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Dragonborn:White Ridge Barrow

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Nordic Ruin:
White Ridge Barrow
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# of Zones 2
Albino Spiders, Bandits, Draugr, Dukaan, Flame Spiders, Merilar Rendas
Important Treasure
Dukaan (Mask)
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2WhiteRidgeBarrow01, DLC2WhiteRidgeBarrow02, DLC2WhiteRidgeBarrowExterior01
West of Hrothmund's Barrow, east of the Stalhrim Source

White Ridge Barrow is a medium-sized Nordic ruin located in the northern part of Solstheim inhabited by bandits and spiders. It contains a word wall for part of the Cyclone shout, the dragon priest Dukaan, the Black Book: The Sallow Regent, and an imbuing chamber in which you can create spider scrolls.

It contains two zones: White Ridge Barrow and White Ridge Sanctum.

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Ficheiro:DB-place-White Ridge Barrow 07.jpg
Backdoor to the imbuing chamber

The exterior of the main entrance is fairly devoid of features. There is a single snowberry Bush and an open ice field in front of the barrow. To the south is a stream running south from under White Ridge Barrow. Further to the south is an unmarked shack with two glowing blue eggs containing jumping frost spiders and an albino spider. Behind and to the west of the shack are two sapphire geodes. Inside the shack is a trapdoor leading directly to the Imbuing chamber, however this is locked key required. The key can be collected from the interior of White Ridge Barrow making return trips here far easier to gain access to the Imbuing chamber. In front of the iron door into the barrow there is a blood splatter on the ground. It is found due west of Hrothmund's Barrow and northeast of the Water Stone.

White Ridge Barrow

You'll enter into a small room with two dead reavers, one slouched against a barred wooden door straight ahead. There are two bed rolls on the right and a chest in the northwest corner. Remaining items in the room are a few bottles of ale, an iron sword and some food and eating implements on a long table. A smaller table to the left holds two pieces of firewood and an iron dagger, with a woodcutter's axe to the left next to a pile of firewood.

Lift the bar and open the door to find a dead reaver on the other side, and proceed down the stairs ahead. You'll pass another three reavers and two albino spiders, all dead. Take care of two further living spiders, and loot the egg, found on the left side of the hall before you reach a fork ahead. Both directions lead to a door on the opposite side, however taking the right fork, there is another spider egg on your right as you pass through the door and an imp stool growing by the outer wall. Through this door you'll find skeletal remains at the top of some old stairs, along with an iron dagger, a small coin purse, and a few loose coins. Continue down the spiral staircase past more and more spiderwebs. At the bottom there is a corridor heading east with two dead albino spider and a spider egg on the left hand side. You'll pass another dead reaver with a potion of healing beside him on the floor just before entering a large web-filled room containing a flame cloaked spider and more albino spiders. To the left side of the room are two ruby geodes with a pickaxe in front of them and two glowing red egg sacs that will release flame cloaked spider to the right of them. On the right side is an empty lesser soul gem, to the southeast is another red glowing egg sac containing a flame cloaked spider. There are two albino spider egg by two pillars. In the center of the room is a platform containing two burial urns. Another large urn sits behind the stone benches to the right of the platform. To the left behind the benches is another albino spider and among some bones is a copy of Amongst the Draugr and Harvesting Frostbite Spider Venom.

You'll find a pull chain ahead which lowers a drawbridge in front of you when activated. The bridge itself isn't helpful quite yet because another drawbridge is still raised in a room across from you, but you can use the Whirlwind Sprint shout to make it to the platform, aim for to the right of the raised bridge as this is where the gap is. Lower the bridge from the other side. There is an empty greater soul gem in an unlit brazier on the north side, and a chest next to the pull chain. Head back across the bridge and descend either staircase. Kill the reaver patrolling here. There is a bleeding crown fungus growing against the southeast wall and further to the south, still against the same wall are two albino spider eggs. In the southern corner is a table in shallow water with an ancient Nord helmet and a honed ancient Nord greatsword of Cold on top and a pair of boots beside it. Beware of flame cloaked spider which may burst from it's egg sac if you come too close.

To the west is a reaver and a jumping flame spider and two red glowing spider eggs, that will burst to release two more jumping flame spiders on a raised area, with two opened sarcophagi, one in each corner. The dead draugr are laying on the ground in front of them and can be looted. There are two paths here, one to the north and one around the corner to the west. The western path leads to the next zone, so first take the north path for some additional loot and exploring.

Another staircase at the north side of the room leads up to a new area. Loot the large urn to the right before arriving at what appears to be a dead end. Destroy some thick spiderwebs ahead of you to reveal an iron door, behind which is another room containing two albino spiders and their eggs. There are some glowing mushrooms on the walls, and the bodies of two skeletons and two draugr nearby. When you come close enough to the back of the chamber, a leveled draugr will awaken. After defeating him, check the unlocked chests for some loot, one on each side of the room. You can go no further here, so head back to the large chamber to the south and take the path to the west, to the next zone.

Head down the corridor and turn left, watching out for a flame cloaked spider which hides in its egg in the tiny room on the right. Kill an albino spider in the corridor on the left and harvest the damaged albino pod from the egg on the left. Continue onward, turning left again at the end of the hallway. Mine the two ruby geodes and heart stone deposits and continue forward to kill another flame cloaked spider before reaching the entrance to the next zone.

White Ridge Sanctum

Proceed through the first hallway, in front of you is a pile of rubble with an unlit brazier on top, inside this is a pickaxe and two pieces of iron ore. On your right just before this are two draugr corpses lying in front of a barred wooden door. Prepare yourself for an onslaught in the following huge chamber where several enemies await: two reavers, two flame cloaked spiders, and Merilar Rendas, a Dunmer sorcerer who carries six flame cloaked spiders and six jumping flame spiders in her inventory. Her journal contains information about the spiders and some clues as to what you may find ahead. Take the key from her body and continue on.

In the northeast corner of the chamber you'll find an imp stool growth beneath some steps and a ramp which leads up to a room containing the most notable feature in White Ridge Sanctum: the imbuing chamber. There are seven albino spiders in the area as well as four red glowing eggs that spawn jumping flame spiders. At the top of the ramp, on your left is a dead reaver and two ruby geodes. To the right is another dead reaver and further to the right, slightly behind you is one of the red glowing eggs. two more are to the east under a wooden bridge. The albino spiders are wandering all over the room and will investigate any fighting. The forth glowing egg is on the wooden structure, to your right as you enter, by the beginning of the wooden bridge. A third ruby geode rests beneath the supports of the overhead bridge at the northeast side of the room and a third dead reaver rests near an adept locked gate to the north. Behind the gate is a mass of spider webs, blocking the path.

Use the key you took from Merilar to open the adept-locked cage door to the left, and hack or burn through the thick webbing. The corridor turns to the east, notice a barred wooden door on your left, return to it after proceeding to the end of the hallway and making a left to find a chest. You may hear a reaver yelling for help, so prepare yourself. Through the door await four bandits and two albino spiders in a small room. Take care of them as you must, then backtrack to the other side of the gate you came through.

Walk under the supports for the bridge at the southeast of the room to find what remains of a bedroom, now home to an albino spider and covered in spiderwebs. On the right side of the room, you'll find a bed next to a small table which holds a random book, a random health potion, some loose coins, an emerald, and another copy of the key carried by Merilar. There is also an apothecary's satchel, and a large coin purse on the floor. The bookcase near the foot of the bed holds 9 random books as well as a troll skull and another random health potion. On the left side of the room, there is another bed and two bookcases. The southern bookcase holds 11 random books, a sapphire, a leveled extra magicka potion, a bottle of wine, a bottle of alto wine and three sacks. The northern bookcase holds 9 random books, a ruby, two petty soul gems-one empty, one filled and a small sack. There is a leveled extra magicka potion to the left of this bookcase, and a large coin purse to the right. There are also two albino spider eggs between the two bookcases.

Back in the main cave, at the top of the ramp is an expert-locked cage which can be unlocked with the same key. Inside the cage, you'll find the body of Servos Rendas. His journal indicates that the four bandits were locked in the room with the spiders as part of experiments he and his sister, Merilar, had been conducting with the spiders. On the table behind him are two damaged albino spider pods, three standard albino spider pods, and two salt piles, while the knapsack below contains eight more albino spider pods. The table to the left holds a pickaxe, three rubies, and a copy of Servos' spider experiment notes, next to the imbuing chamber itself. For more information on using the device, see this section.

Continue past the cage, cross the bridge, on your left are several sacks and a crate with two random healing potions and a leather strip on top, before you pass a ladder leading to a trapdoor up to Solstheim. The trapdoor leads to a shack directly south of the main entrance (having two Sapphire Geodes nearby) and requires Merilar's Cage Door Key which can be found on a bedside table close-by. Proceed through the tunnel to the northeast where you'll find evidence of previous mining activity. Past a growth of fly amanita, to the right, is a knapsack and an open crate containing two iron ores, one silver ore, and a leather strip. A ruby geode is to the left of the crate, with another further along on your left.

Backtrack to the main chamber of White Ridge Sanctum, cross the wooden bridge spanning the chasm with a stream flowing through it, turn to the west and proceed through the corridor on the west side. On your right hand, just as you enter, are two random soul gems in an iron bowl on the ground. Also there are two albino spiders and a glowing red egg containing flame cloaked spider hidden behind a pillar at the bottom of the first flight of stairs. The corridor turns to the east and descends again into a flooded area, there is a chest in the circular room, that can been seen from above through a grating in the floor. The path continues to the north to the bottom of the chasm where there are four ruby geodes scattered about. Go back to the main chamber once again, on your right as you re-enter the main chamber are stairs leading up, follow these. At the top there is a glowing red egg opposite to the east, it contains a jumping flame spider. Turn to the south and climb another flight of stairs, in front of you are some blood splatters and a pickaxe in front of some spider webbing blocking the path. Past this is an empty chamber with an unlocked iron door ahead.

Ficheiro:DB-interior-White Ridge Barrow 02.jpg
Dukaan in front of the word wall

Through this is a room containing a word wall for part of the Cyclone dragon shout. As you come close enough, the dragon priest Dukaan will burst from his sarcophagus and attack. Defeat him, loot the chest in front of his sarcophagus, and learn your new dragon shout. On the other side of the room, below the stairs you entered on, is the Black Book: The Sallow Regent. Reading it will begin a like-named quest in which you are transported to Apocrypha.

Imbuing Chamber

The Imbuing Chamber device allows you to create spider scrolls. These can be equipped in each hand and are thrown rather than cast. Some notes next to the device describe a few recipes, but more can be discovered by experimenting based on the instructions.

To operate, place ingredients in the receptacle and activate the switch on the front of the device. Recipes for spider creation follow an easy pattern, with albino spider pods and damaged albino spider pods being the core components. The following lists describe additional usable materials and their effects.


  • Albino spider pods — May be combined with a gem and (optionally) a salt pile. Regular gems may be replaced with any soul gem or Dwarven oil, but salt piles are useless in this combination.
    • Gem only — Jumping spider. Jumps at nearest enemy and explodes dealing elemental damage.
    • Gem and salt pile — Element-cloaked spider. Follows player and continuously deals elemental damage to enemies near it.
    • Soul gem — Mind control spider. Attaches to creatures and people who will then become friendly and fight for you for 30 seconds.
    • Dwarven oilOil spider.
  • Damaged albino spider pods — May only be combined with a gem.
    • Gem only — Creates a dead spider that explodes when enemies approach it, dealing elemental damage.

Gems determine the elemental damage of the spiders. Diamonds and garnets have no known use.


  • Imbuing a pod with a standard gem yields three spiders. Flawless gems yield six spiders.
  • Imbued spiders will appear under "scrolls" in your inventory.
  • There are numerous recipes for creating spiders:


  • When activating the bars on wooden doors, they may not lift which makes you unable to proceed through to the next area.
    • Waiting for 48 hours, or reloading from the previous zone or cell should resolve this.