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Dragonborn:Temple Ancestral Tomb

Dragonborn: Places: Temples
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Temple Ancestral Tomb
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 20
Ash Spawn
Console Location Code(s)
Raven Rock
Ficheiro:DB-interior-Temple Ancestral Tomb.jpg
Inside the Temple Ancestral Tomb

The Temple Ancestral Tomb is a Dunmer ancestral tomb accessible from Raven Rock Temple, the Morvayn Ancestral Tomb and the Ulen Ancestral Tomb.

It can only be access from one of the above three places, as it doesn't have direct access outside.

Related Quests

Temple Ancestral Tomb

Entering through the temple you enter into a corridor with six lit braziers, three down each side of the corridor which leads to a one room tomb. To the west is a corridor leading to a door to Morvayn ancestral tomb, and to the east is a matching corridor leading to a door to Ulen ancestral tomb. There are a total of nine ash piles, including two in the middle of the room. All are covered in human bones. The two in the center have steps leading up to them and candles lit around the edge. Also in the area are three urns containing a total of nine ash yams, several barrels and benches. It serves as a nexus between the Raven Rock Temple, the Morvayn Ancestral Tomb, and the Ulen Ancestral Tomb. The Raven Rock Tomb Key is required to enter, which can be obtained from Elder Othreloth at the Temple as part of the related quest or pickpocketed from either Elder Othreloth or Galdrus Hlervu anytime.