Dragonborn: Creatures: Undead
Location Temple of Miraak
Species Draugr Soul
Level 34 Type Undead
Other Information
Health 1290 Magicka 10
Stamina 645

The Gatekeeper is a named draugr found in the Temple of Miraak. It is encountered after learning a word of the shout Dragon Aspect, where it breaks out of a coffin with other leveled draugr.

The Gatekeeper carries the Temple of Miraak Key, a leveled weapon, and a leveled piece of jewelry.

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  • The Gatekeeper is technically a leveled creature. However, because the Temple of Miraak has a minimum level of 30, only the level 34 version of the Gatekeeper will ever be encountered. The variable stats of the four levels are listed below.
Level Health Stamina Magicka
7 210 260 0
15 490 450 0
24 880 595 0
34 1290 645 10
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