhold has been a fixture in Skyrim for thousands of years." She'll stop in front of the Hall of the Elements, and inform you: "The prominent feature here is the Hall of the Elements. It's our primary location for lectures, practice sessions, and general meetings. The Arcanaeum is located above the hall, and the Arch-Mage's quarters above that. While technically in charge of the College, the Arch-Mage's responsibilities often keep him occupied. Thus, I run the day-to-day operations. Now, if you'll please follow me, I'll show you the living quarters." If you try to talk to her during the tour she'll only repeat: "After I've finished showing you the grounds, we can talk."

"This is where you'll be staying."

She'll then guide you to the Hall of Attainment explaining: "Unfortunately, we've had to implement more stringent entry procedures, due to some problems with the local Nords. We don't anticipate any real violence, but it never hurts to be prepared." After a brief pause, she'll stop near the door: "Our newest members are housed here in the Hall of Attainment. I'll ask that you please keep your voice down while inside, as others may be working on research or... delicate experiments."

Once inside the hall, she'll say: "Now I'll show you to your quarters. You're going to be sharing space with your fellow Apprentices, who you'll meet shortly." She'll show you to your room on the far right of the hall: "This is where you'll be staying. This bed and desk are yours. Please try and be considerate of others. Now, let's go back to the Hall of the Elements, where most of the members gather for lectures and study sessions." Once outside again, she'll share more: "Initially you'll be learning from Tolfdir, one of our most esteemed Wizards." She will stop near the statue at the courtyard and tell you to meet up with the rest inside: "Tolfdir is likely already addressing the new Apprentices. Go on in, and if you have any problems, let one of our senior members know."

Miscellaneous Events


After giving you the tour of the College, Mirabelle returns to her regular duties for a good portion of the College quest line. She is busy covering for the ineffectual Arch-Mage Savos Aren, an unresponsive and disconnected "leader".

When Mirabelle and Savos Aren run into each other, they may have one of these conversations:

Mirabelle "I continue to hear things about dragon sightings in Skyrim."
Savos: "Dragons? Well, that's fascinating. We should have someone look into that."
Mirabelle: "Would you like me to send someone? Faralda or Phinis, perhaps?"
Savos: "I'll think about it."
Mirabelle: "Arch-Mage, the Synod have contacted us again, asking if we've any word on their researchers."
Savos: "What did you tell them last time?"
Mirabelle: "That they had arrived, asked for information which was provided to them, and went on their way with no suggestion of further interaction."
Savos: "That hasn't changed, has it? Then just tell them again."
Mirabelle: "Should we consider investigating the matter?"
Savos: "No, I don't think so. Respond to their request, and we'll leave it at that."
Mirabelle: "Yes, Arch-Mage. Thank you."
Savos: "Is there anything new I should be aware of, Mirabelle?"
Mirabelle: "I'm dealing with a few new research proposals, evaluating the results of three long-term projects, and keeping an eye on our new Apprentices. There were also two items requiring disciplinary action recently."
Savos: "Everything's under control, then? Right. Keep up the good work."
Mirabelle: "Yes, thank you Arch-Mage."
Mirabelle: "Sir, the Imperial Legion has again requested assistance. What shall I tell them?"
Savos: "The same thing we've told them before, and the same thing we've told these Stormcloaks. It's not our concern."
Mirabelle: "Forgive me, but at what point does it become our concern?"
Savos: "Never. The College cannot become mired in local politics. What happens inside these walls is our worry. What happens outside is theirs."
Savos: "Mirabelle, would you please make sure my schedule is clear for the next few days? I'm working on something important."
Mirabelle: "Your schedule is always clear, Arch-Mage. I see to that."
Savos: "Ah, yes. True. Well, thank you."

From the beginning, Mirabelle is frosty toward Ancano, the Thalmor advisor intent on learning everything about the College. If she runs into him, they may have yet another argument:

Mirabelle: "I've had yet another complaint. Please stop barging in on experiments in progress."
Ancano: "My dear, I am merely observing the proceedings."
Mirabelle: "Well then "observe" from a greater distance. You're making people uncomfortable."

Although she won't participate actively for several quests (until Revealing the Unseen), she will say plenty to you along the way.

After the discovery of the Eye of Magnus during the quest Under Saarthal, if you ask about the Psijic Order: "No more than anyone else, I don't think. They're a very old order. Pre-dated the Imperial Mages Guild by quite a bit. In fact, the Mages Guild was founded in opposition to the idea of the Psijic Order, that only an elite few should have control over magic. No one has seen or heard from them in over a hundred years now, though."

After that quest, she will greet you in three new ways:

  • "Urag can be very helpful. Just don't antagonize him."
  • "Well, you're certainly making a name for yourself."
  • "I understand you're the one that found this... Orb in Saarthal."

During Good Intentions, if you're sent to Mirabelle by another college mage to learn about the Augur of Dunlain, she will at first state coldly: "That's nothing you need to concern yourself with." However, she can be persuaded to tell you more: "Very well. It's not something often discussed, as it might be... misunderstood by the locals. The Augur is down in the Midden, below the College. I don't recommend going down there unless it's absolutely necessary."

During that quest, she will greet you with:

  • "Let's not jump to conclusions. We'll do all the research we need to figure out what we're dealing with."

At times she will impart advice and information to you in a professional and direct manner:

  • "Please don't bother the Arch-Mage unless it's absolutely necessary."
  • "If there are any problems, let me know. It's my job to keep things running smoothly."
  • "Day-to-day operations are my responsibility, which means if you become a problem, you get sent to me."
  • "Mine is not a popular position, but someone needs to keep things running smoothly around here."
  • "Like it or not, this College is a direct influence on the public's impressions of magic and those that use it."
  • "It is up to each of us to present ourselves publicly as maturely as possible, and to remain above petty local squabbles."

Faralda may mention her as she greets you, indicating some kind of negative feeling:

  • "I can't wait to see who succeeds Mirabelle. I've no doubt she'll be promoted to Arch-Mage at some point." (slightly sarcastic)
  • "Mirabelle does a fine job as Master Wizard, I suppose. Still, there's always room for improvement."

Lastly, like all other College members, Mirabelle will be able to help you during the Daedric quest, The Black Star. When speaking to Azura worshipper Aranea Ienith, you are pointed towards the college to find an elven mage that studies stars. When confronted with this question, Mirabelle will be upset: ""An elf that studies stars"? Where did you hear about that?" You can either say "What is it? What happened?" or "Would you believe I was given a vision?" to which she'll deny any knowledge with: "Officially, nothing." and "No. I wouldn't." respectively, followed by: "Why don't you head into town and get a drink at the Frozen Hearth? I hear old Nelacar still has a room there. He knows a lot of stories, that one."

Revealing the Unseen

"It's very impressive. Very unique, and definitely worth studying."

When it becomes clear that only the Staff of Magnus can prevent a potential catastrophe for the College, Mirabelle will suddenly become central to your goals. During Revealing the Unseen, she will provide valuable information, even if she doesn't seem to realize it. When you ask her if she knows anything about the staff, she'll remark: "Well now that's an odd question. Why in the world would you be asking?" If you tell her that the Arch-Mage said she mentioned the staff, she will confirm: "I see. Well yes, I suppose I did mention it, though I'm not sure what he expects me to tell you. I only brought it to his attention a few months back when the Synod showed up here looking for it. They were apparently under the impression we were keeping it in a closet somewhere."

If you say it may be connected to the Eye of Magnus, she will be puzzled: "The "Eye of Magnus"? I can appreciate that this... thing, this Orb... It's very impressive. Very unique, and definitely worth studying. But let's not jump to any conclusions, or assign it importance beyond what we're certain of." To this you can (1) mention the Augur of Dunlain, to which she'll respond with a warning: "The Augur? Just what have you gotten yourself involved in? Whatever is going on, whatever you're up to... Be very careful"; or, (2) press her about the staff, to which she'll yield: "Well, it's said to be very powerful. Has the capacity to store an incredible amount of magical power, as the story goes. But it's more myth than anything at this point. I've no doubt that it actually exists, but no one has seen it in what, decades? Longer? I'm not sure. The only time I've heard it mentioned was when those Synod characters showed up some months ago looking for it."

Either way, you can then ask about the mysterious Synod, provoking: "Mages based out of Cyrodiil. They fancy themselves the Imperial Authority on magic these last few hundred years. My understanding is that all they really do is make noise in an attempt to curry favor from the Emperor. Lots of politics, little magic. I was quite surprised to find them on our doorstep. They seemed amiable enough, but their line of questioning made me... uneasy. It became clear they're trying to hoard powerful artifacts, looking to consolidate power." When you ask if no one at all knows where the staff is, Mirabelle answers: "No one here does. The Synod seemed convinced it was somewhere in Skyrim. They inquired about the ruins of Mzulft, but that's all I remember. It sounded like they were heading there, though they were rather secretive about why. I suppose if you're intent on looking for the staff, there's a chance they might be in Mzulft yet. Just don't expect them to be cooperative." Lastly, she will tell you a bit more about the Staff of Magnus when you ask her if she can: "I'm not really sure. Made and used by Magnus himself, if you believe those sorts of things. I believe I've heard it said that it's the only thing that could adequately contain his power. The sort of embellishment wizards of ancient times loved to make." If you approach her again she will greet you with: "Have you managed to track down the Synod, or the Staff of Magnus?"

"It's like a ward, but who's casting it?"

When you return to the College with the location of the staff, you will find the Hall of the Elements sealed off by an unknown force and Mirabelle attempting to puzzle-out the scene with Savos Aren:

Mirabelle: "I don't know. It's like a ward, but who's casting it? Ancano? How?"
Savos: "I don't care what it is, I want it down now! I want to know what he's doing in there!"

Mirabelle will then proceed to cast a spell on the barrier and Savos will assist her. When it's down, Mirabelle will rush into the room along with Savos. If you talk to her during this period she will only repeat: "We need to find out what Ancano's up to." When you reach Ancano, the following scene takes place:

Mirabelle: "What’s going on?"
Savos: "Ancano! Stop this at once! I command you!"
Mirabelle: "Don't go near him!"


"I just need a minute to catch my breath."

After the white explosion, you'll awake to Mirabelle addressing you as the quest Containment initiates: "Are you all right? Can you walk? I need you on your feet. We're in trouble here." When you recover a bit, you'll see her sitting down, leaning against a pillar, obviously shaken. After telling her you're fine, she'll continue: "Ancano is doing something with that thing... the Eye. We can't stop him! I haven't seen Savos since the explosion. He must've been blown clear, and he may be injured. I need you to find the Arch-Mage, and I need you to do it quickly. Get moving!" When you ask her what happened, she'll assure you: "I'll be fine. I just need a minute to catch my breath. Find Savos..."

When you return to the College later in the quest, you will find Mirabelle inside the Hall of the Elements, obviously feeling better. She'll ask you: "Well? Is everything out there all right?" When you assure her Winterhold is safe, she'll remark: "Wish I could say the same for us. Tolfdir and I can try and keep this contained. You need to get your hands on the Staff of Magnus. Now." If you ask 'Why me?', she'll explain: "I've got to stay here, to see if we can get to Ancano and stop this. I need someone I can trust to do it. Besides, you're the one having all of these visions, aren't you?" Asked if she thinks the staff will help, she'll remind you: "You were told to find it, weren't you? If the stories about the staff are true, if it really can absorb a tremendous amount of power, maybe we can break through Ancano's magic."

When you tell her you're off to Labyrinthian, she will stutter: "What? Are you... Are you sure? The staff is there? That can't be a coincidence." To whatever you say next, she'll reply: "The Arch-Mage./Savos. Before... before he died.", followed by: "He... He gave me something just a little while ago. He told me it was from Labyrinthian, and that I would know what to do with it when the time came. I think... I think he meant this for you, then. I'm not sure why, but there was something very personal about it for him. Also, I think you should take this amulet. It belonged to Savos, but I think would do you the most good now. Take it, and get out of here. Bring back that staff before Ancano brings the whole College down around us." With this, she will give you Savos Aren's amulet and add: "If we can't stop this, what happens to the rest of Skyrim?"

The Staff of Magnus initiates here. When you return from Labyrinthian, Tolfdir will meet you outside the College to sadly report Mirabelle's death: "She... She didn't make it. When it was clear we were going to have to fall back, she stayed behind and made sure the rest of us were all right." Mirabelle’s body is never found and most College members will prefer not to talk about her from this point, although Drevis Neloren may ask when he greets you: "Have you seen Mirabelle around? I know she's dead, but I thought... Well, I thought she might stop in and say hello anyway." Faralda too may mention her after you've become Arch-Mage: "And to think, Mirabelle questioned my allowing you into the College. I can just imagine the look on her face now."


  • Mirabelle is voiced by Mozhan Marnò.
  • Mirabelle is the author of Per Your Requests, a note to Riften court wizard Wylandriah in reply to a supposed letter she sent to the College of Winterhold.
  • Mirabelle was supposed to play a part in the quest Hitting the Books. Originally, Savos Aren would send you to Mirabelle for further advice on the find in Saarthal. She was then supposed to follow you up to Urag for a brief conversation. All this was skipped, so the following lines can never be heard:
"Yes, from what I've heard I expect Tolfdir will be occupied for some time. Hmm, that is a problem, isn't it? I suppose someone else will need to look after the Apprentices for now."
"Well, perhaps it's time for some independent study. Check with Urag gro-Shub in the Arcanaeum. See if he's aware of any references to this... thing that you and Tolfdir found. I'd like to know as much as we can about it."
Urag: "Here's something to consider, Mirabelle. "Night of Tears", by Dranor Seleth. Old book, one I'd forgotten about. This thing here... it might be what the book was about."
Mirabelle: "I don't see the relevance."
Urag: "He proposed that the real reason Saarthal was fought over by the Elves and the Nords was because something was unearthed there."
  • Additional dialogue was also recorded for Mirabelle when you return from Mzulft during Revealing the Unseen. You were originally intended to report back to her about the fate of the Synod researchers:
Topic: "I found the Synod in Mzulft. They're dead."
Mirabelle: "Really? Well, I do recall warning them it might not be the safest of locations. I hope this doesn't become a problem for us. Were you able to learn anything?"
Topic: "You don't care that they're dead?"
Mirabelle: "I warned them it might be dangerous. It's not my fault they didn't listen. As long as the Synod don't blame us for this mess, I have more pressing matters to deal with."
Topic: "I found notes about a crystal, and the Oculory in Mzulft."
Mirabelle: "Hmm. I can't say I've any idea what they were up to. Have you found this observatory? You might be able to learn something from it. Keep looking, but be careful."
Topic: "They were trying to perform some sort of experiment, I think."
Mirabelle: "I can't imagine what that might be, but if it's safe, you might see if they were successful. You could get some useful information about whatever they were up to. Sounds like it won't be of use to them now, anyway."


  • Mirabelle should be wearing Master level mage robes (CollegeMasterAlterationOutfit), not Apprentice (CollegeApprenticeAlterationOutfitNoHood). In the CollegeofWinterhold Faction in the Creation Kit, she is listed as rank 5, higher than anyone else in the college except the Archmage, and her dialogue confirms her position.