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This page is for unimplemented quests. Fragments of some of these quests remain visible in the game. Quests that do not appear in your journal are not classed as unfinished.

Imperial City

  • Within the Arena Bloodworks, on the ground to the right of Owyn, lies a crumpled note from a woman - Branwen - claiming to be his daughter. The letter states that, whether he likes it or not, Owyn will be forced to recognize her claim of kinship when she becomes Champion of the Arena. Branwen may be found in the Arena District of the Imperial City, sparring with Saliith.
  • Upon first entering the Market District, a notice will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the screen reading "New Topic: Do you need couriers?". Despite this, there are no NPCs with whom this topic may be discussed.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
    • The topic's ID, "ImpExWork" [00025CF7], has no associated NPCs, and thus, it may not be used. The group also includes further entries: "ImpExAccept" [0025CF6], "ImpExReject" [00025CF4], "ImpExDeliveredLetter" [00025CF2], and "ImpExGiveLetter" [00025CF3], all of which are unassociated. The ID tag itself may have been intended as an easter egg, "ImpEx" appearing much like "FedEx", the Imperial Express Delivery Service and Federal Express Delivery Service.
    • There is also a script in the CS called "ImperialExpressScript" which seems to be an unfinished quest for you to deliver letters to two different people in each city other than the Imperial City.
  • There was originally to be a questline based around the Elder Council that was cut because it detracted from the main quest (as described here). You would rise through the ranks of the nobility, eventually becoming the "Duke of Colovia". Count Ormellius Goldwine and the Nobility faction are said to be the only remnants of this questline.



  • There is a rumor around Cheydinhal that "Dervera Romalen is sure proud of the Newlands Lodge. I think she's especially happy that the Red Queen drinks there". No "Red Queen" exists anywhere in the game. In Unmarked Cave, however, there is a zone called "Unmarked Cave Black Queen's Hall", which contains a chest with the id "ChestMS25DungeonMythicEnemyRare01". This suggests a quest with the ID "MS25" relating to a Black Queen was originally planned, which might also have involved the Red Queen of Cheydinhal. There is no such quest remaining, however, and no other reference to it exists.


Doran Family Tree
  • Residents of Chorrol will often discuss the strange behavior of Eugal Belette. A visit to his home will reveal a basement full of humanoid skulls and Mythic Dawn paraphernalia. Despite this discovery, he may not be reported, nor will he discuss the subject. Of all the Mythic Dawn "sleeper agents", Eugal is the only one whose behavior garners public attention.
  • A common rumor in Chorrol speaks of "shady" dealings at The Oak and Crosier, a local inn. Entering the basement of said structure will spark the cave or ruin exploration music, despite being monster-free.
  • In Chorrol resides an Imperial couple - Jirolin and Ariela Doran - the former of whom, as noted in the Construction Set, appears to be connected with a quest that was cut from the final game. Apparently, Jirolin believes he is part Ogre, the legacy of a distant relation, and would have asked you to leave jewels near a local cave inhabited by Ogres as an offering to establish friendly contact. The Ogres would have allowed Jirolin to enter their ranks, as a meal, at which time he must be rescued. Nothing remains of the quest save the occasional script, random journal entries, and the cave itself: Rock Bottom Caverns, whose occupants were changed to Goblins in light of the quest's absence. You can also find an indistinct piece of parchment framed on the wall in Jirolin's house, apparently the Doran family tree. Most of it is illegible, but Jirolin and a giant are clearly displayed.

(unnamed) (MS17)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Jirolin Doran of Chorrol believes that ogres are somehow distantly related to his family line. As such, he's asked me to take an offering of gems and gold to Spy Rock in an effort to establish communications with the ogres.
20 I've placed Jirolin's gems at Spy Rock. I should return and let him know I've completed the task.
30 I should return to Chorrol in one week's time to see if Jirolin has made any progress with the ogres.
40 Jirolin Doran took it upon himself to check back at Spy Rock; I should head there and find him.
50 Jirolin is not at Spy Rock. He left a note stating the ogres were escorting him to their home at Rock Bottom Caverns. I should go there and find him.
60 I've found Jirloin Doran trapped in Rock Bottom Caverns. I'll need to help him escape the ogres.
70 I've freed Jirolin from his confines. I need to make sure he returns safely to Chorrol, which means getting him out of Rock Bottom Caverns.
80 Jirolin will head back to Chorrol on his own. I can either head there myself, or go back into Rock Bottom Caverns to raid the stores of treasure the ogres have collected.
100 Finishes quest Jirolin thanked me for saving him from the ogres, and gave me some of his offering to the ogres as a reward.
200 Finishes quest Jirolin Doran is dead.



  • There is a house in Skingrad across from Rosethorn Hall which is owned by someone named Nerastarel. The interior appears dilapidated (despite the fact that it looks fine from the outside) and has several undead in it. Strangely enough, there is no one in the game by the name of Nerastarel, only his house. Was Nerastarel a necromancer forced to flee the city, even the province, due to some unfortunate circumstances? Or was he innocent, and it was a necromancer who forced him to flee? Alchemical tools and books can be found throughout the building suggesting an interest in the craft.
  • Some of Lazare Milvan's dialogue ("You are obviously of low birth. Unless you dispute my judgement... and you would press your suit at the end of a sword."), and a rumor about him ("I heard Lazare Milvan challenged someone else to a duel. The man is ridiculous.") suggests that he may have been part of a quest involving a duel. Recording notes also suggest that his lines should be delivered so as to make them "deliberately provocative".