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Jirolin Doran
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Home City Chorrol
House Jirolin Doran's House
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 10 Class Commoner
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Other Information
Health 104 Magicka 132
Respons. 80 Aggress. 5
Follower (unfinished, unnamed quest - not in game)
Faction(s) Doran Family; Chorrol Citizen
Jirolin Doran

Jirolin Doran is an Imperial commoner living in Chorrol with his wife, Ariela. He appears to have once been related to an unfinished quest involving him believing himself to be related to a group of ogres living nearby. However, this quest never made it into the game, and both Jirolin and his wife are now just background characters, without any unique dialogue. As a result, Jirolin lives a very uneventful life, standing around inside his house and never even eating or sleeping.

He wears a coarse linen shirt, laced leather pants along with a pair of rough leather shoes. He also carries his key with a small amount of gold.


  • Jirolin is supposed to visit the chapel steps between midday and 4pm, but this package is overridden and he will instead do nothing all day.