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This article lists all of the keys added by the Dragonborn expansion, including information on where the key is found and what door or chest is opened by the key. Unless noted, all keys have a weight and value of 0.

The Wax Key perk automatically gives you a copy of any of the pickable locks listed below, the first time you pick it after taking the perk.

Name Object ID Found Opens
Alor House Key xx018453 Carried by Dreyla Alor and Fethis Alor Alor House in Raven Rock
Baldor's House Key xx018fb7 Carried by Baldor Iron-Shaper Baldor Iron-Shaper's House in Skaal Village
Benkongerike Key xx01a971 On a pedestal in northwest corner of Benkongerike Great Hall A door within Benkongerike Great Hall
Brand-Shei's Strongbox Key xx024fa7 Picking the lock of the Strongbox within Raven Rock Mine, must have the Wax Key perk East Empire Company Strongboxes, scattered about Solstheim
Caerellius House Key xx018455 Carried by Aphia Velothi and Crescius Caerellius Caerellius House in Raven Rock
Castle Karstaag Key xx02481a Carried by a riekling in the Castle Karstaag Ruins Castle Karstaag Ruins
Deor's House Key xx018fa4 Carried by Deor Woodcutter and Yrsa Deor Woodcutter's House in Skaal Village
Edla's House Key xx018fbb Carried by Edla Edla's House in Skaal Village
Fort Frostmoth Key xx01f4b4 In a knapsack next to a skeleton in Fort Frostmoth The door to the boss room in Fort Frostmoth
Glover Mallory's House Key xx018454 Carried by Glover Mallory Glover Mallory's House in Raven Rock
Glover's Guild Key xx02ad3d Given to the player by Glover Mallory after the quest Paid in Full Basement door in Glover Mallory's House in Raven Rock
Gyldenhul Barrow Key xx018d1c
Ienth Farmhouse Key xx018457 Carried by Garyn Ienth and Milore Ienth Ienth Farm in Raven Rock
Key to Abandoned Lodge xx027e00 Carried by a Thalmor soldier at the Abandoned Lodge The Abandoned Lodge
Merilar's Cage Door Key xx0297da Carried by Merilar Rendas Opens two cage doors within White Ridge Sanctum and the back exit to the Barrow
Morvayn Manor Key xx018450 Carried by Adril Arano, Cindiri Arano, and Lleril Morvayn Morvayn Manor in Raven Rock
Morwen's House Key xx018fad Carried by Morwen Morwen's House in Skaal Village
Oslaf's House Key xx018f9f Carried by Aeta, Finna, and Oslaf Oslaf's House in Skaal Village
Raven Rock Jail Key xx034f97 Carried by Redoran guards in the Bulwark The Bulwark Jail in Raven Rock
Raven Rock Mine Key xx020a43 Given by Crescius Caerellius during The Final Descent A locked gate within Raven Rock Mine in Raven Rock
Raven Rock Temple Key xx018451 Carried by Elder Othreloth and Galdrus Hlervu Opens a strong box in Elder Othreloth's room
Raven Rock Tomb Key xx024e02 Given by Elder Othreloth during Clean Sweep Temple Ancestral Tomb in Raven Rock
Retching Netch Key xx018452 Carried by Geldis Sadri The Retching Netch in Raven Rock
Severin Manor Key xx018456 Carried by Mirri Severin, Vendil Severin and Tilisu Severin, received from Councilor Morvayn after completing Served Cold Severin Manor in Raven Rock
Severin Manor Key xx03bd09 Cannot be obtained Nothing
Severin Safe Key xx01f31e Carried by Mirri Severin and Tilisu Severin Severin family safe in Severin Manor
Skaal Greathall Key xx018fc7 Carried by Fanari Strong-Voice Greathall in Skaal Village
Staff Enchanter Key xx03d23f Given to the player by Neloth Staff enchanter room in Tel Mithryn
Tel Mithryn Apothecary Key xx01bd05 Cannot be obtained Nothing
Tel Mithryn Apothecary Key xx03369e Carried by Elynea Mothren Tel Mithryn Apothecary
Tel Mithryn Kitchen Key xx01bd06 Cannot be obtained Nothing
Tel Mithryn Kitchen Key xx03369f Carried by Ulves Romoran Tel Mithryn Kitchen
Tel Mithryn Steward's Key xx0336a0 Carried by Drovas Relvi (only after completing Reluctant Steward), and Varona Nelas Tel Mithryn Steward's House
Temple of Miraak Key xx028930 Carried by the Gatekeeper in the Temple of Miraak Two locked doors immediately after the location of the Gatekeeper
Treasure Room Key xx027663 Carried by a Reaver Lord in Damphall Mine Gate to treasure room in upper northeast section of Damphall Mine
Vendil Ulen's Chest Key xx0292a8 Carried by Vendil Ulen Vendil Ulen's Chest in Ashfallow Citadel (chest cannot be found in game)
Whiterun Jail Key xx027664 Duplicate of Skyrim's Whiterun Jail Key - cannot be obtained Nothing
Wulf's House Key xx018fb0 Carried by Wulf Wild-Blood Wulf Wild-Blood's House in Skaal Village