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Skyrim:Hall of the Elements

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Hall of the Elements
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College of Winterhold
Outside the entrance.

The Hall of the Elements is a large training and meeting chamber inside the College of Winterhold.

Besides training spell casting, the chamber is also used for teaching classes, lectures and meetings.

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Hall of the Elements

Inside Hall of the Elements with The Eye of Magnus at the center

There are a pair of massive wooden doors that are the main entrance for the college. The hall includes the antechamber which has two internal doors, one to the northwest that leads to the Arch-Mage's Quarters, while the other to the southeast leads to the Arcanaeum. The hall itself a large circular room with a high ceiling supported by a ring of pillars, there are a pair of large gates which have the College symbol worked into the design, through which you enter the hall. Around the outside edge of the hall are a series of wooden benches with small light spheres between every couple of benches. There is a large focus point in the center of the room with magical energy rising from it up to the ceiling above. During most of the College of Winterhold questline, the Eye of Magnus is kept in the hall, floating above the focus point.


  • Magicka regenerates faster when within the hall.[verification needed — How much faster?]