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Shivering:Elder Scrolls Historical References

References to events in the history of The Elder Scrolls are documented separately to Easter Eggs.

If you think you have found an undocumented reference, please post your idea on this article's talk page before adding it to this article.


  • For those who remember Sheogorath's Quest in Morrowind, Big Head has somehow found his way to the Shivering Isles. Once again, he's misplaced the Fork of Horripilation. At least this time, you don't have to kill a netch to get the reward. If you choose to learn a secret of blade, though, he mentions killing grandfather netch.
  • The Cursed Red Mountain Shield is likely a Morrowind reference.
  • In the construction set, there is a ring with an id of Fargoth's Ring. In game, this ring shows up as heirloom ring. Fargoth's ring was part of an early quest in Morrowind.
  • The smith's store in Bliss is called "The Missing Pauldron," which may be a reference to the fact that the armor type called the pauldron that was combined with the cuirass in Oblivion instead of being its own armor like in previous games. This may also refer to the elusive second pauldron of the Daedric Set, which wasn't available in Morrowind without killing a character essential to the main quest, although it became available in the Bloodmoon Expansion.
  • The leader of the Golden Saints at Brellach is Staada. You might remember her from the Azura Shrine quest in Morrowind. She was one of the Daedra Sheogorath sent to disturb Azura's priestess in the Sheogorad region.
  • Din's Ashes can be found in game. Din was an insane male Redguard from Morrowind.


  • In certain leveled loot you may find a set of enchanted fur gauntlets named Gauntlets of the Horker, that have a resist frost enchantment. The name and enchantment of the gauntlets is a reference to the horkers from Bloodmoon.


  • After finishing Sheogorath's questline, if you talk to Bhisha he will make a reference to the K'Sharra prophecy from the Sheogorath's Shrine quest in Oblivion.

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