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Shivering:Easter Eggs

This page is for Easter Eggs only. Easter Eggs include inside jokes, pop culture references, and any similar reference to something outside the Elder Scrolls games. For other points of interest, like references to other games in the Elder Scrolls series, please see the appropriate pages.

Easter Eggs are secrets that the developers put in games to give people a laugh when they find them (provided that they understand the joke or reference). Shivering Isles has a large number of such jokes. Easter Eggs differ from in-game references in that they have been clearly hidden from the player and are unusual with regards to their surroundings; references are often integrated into the rest of game and no attempt is made to keep them secret.

If you think you have found an Easter Egg, please post your idea on this article's talk page before adding it to this article.

Easter Eggs

References to Popular Culture

  • During the quest Rebuilding the Gatekeeper, Relmyna Verenim can be found firing off painful magic and writing a book on pain, and she's asking the victims "How does that make you feel?" After a pained grunt from the victim she says "interesting," much like in the movie The Princess Bride, where Prince Humperdinck's right-hand man, Count Rugen, tortures the protagonist Westley. Rugen says he is writing a book on pain, and after turning on the machine he asks Westley, "How does that make you feel?" After Westley grunts he says, "Interesting."
  • In the ruins of Xirethard there is a unique chest called 'Dark Chest Of Wonders'. The band called Nightwish has a song on their album Once, called Dark Chest of Wonders. To further confirm the relation, the chest contains a Ring of the Oceanborn, which has enchantments of Night-Eye and Water breathing. Oceanborn is an album released by Nightwish.
  • If you go to the roof area of Crucible at night, you will find two citizens of Crucible fighting each other. Other citizens may be watching and cheering. Different members of this "Fight Club" fight on different nights. The orc bartender will mention that this is a private society, and that you should not interfere. The note inside the jewelry box on the bar (sneak behind the orc to unlock it) will have a little more information. If you have completed The Lady of Paranoia in the main quest, you will find a note labeled Liturgy of the Duelists on Muurine's corpse, which relates to the movie "Fight Club".
  • If the quest The Great Divide is completed favoring Mania, talk to the Khajiit, J'zidzo. Picking the dialogue option of "Doubles" will lead him to say: "So I said, 'Rectum? You killed him' Good work." This paraphrases the punchline to a very old joke.
  • In the settlement of Highcross, there is an Argonian named Runs-in-Circles who will run around saying "Ni Ni Ni" if you refuse to give her the items she requests. This may be a reference to "The Knights who say Ni!" in Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • If you choose a sneak secret from Big Head as your reward, he says "The secret to sneaking is not to be seen." This is a reference to "How Not to Be Seen", a famous sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • Muurine in Crucible mentions her Uncle Leo, a zombie who lives in the upstairs of her house. This is a reference to the character in the television show Seinfeld.
  • When Sheogorath says "You wouldn't like me when I'm bored", it has nearly identical pacing and intonation to the famous "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" quote from the Bill Bixby version of The Incredible Hulk.
  • When you commission an amber sword from Dumag gro-Bonk in Bliss he says, "Mama always said, 'You can tell a lot about a man by the sword he carries.'" This is similar to what Forrest Gump said about shoes.
  • In the Elder Scrolls episode of Consolevania, Rab claims he likes to put shoes on the roofs of buildings using Telekinesis. On the roof of the Museum of Oddities there is a pair of scruffy shoes next to a Remote Manipulation scroll.

Miscellaneous References

  • Near the top of the mountain north of Knifepoint Hollow, there is a small altar with several dead bodies in various states of decay. The most recent, still dressed in a white outfit, is carrying a decree explaining that he was executed for growing a beard, an offense against Sheogorath. This is a dig at one of the Oblivion dev team members, Robert Wisnewski. If you look at the credits from the main menu, Wisnewski is credited as one of the Dungeon art team; apparently he tried a new look that didn't work out so well. More information can be found here.
  • There is a book that can be found at Inlet Camp, amongst other possible places, that is a transcription of the writings and poems of a former Isles prisoner. The author, Fenroy, wrote them on the floor and sheets of the cell in his own body fluids and they were later "transcribed" for the book, The Ravings of Fenroy. In it, one of the poems goes:
Just You wait and see
Good Gods come and go, but
All Lords eventually fall
A God can wake up mortal.
Taking all of the letters that are capitalized, in order they spell JYGGALAG.
  • Throughout New Sheoth, there are busts of Sheogorath. Beneath or beside most of these busts are lettuce and yarn, which are two of the offerings needed for Sheogorath's Daedric Quest. At some of the busts there are also lesser soulgems, the final of the offerings.
  • Throughout the Shivering Isles you may find smaller bones, which, according to Una Armina of the Museum of Oddities, used to belong to a group of ethnic pygmys. Some may be found on top of a house of Crucible. You can collect the bones and put them together somewhere to form a little skeleton body. A full pygmy skeleton appears cradled in the hands of a statue within Vitharn Keep.
  • One of the most dynamic "easter eggs" in the entire expansion is the New Sheoth Graveyard, barely southwest of New Sheoth. Each tombstone is for an individual NPC and contains entirely different epitaphs for each. When entering the Isles for the first time there will already be some tombstones with quite comical words of endearment chiseled in them, but as the player spends more time in the Isles and more New Sheoth NPCs are killed from varying circumstances, they will get their own custom tombstone raised in the Graveyard.
  • During the Shivering Isles main quest, different artifacts from your adventures (each respective quest) will accumulate around Sheogorath’s Throne Room. It starts with a replica of the original Gatekeeper's head, when you first break free of The Fringe, and continues to fill special pedestals with items based around the choices you have made in the different quest progressions. A full list of the items and other rewards for completing the different steps of the main quest can be found on the Court of Madness faction page.
  • If you initiate any stages of Sheogorath's Daedric Quest after you have completed the Main Quest, Haskill will talk instead of Sheogorath with different dialogue.

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